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  1. I worked with a guy this year with a cast on his forearm. He had broken it in a game earlier in the year. I did the plate that day, but he had done a plate earlier in the day. His doctor told him he was ok to work with the cast.
  2. If a batters time at bat comes when he is in base then he is legally skipped. So 5 would get to bat with no penalty is 4 is on base.
  3. The defense loses the ability to appeal after the first pitch to the next batter. This first pitch actually legitimizes the improper batter and the now proper batter should be the next in the lineup. The #3 batter's turn was skipped and will bat again next time through the order.
  4. Fed allows the last batter not currently on base to run in case of an injury. The injured player would be an out in the lineup if they cannot bat next time around, but they are not an out after the hbp. They are allowed to have a runner run for them if there are no eligible subs.
  5. I agree with the others who say it should not be interference because the batter is now a runner, but the ump kicked the call a second time by not allowing the throw to third. If he calls batter interference here it should be a delayed dead ball and the interference should be disregarded if the runner is retired on the initial throw.
  6. When he has made any motion that commits him to pitch. Just movement where he still could step toward 3rd for a pickoff is not TOP yet.
  7. What if a runner is stealing 2nd and gets to the bag before the pitch is hit foul? He still would be sent back to first. The player has to reach the next base before the Time of pitch(the point in the pitchers motion that commits him to pitch) for the advance to count in either situation.
  8. No. 3rd out was made by the BR before reaching first base. He would have to score before the time of pitch(when the pitcher was committed to pitch) for it to count as scoring before the 3rd out.
  9. This is still for sale and I imagine will be in high demand since Team Wendy is no longer doing the retrofit. The padding is brand new, the 12in just isn't quite long enough for me. I also got a L/XL Platinum done and absolutely love wearing it. Pm me with any interest. Thanks.
  10. I had an XL platinum done one month ago. No problem. I am not sure about the second set of padding. You can call them and ask. I imagine that should not be a problem
  11. It depends on what your association/state want you to do. In Georgia we are required to carry an indicator in the field unfortunately. If you are not required too, then most do not carry an indicator in the field for baseball. That is more of a softball custom.
  12. Fed does not allow an EH, but the confusion probably comes from summer tournaments allowing them. For instance, Perfect Game allows up to 2 extra hitters in the lineup. Fed softball does not allow an EH either. At least in Georgia. I coach high school softball. I don't know anything about the other softball rule sets since I don't umpire softball to know if any others allow an EH.
  13. spiffdawg7

    Pitcher to DH

    Georgia does not allow you to use the P and DH combo like Florida and the NCAA do. Sorry.
  14. Definitely Team Wendy. I just got my platinum and gold back a couple weeks ago. It took a little over a month for me. I love the platinum. I also have the delta flex with no modifications necessary.
  15. No runs score because the third out was made on the batter runner before legally reaching first base.
  16. No not in this case since they are both force outs. An example of when it would matter is one out with R2 and R3. R2 misses 3rd and the BR misses first. Here if you appeal 1B and then 3B then the third out was not a force so there would be 1 run that scores. If you appeal 3B and then 1B then no runs score because the third out was made with the batter not reaching 1B.
  17. I believe the step back is an example of "any other movement" and would be considered interference. Batters interference does not need intent. The batters box is only safe as long as the batter stays reasonably still.
  18. I have a M/L(12 in) West Vest Gold(plastic is used) with brand new Team Wendy retrofit and brand new Delta Flex harness. Pm me a phone number or email for pics. Thanks. Will post it on Facebook in a couple days if it is still available.
  19. In my experience the Honigs Polywools run true to size.
  20. There is a Facebook umpire group for buying and selling gear. Search for it and you should be able to find it.
  21. Facebook is where it was purchased. It is pending sale on there. That post lists it as pending sale as well.
  22. Sold pending payment...with a harness so I didn't have to decide on a price with no harness.
  23. Force 3 unequal chest protector used 20-25 times for sale. $175 shipped with stock harness or $200 shipped with brand new All star delta flex harness. I mi can't get my pics to load. If you pm me a phone number or email I can send pics. Thanks.
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