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  1. High School Social Studies Teacher. I coach high school softball in the fall and umpire high school baseball in the spring.
  2. This was my first season umpiring High School baseball and a veteran I worked with told me that saying "strike" as my verbal strike call sounded like a rec ball umpire. He used more of a grunt as his verbal. What do you use? Do you think "strike" is too rec ball to be used in high school or college? I worked with a college umpire soon after and he said "strike" for his verbal. Thanks.
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    I would probably have interference on this play. There can only be one protected player, so if you judged that the pitcher had the best shot at the ball then him having to slow down to avoid the runner would be interference. If the first baseman or catcher had the better shot then the pitcher would not be the one protected player.
  4. GameChanger is very easy and great to use. I coach High School softball in the fall and our managers are able to use it much easier than to real book. Also, Go DAWGS!!! I am a proud UGA grad.
  5. I did open before he threw the ball but did not turn if that makes sense. I basically had my body squared with third base and my head/eyes still on the catcher so that I could easily follow the throw to either 3rd or 2nd.
  6. High school 9th grade game. R1 and R3 so I am in B position. R1 steals so I open up to be ready for a potential play at 2nd and the catcher throws behind R3. The play is very close and I call him safe. I didn't get any argument, but my question is how can I get in any decent position to see this play? If I move early I could block the potential throw to 2nd on the steal attempt. I just feel like if a coach does complain it looks like I am out of position trying to call this play at third with only having taking a step or two towards 3rd from B position.
  7. Hey guys-I am looking to purchase some size 11 plate shoes for the upcoming season. Decided to check here and see if anybody had any used shoes in decent shape they would be willing to sell. Thanks.
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