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  1. Original post updated. Mask pads sold. Make an offer on the shin guards.
  2. @BobUmp is a good buyer. Money was sent quickly.
  3. Bump. Make me an offer for the shins or mask pads
  4. Zro G frame and harness sold. Wilson Memory foam pads available for $25 shipped. Thanks.
  5. I love them. I just switched to the 16.5 in ones. 18.5 in was a little too long for me
  6. I have a black +POS Zro G with -Sold Wilson Memory foam mask pads-Sold 18.5 inch Force 3 Unequal shin guards used one season- Best offer All prices include shipping. I can't get the pics to load but can email or text them if you PM me. Thanks.
  7. I know it is a shot in the dark, but I am hoping someone will have something.
  8. I would love to purchase a gently used or new medium or large black majestic convertible jacket. Thanks.
  9. I didn't like any of the choices necessarily either. I also think that I typed an answer wrong to you @grayhawk. I sent you a pm as to which one
  10. That is what I answered as well. I missed 3 so not sure if I got it right or not.
  11. This was my experience as well. I took it to be that way so that people could not just send the answers to someone else since they change every time you login.
  12. If the ball is touched(caught) foul then the ball is immediately dead and the batter is back at bat with a strike added. If the ball is touched(caught) fair then the batter is awarded first and in either case R1 would be out for the interference. Interference is a dead ball but in this case we leave it live just until the ball is touched to determine the fair/foul status. There cannot be an additional out on the catch after the interference.
  13. What is the difference going to be in the "GraFlex" from the current model he sells? Thanks
  14. I was trying to figure out if they may be the MLB version as well. If they were just the regular Honigs version the would be PBS1. I haven't ever seen the MLB version either but I thought they those had white pockets as well
  15. I'll take them if still available. I will also send you a pm. I was kicking myself for missing out on Dave's.
  16. Just to correct one minor thing, a fielder hitting the ball with a thrown glove(detached equipment) is actually delayed dead. Players can try to advance beyond their award base.
  17. I can't get the pictures to pay. I sent you a pm with my email and phone number. I can send them via text or email. Thanks
  18. I have a dyna life A3019 WV I'll sell for $35 shipped.
  19. I am sure there is a kickback involved, but I knew the whole uniform deal when I tried out for the group. I am more than happy to pay the money for the uniforms to be able to work the college games. It is just a part of the deal.
  20. Thanks Fittske. I was hoping you would reply. Your post from years back about the Gerry Davis shirts was very helpful. I was hoping you had this jacket from there as well since it is the only place we are allowed to get our uniforms.
  21. I guess I could get the number separately, but Gerry davis is the only place to get the patch and they don't send it separately
  22. I have to order a Cliff Keen microfiber jacket from Gerry Davis for an association this year and was wondering if anybody had sizing info on this jacket. Specifically how does it compare to either Smitty or Honigs pullover jackets? I have not been able to find any stores that carry them locally to try it on before ordering. I would not be able to send it back because it will have a patch and number on the jacket. Thanks.
  23. spiffdawg7


    In A #11 would be burned once he was pulled for #31 because he had already used his one re entry to run for #21. He no longer has a re entry left. #32 could play until he is subbed for once. He would not have a re entry since he was not a starter. In B that all sounds legal since #13 retired the side by getting the runner out he has satisfied the requirement. As long as they only return to pitch once per inning they may be switched like this more times in the game. Also, neither has used up a re entry since they remained in the game just in another position.
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