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  1. It depends if he has misinterpreted a rule or if it was his judgement that the ball hit the bat. Unless you are sure he knew it hit his wrist and he was messing up the rule then I would wait to be asked. It is not the base umpires job to intervene on the judgement aspect or if it his the bat or the player.
  2. I have a pair of Honigs Polywool Plate pants size 34 worn once and a pair of Honigs Polywool base pants size 34 worn twice. $55 each including shipping to lower 48. These are the new model PBS3 and PBS4. The base pants are hemmed to 29 and 1/4 and the plate pants to 29 and 3/4 but both have at least 4 inches left to be let out more. Both pair are in perfect condition.
  3. Both umpires have the responsibility to make the call. The plate umpire has priority though if it is an infield fly if fair situation.
  4. They are things you use while working the bases.
  5. I got email saying all Gerry Davis pants are 20% off through Monday. So those wanting to try to the new polywools can get them for $55.92. Those people who don't care about matching their partner can get the polyester pants for $39.
  6. This is not umpire interference. This is nothing and the out should stand. There are only two types of umpire interference. One is an umpire being hit by a batted ball before passing an infielder and the other is the plate umpire making contact with the catcher while he attempts to throw out a runner.
  7. That sucks. If it goes another couple of days then I would post his name here. Someone is much more likely to make things right with their name out there in public rather than just a nickname on a website. Somebody probably knows him personally and may not know his nickname.
  8. During High School summer ball I had R2 and R3 with a grounder to short. Shortstop got R2 in a rundown and ultimately tagged him after several throws for the 3rd out. R3 literally stood in the right handed batters box(before touching home) and watched the runner get tagged out. He then turned and touched home. The Head coach started to argue when I waved off the run, but the first base coach saw what happened and then both coaches started yelling at R3.
  9. Great transaction with @noumpere. Polywools were in like new condition like advertised.
  10. I'll do the $220 for the 4 pairs of Polywools as long as they are truly like new.
  11. The balk is only ignored if the batter and all runners advance at least one base. So the runner should advance to third on the balk and the batter should stay at the plate. I know it sucks for him to not be awarded first on the HBP.
  12. I want all 4 pair of the Poly wools.
  13. I have 2 plate and 2 base Honigs Polywools size 36 I will put up for sale in the next couple of days. They were used one season before I lost weight to a 34. They are the older better version as well. Much much better than the size 34s I bought this year
  14. Pm sent for poly wools and pics of the Zro G
  15. I have a brand new XL black majestic convertible jacket that I would like to trade for a new or gently used Large. Thanks.
  16. I sold a Gold with brand new Team Wendy retro and system 7 harness for $400.
  17. BR is out once he reaches the dugout. No run scores since the 3rd out was made by the BR before reaching 1st base.
  18. Pm me if you are interested in pics. I can't get any to post. Thanks
  19. I have an All Star system 7 12 in in great shape (used less than 20 times. $115 shipped in the states
  20. I love my Platinum with Team Wendy. I don't think you can go wrong with either of the two. All Star System 7 is also great. I haven't ever used a Douglas like Jeff suggested. Essentially it all boils down to personal opinion. I agree to try on partners chest protectors to see what you like.
  21. I would be extremely interested in the power
  22. I know for sure they are making there own shirts. They had a model of it this year at the GHSA camps, but they weren't for sale yet. I don't remember them mentioning anything about pants, but that would be great if so.
  23. I have a 12 in All star system 7 in great condition that I would be interested in trading for a 15in. I would also be interested in purchasing a used 15 in and then just selling my 12 in. Thanks.
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