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  1. My youngest son was doing a 10U game earlier this year, and he told me the catcher was giving out spoilers about Avengers Endgame to the batters. Fortunately, he had already seen it himself.
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  3. Chip

    Home run or out?

    I assume the question relates to this play from the Junior LL World Series
  4. The BlueClaws Twitter account had an unofficial explanation:
  5. The irony is this is the type of call that I most support having replay overturn. To me, the replay official should get to watch it once and if it is obviously the wrong call, overturn it. Otherwise, let the call on the field stand. If you're searching for angles and slowing things down frame-by-frame, that's too much. You want to get the egregiously bad calls out of the game if you can, but otherwise let the game flow as it always has.
  6. Chip

    Base Award Confusion

    Yes, but you need to check it with the rule. It (and the dead ball table in rule 5) have had some typos in the past (I haven't checked recently) Agreed. Dead ball table at least has references to make it easier to circle back and verify quickly.
  7. Chip

    Base Award Confusion

    You want to review 8-3-5, especially the last 4 sentences. The baserunning awards table is also a good cheat sheet (for this one, two bases #6)
  8. Not true in FED. That's only in OBR.
  9. In B and C, R1 can no longer cure his error. See 7.10(b) AR: "(2) When the ball is dead, no runner may return to touch a missed base or one he has left after he has advanced to and touched a base beyond the missed base."
  10. Agree with @VAUmp that it would have been a good EJ. Also, you might want to omit names of coaches and teams from any reports you share here.
  11. Carpenter is only about 20 feet off of 3rd, it appears, when the call is made. Hard to conclusively score him on that, I think.
  12. Agree it is a nice addition. Mine shows my next two games visible in the window and then an internal scroll to see more. I might have to bookmark the home page instead of the new content one...
  13. 1. I almost never call time to dust the plate. Only exception is 60 foot bases when the kids are prone to craziness OR if I'm working solo and the plate is buried under dirt. 2. Yes
  14. I don't think you can review fair/foul in the infield, if I recall the guidelines correctly
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    Viagra makes socks? Cialis...get your facts straight. If the socks allow you to umpire for more than 4 hours, do you need to call your assignor?
  16. When would you have tossed him? Maybe he hadn't did anything to warrant ejection up to that point. What I meant was that I would have thought that they would have told him the discussion was over and walked away from him rather than allowing him to keep arguing for as long as he did. His actions at that point might or might not have led to an ejection, but standing there and letting him keep going until he uttered a magic word or phrase doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.
  17. I can't believe they let the first manager argue for that long before tossing him.
  18. You also need some fancy footwork on balls hit to the left side of the infield when you're in C. There's less time and space to get out of the way of a throw to 1B -- and the actions of the players at that level can be unpredictable. Similarly, getting a good angle on pickoffs at 1B can be a bit tougher depending on how F3 sets up and R1 returns.
  19. 1. I get similar questions from coaches at lower levels all the time. Runner gets thrown out for the third out, and they'll ask if the guy at the plate comes up again next inning (probably just to demonstrate how little they know about the rules). Whether they ask that at the time or the start of their next at bat, I'll answer in terms of providing a rules clarification for them. 2. If DC asks me while the player is at the plate, I will treat it as an appeal. If they ask between innings who the appropriate batter would be, I would answer just as I would for OC.
  20. The only thing I would add about the CP is that the shots I have taken to the chest have felt better than a few of the ones that I have taken on the plastic shoulder guards. Overall I have found it to be more comfortable to wear than the West Vest Gold without feeling like I am sacrificing protection.
  21. I have worn the Force3 mask for about 50 games so far this season. The weight and feel took a few games to get used to (my other mask is a Diamond iX3 with Team Wendy pads), but I have been very pleased with it. I have taken quite a few shots to it and, at least to me, I felt it less than I recall with other mask/pad combos. My one minor beef is that I haven't been able to get comfortable with my usual 6-stitch hat that I wore with the other setup. So I have had to wear 4-stitch. The way the pads sit, they seem to push down and obstruct my vision with the extra half inch or so on the brim.
  22. IR has turned major league managers into first-year Daddy coaches in rec ball. They want to come out and ask questions about every close play. The only difference is that instead of wanting a partner to "overrule" the first call they didn't like in one of our games, they're hoping New York will do it.
  23. Allowing the run to score in that case is just silly. I also read elsewhere that Melvin was told that a protest wouldn't be allowed anyway since the play was reviewed. That makes no sense either. I don't see how a video review absolves the participants of being questioned about the application of the rules. I was cautiously in favor of expanded IR when it was announced, but the more things like this that I see, the less I like it. There are too many reviews and too many end up with bizarre results or decisions based on freeze frames and best guesses. If it were used to just overturn blata
  24. Chip


    Our local Cal Ripken league has had the same rule, too. IMHO, team warning/ejection policies don't work that well for rec league games with 10 and 12 year olds who don't really notice what their teammates are doing sometimes. Not to mention that in this case, it basically gives you a free pass to do one per game and some coaches would probably use that strategically -- not what you want from a safety rule.
  25. I call balls pretty much every time, except when it's a pitch worthy of a Bob Uecker comment. With no runners on base, when a ball gets launched to the screen, I will sometimes withhold the call, then turn to the catcher as he returns from chasing it and deadpan, "That was a ball. A little high." 99 out of 100 will chuckle. The 100th doesn't seem to get it. Those are the ones that make me nervous about whether they're actually going to be able to protect me.
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