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Found 8 results

  1. ofhs93

    Appeal timing

    Here's an interesting one. Thankfully it did not come to fruition but this is the situation that occurred last night. Ball in play. R2 rounds 3rd and comes home...*I* notice he missed the bag on the way...see the 3rd base coach notice it as well but he doesn't call the kid back (play was developing and he was halfway down the line by then)...kid scores. No appeal yet...I wait....opposing coach calls time...I'm thinking...ok here we go lol...he makes a pitching change...I'm thinking...ok...does he have until the 1st pitch of the new pitcher to make the appeal or does the appeal become null when the pitching change takes place? I was going to allow him to make the appeal up until the 1st pitch of the new batter with the new pitcher on the mound...which took goodness...probably 2-4 minutes with warm-ups ect. All the while I'm just waiting for a parent to walk up to the fence and get the manager's attention lol. So...was I right that the appeal is solely based on before the next "official" pitch?
  2. While reading the LL rule book, I try to come up with scenarios to confound them. It's LL the more you think it can't happen, the more likely it is to happen. First situation, B hits and heads for first hard. F3 has his foot on top of the base, covering most of it. BR would have been safe but jumps over/goes around the base to avoid an injury. Would you call obstruction? Is it obstruction? Second situation, 1 out runners at 1B and 2B. A hit to deep right, for a triple with R1 and R2 scoring. R1 missed touching 2B. DT appeals by touching 2B and calling that he's out. R1 is out and his run is removed. I'm thinking that nothing happens with R2 or BR because R2 was out before they passed him. Am I correct? Same situation but with 2 outs. R1 is out by force upon the appeal, therefore no runs are scored. Correct? Thanks. I guessing that regardless of the appeal the out occurs when it should have happened, not upon appeal.
  3. Well .... It finally happened ..........to ME! Varsity non-conference-bases Bottom of 2, ....home teams F3 crushes one to left ....I pause, read, and go in to pivot and watch him touch first .....before he gets there I noticed his kind of hopping up and down watching the ball making sure it goes over the fence....and COMPLETELY misses first ....completely! As I go to follow him I glance back quickly and see the visiting team head coach pop up from the dug-out onto the top step. Uh oh.... He continues and in my head I'm thinking ...."ok, he's going to stop and go back" ....nope ...I take him to second, and I see my partner standing a little closer to 3rd than the library and signals that he'll take him in ..... I jog back to my position and here the VC say .... guys, throw it to first ........throw it to first. In my head in the seconds that follow I think: He's out, and I have a EJ coming! Then I thought ... can I sell a 'safe' here to make it easy? Decision: No. They throw over, and I bang him out. (all the while thinking ....here it comes!) NOT A PEEP!! And this head coach makes no qualms about coming out and asking questions ..... he never left the bench! The first base coach says ...."he missed it?" I said: "Not even close" So there it is .... it happened to me! On a HR, base umpire's responsibility is super simple ....... watch them touch the bases
  4. Not enough research. 7.12 Unless two are out, the status of a following runner is not affected by a preceding runner’s failure to touch or retouch a base. The BR did not "pass" R2. R2 crossed the plate (without touching it, I know), so he is assumed to have touched the plate until such time as an appeal is made.Once he 'crossed" the plate, he was no longer a runner. These are replies from this post, and they got my brain thinking about an entirely plausible (and probably encountered) situation: R1, less than 2 outs. Batter hits a HR. While rounding the bases, R1 misses 3B (for the sake of the hypothetical, let's say he misses this one... it could be he missed 2B). 3BC realizes R1 has missed the bag, and is calling out to R1 to come back and touch it. Let's pause for a second, and introduce a fork: • A) R1 has not touched HP yet and BR has not touched 3B yet. • B) R1 has touched HP by the time he hears his 3BC yelling to him, and realizes it's directed at him. BR has not touched 3B yet. • C) R1 has touched HP and about to congratulate BR who has "touched 'em all" and is on the verge of stepping on HP when the 3BC or BR finally gets R1's attention to the missed touch at 3B. In A, this is easily remedied by R1 coming back, touching 3B, and then proceeding to head to HP. BR may have to slow up and wait before touching 3B for R1 to accomplish his touch of 3B before proceeding. What I'm most interested in is how B and C are accomplished, if there is a legal course of action. Obviously, the DT cannot make an appeal yet because the ball is still dead, and likely has not been given a new ball by the umpire to make live. Also, let's assume that R1 stays near the plate and does not return to the dugout. What has to happen?
  5. Last night, in my son's AAA (ages 9-11) Little League game, a runner missed home plate while scoring. The manager tried to appeal as did the 9yo pitcher; neither one appealed it correctly. At that level, what is your thinking as an umpire? Require the kid to perform a tricky appeal play correctly, or be more lenient - let them do the appeal and then call the runner out for missing the plate? From the umpire's behavior, he acted as if the kid missed the plate, othewise I feel he would have rushed it all along. For the record, he is the best umpire at that level in our league.
  6. Ok, yesteday had a district game, Bottom 1st, I'm PU, R1 2 outs, batter hits an easy double possible triple to the right field gap. I start to rotate up to third, once i recognize there won't be a play into third i begin to head back home stopping when R1 rounded third to assure that he touched, sure enough he missed third by about six inches, plain as day. R1 scores and BR is standing on third after a potential time play. Catcher for DT calls time, DT Manager asks if i called time, I say yes. He then instructs his pitcher to step on the rubber so i can put the ball in play, I call play, knowing what is going on, and begin to walk towards third, pitcher throws to third I call R1 out, 3rd out of the inning and no run scores. OT Manager then comes down asking if i really saw it, i explained to him that his runner missed the base by about 6 inches and I saw it clearly. The runner who I just called out then starts towards his position at first base arguing the call, I tell him I already explained it to his manager and that I wasn't going to talk to him about it and he knew as well as I did that he missed the base. Bottom of the 6th inning rolls around, I call a pitch at the bottom of the zone a strike against the team who I previously called out on appeal at third. Batter then jumps up and out of the box yelling "That's not a strike!" I then instructed him that he needed to keep one foot in the box and that it's been a strike all game, he then began to argue back while his first base coach came down and calmed him down. The next pitch to the batter was a foot above his head, he then swings at the pitch and looks right back at me, I then told him that nothing was going on back here and he needed to turn around. The next pitch was clearly up and away which i balled. The 1-2 pitch is a curve ball down the middle which the batter takes for a called strike three. As I call strike three he turns around and stares at me as he heads back to his dugout, i then said to him "There isn't anything going on back here that concerns you so you need to turn around and go back to your dugout. During the next batter's at bat, the runner who I called out earlier for missing third base throws a game ball, without getting my or the catcher's attention after a foul ball, in my direction. The ball bounced off the ground and hit the catcher in the back of the leg, the catcher then began to yell in the direction of the dugout, I instructed him that I would take care of it, in lieu of ejecting the player i kicked the ball off the ground back in his direction and told him that if he ever throws a baseball in my direction again he and his manager are getting run. He then scoffs at me as he leaves the baseball laying in front of the dugout and walks into the dugout. I then instructed the on deck batter to throw the baseball to the catcher. Following the third out of the bottom of the 6th, the same player who threw the baseball in my direction strolled to his position at first base making it a point to walk within feet of my postion while dragging his feet through the dirt and staring at me. I continued to look at him as he made his way toward his position so as to make sure he did not make any unsportsmanlike gestures. When he got to first base my partner, who just so happens to be the president of my association, told the first baseman that he and his third baseman needed to straighten up their attitudes because I could have ejected them both. The first basemans response, which was inaudible to me at the time as my partner told me what he said when we got back to our cars after the game, was "You need to talk to him (referring to me), he sucks." My partner then told him that he couldn't say that. That is pretty much the extent of the situation. I just needed to vent that, if I were in my partner's shoes in that situation I would have immediately ejected him for talking about my partner like that. Maybe I'm just a red a$$ and I know I gave both of these players a little too much of a leash and am regretting it in hindsight, but seriously, I think my partner should've handled that situation a little better. That being said I'm now looking for a new local association, not just because of this situation, but this puts the icing on the cake. If my league president isn't going to stand up for me or anyone else for that matter on the field then who's to say what he is going to do off the field when situations arise where he needs to defend our members when they were just doing their jobs.
  7. Situation: Home team down 7-6 Bottom 7 w/ 2 outs. R1 only. Batter destroys one over the left field fence for a HR. As R1 rounds second, he misses the bag. After the runners are done and before all the infielders have crossed the foul line (had to include that). The DC appeals that R1 missed second. Since he's correct R1 is called out. My question is this: Since the appeal was on a base that was a force out for out #3, am I correct when I say that the HR is nullified and the game's over? VT wins 7-6?
  8. Got a call from a friend today. Little league majors. He had the plate. R1, no outs. Flyball to deep LF. R1 doesn't think it's going to be caught, touches and passes 2nd when the ball is caught. Returning to 1st, R1 misses 2nd on his way back. He beats a throw back into 1st. U2 calls time, and with no appeal, calls R1 out for missing 2nd I told him I've never heard of such a thing. I said F3 could tag the runner while standing on 1st and say "he missed 2nd" and that would be an appeal and an out. Otherwise without a proper appeal I don't see any rule that allows the umpire to just call the runner out. Am I missing something here??? I think I remember reading that this used to be the case for a missed base in FED??
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