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  1. Good question as I have this problem from time to time and just try to squeeze in the tiny spot to see the pitch. Going into the kill zone is something i will not do anymore as I got nailed (knocked my mask off and hurt like hell).
  2. I would say of the 3 you listed, that the first one would probably be my favorite.
  3. Thanks for answers, release of ball is the key not the ball going out of play. Good stuff and I apprecaite it.
  4. Agree with most, handled well except for the walk to the dugout. Couple of steps toward probably good.
  5. Hey guys, quick question. Fed Varsity game. Ground ball to F4 who fumbles it around regathers to than make a wild throw into the dugout after BR has reached 1B. I award the BR 2B as it was first play or throw by infielder to go out of play. OHC comes out and asks if he should be awarded 3B as he had already reached 1B before the throw. I told him no that the award was based upon time of pitch due to first play or throw by infielder. He than asked since F4 fumbled it and than regathered it shouldn't that be considered the 2nd play and therefore the BR be awarded 3B based on time of throw.
  6. Keep working brother blue and learn from your experiences. It seems that you are by sharing them here to see if you did right or to get a different point of view on your actions. Good veteran guys will always help ya as they continue to help me.
  7. I think you handled it quite well.
  8. Sounds like the coach was fishing for a reason to be pissed because his ballplayer missed the plate. Looks like you handled it the right way.
  9. Heather gray and Charcoal gray pants? Also, read something about no american flag shirts. Are you guys talking about the flag patch that is put on sleeve or behind the neck? So I am guessing just plain shirts (no numbers, flags or assocation logo's)? Thanks for the help.
  10. To my way of thinking, an incredulous question. Would the OP not allow that in his games that were not high school? Wow what big words!!! It was just a question that was answered. Calm down homey. Good question because the gentleman was looking for the answer and was not sure of it. Good to encourage folks to ask questions except of course for the know it all's.
  11. Get some scissors and some elmers glue and go to town.
  12. That is how our association clinic this year showed us how to do it. So far, so good. Still a work in progress for me, but getting better.
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