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  1. Is Wilson Aluminum mask sold?

  2. Hey there. Just saw this. I still have the pads. Happy to set you up. Will you text me? 971-330-ten forty seven. Chris.
  3. Size REG (12 inch), excellent condition. $50 shipped.
  4. Wilson aluminum mask frame BLACK. Used in one game. Perfect shape. $70 Adidas mask frame used in 3 games. Perfect shape. $50 Team Wendy pads BLACK. Brand new never used. $25 Wilson two tone pads leather. Brand new never used. $20 Shipping will be in the $10 range. Let me know what you want. I’m happy to mix and match.
  5. Will you take $100 for the wilson ti? I'll buy today.
  6. You guys don't have to make fun of me. You could just answer the question! (I just happen to actually like the look of the old West Vest decal like from the douglass WV) Like this one:
  7. I took the superfluous throat pad off of my Wilson Platinum CP and I’d like to get a nice West Vest decal to cover up that space and the stitching holes. Anybody got a line on one? Or even just the big plain “w” that some of the mlb guys have?
  8. Great transaction with @acpar72. Fair price, fast shipping, paypal, product in excellent condition.
  9. They're not. Me and my partner just did Legion AAA, 7 innings, in 1:12. Final score was 4-1.
  10. Can you fill us in on these two rare circumstances?
  11. Here’s the mask. Put the tw’s in it and used in a 6A hs playoff game yesterday. Verdict is A+. Light. Comfortable. Solid. Great view. Love the color. Holds the pads really well. Think this one will be the gamer for the foreseeable future...
  12. Just bought one off eBay. I'll report back. And yeah I have a set of tan tw's I'll put in it.
  13. Yes the run counts. Umpires aren't required to declare anything. IF the defense appeals, we now have an "advantageous 4th out" at third base and the run is taken off the board.
  14. This photo would suggest that these are solid yes? Maybe titanal? This doesn't look like hollow steel ala the POS+ zero g.
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