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  1. Good call Basejester! I went to the site and saw the "Make the right call" booklet for $2.00. This could definitely be a resource for the "young guys" at a very inexpensive price for the league. thanks again all you guys for the in-put it has been helpful!
  2. There are lead offs... Thanks guys! It has been many, many years since I have been on a "small" field. Any other "small ball" advice to pass along for a 2 man system please pipe in!
  3. Ok, youth ball umps I need help! I have been asked to run an hour long mechanics session with next years youth ball umpires (who are primarily HS ball players and recently graduated alum) and am wondering about mechanics on the small field. In our area (Sconsin) Pony league plays on a 90' base path, this is easy. Little League however plays on a 75' ( I think) base path. Do you guys work the inside of the diamond for the 75' base path or are you on the outside?
  4. Are you kidding? Here in "wiSconsin" we don't need a game as a reason to drink pickle juice, kraut juice, pickled beet juice, belly-button sweat, etc. My boys fight over who gets to polish off the picklekraut jars with a chaser of straight mustard and 3 games of Euchre! Back to topic, I have found that regardless of temp. between DH's drinking watersports drinks and peanuts works for me. Seems to help keep me lubed and puts something easy in my gut to fill the void. I think I read on here years ago that nuts are a great source of quick energy.
  5. My concern is the "put out" attempt at 1st by F9 I believe there was 1 out. As PU I was up the line to make a call on fairfoul, catchno catch, the ball drops and a banger occurs at 1st. All infield plays are BU correct? Does this qualify? Before jumping on me and pointing out that I was closer to the call I agree, with a worse angle.
  6. R1, R2... Short fly has F9 charging in and towards the line. Ball falls fair, is scooped and a put out attempt is made on the BR at first. Who has this initial call?
  7. Exactly... The actual play that "did" happen this season and got me and my partner talking about a situation like this was the result of a balk call that was played out by F1.
  8. To clarify this league's rules regarding MC. The player committing the infraction is ejected and an outouts are awarded if the MC interfered or denied a put out, runners can be put outreset as well just like an interference. Let me put more detail to this picture. F1 (RHP) takes his "rocker" step with his left foot behind the plate. B1, B3 break to advance, B1 squares. Let's say this about F1's next move: 1. F1 delivers somthing that looks more like an infielders throw than a wind up home. (Balk?) 2. F1 after initiating his wind-up with his left foot, then steps off the rubber with h
  9. Didn't happen exactly like this but the situation warranted a discussion between a partner and myself in the parking lot after a game this Summer that led to this senario. This Summer league plays by OBR rules but catcherrunner contact is limited to a forced slideavoid contact senario. R1, R3 on base... F1 mistakenly starts from the wind-up. Both runners break and B1 squares to bunt with a 2 ball/ 2 strike count and 1 out upon F1's first move to deliver. F1 produces a quick pitch in an effort to put out R3 (balkillegal pitch?). B1 makes an attempt at the quick pitch delivery and foul tips.
  10. kwiggie

    Quick question?

    OBR, team starts out with 9 players and has to finish game with 8 due to injury. Is there an out recorded everytime this batter would be due up, and if so is the injured players out recorded in his original slot or is the out recorded in the 9 hole? I could not find, I have this as a potenial situation today, I am leaving out the door in about 20min.
  11. I was bought a 3 pc. drum kit (because Mom wanted a musician in the family) when I was 9. It sat collecting dust until after an epic "Axis and Allies" board game all-nighter ended with a buddy challenging me to play along with the song Balls to the Walls by the band Accept (1980's metal reference). Realizing that I didnt do too bad I started to take this "drum" thing a bit more seriously. Graduated in 1992, by 1996 I was in the back of a van traveling around North America initially playing 1900's metal music early on. Then getting a gig working as a full-time Rent-o-Drummer for a blues band in
  12. My 2 cents on the rule as it is now (for what it is worth) 1. Is the 3rd to 1st fakethrow annoying... Sure it can be, but should rules be changed based on this? 2. Does it ever work? I have personally seen it work to some degree only several times @ the HSMens' League level over the course of the last 9 years. 3. Is it mechanically a legal move? yes 4. Is it by definition decieving the runner (I have debated this arguement with playersskippers over the seasons)? IMO, No... everyone in the stadiumpark coaches and players included is watching F1 make a move to third, disengage, etc. etc.
  13. WITH-OUT-A-DOUBT!!!!!!!! After the game, stripping gear off on the tail-gate of my van, my partner (whom I work with a lot during the seasons) asked me "So... How long was that walk up the 3rd base line?" I replied "Very, very, very Long!." Never again!!!! I dont care it the we have to call a 2 hour delay waiting for me... I will not jump a bounding ball up the foul line ever again.
  14. About 3 seasons ago during a HS Saturday Tourney I had to take "The Walk of Shame!" up the third base line after yelling "FOUL!" on a ball that bounded twice in foul territory up the 1B line before spinning back and hitting 1B itself on the third hop and bouncing out of play (over the fence) with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Going up the 3B line I felt like a cheap date walking home on a Sunday morning with bed-head, mismatching socks, the wrong pants, backwards shirt, one shoe, and generally feeling like I had been run around the block and put-away-wet! Thank God the team at bat was up by
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