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  1. Completely wrong. Said, of course, with the utmost respect. Concur -------------------------- Your "concur" is seconded.
  2. Humor me since I don't know the MLB guys by sight... which one's Vanover, and too much movement by whom?
  3. According FED 2013 12-2-1, BR is allowed to use either base on a U3K. 1. BR should use the colored base on initial play at 1B unless the fielder is drawn to the side of the colored base (U3K Only), in which case the BR would go to the white and the fielder to the colored base. 2. On a U3K, fielder and runner may touch white or colored base. 3. A runner is never out for touching the white base rather than the colored base. My "take" is that on a U3K, if the fielder goes to one side, the runner should attempt to go the other, and that the runner is not limited to only the colore
  4. If you haven't seen this yet... take a look at 7 Year Old Cancer Patient Scores TD For Nebraska - YouTube or Cancer patient, 7, star of Huskers spring tilt Huge props to U of N for making it happen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHEx2jDibnk Now I'm gonna go find whoever's been slicing onions in here.
  5. I wonder if other conferences will follow suit? I guess the Big 12 would go with dark red?
  6. A catcher has just under a second to receive the pitch and make a throw. Good catchers are coached that with R2, to glance at the batter's feet and get an idea of where and how to throw the ball (usually behind the batter). . They don't have time to stand there and choose the best path, and yes, I've seen many attempt the throw from a knee. The batter should be coached to freeze, since this is the only way within the rule to ensure not getting BI'd. If he moves, he takes his chances. If the batter makes any movement to hinder the throw...... no, it's not automatic, but as mstaylor said...
  7. ------------------------------- ...and, after they tell me how much per game I'm getting, I smile... nod.. and say, "That's one helluva nice jacket!" IMHO, I think they're pretty cool even though they took some getting used to. I hope to take a little road trip and see them for real when Florida comes up to play Mizzou.
  8. 7-3-5c: (Batter shall not) Interfere with the catchers fielding or throwing by making any other movement which hinders actions at home plate or the catcher's attempt to play on a runner. a & b are: leaning over home plate and stepping out of the box, so there are three possibilities. Always a tough judgement call. Did the batter make a movement and hinder the catcher's attempt? Yes this is a HTBT, but as you describe it, I (probably) have BI. Watch a well coached team or an MLB game, and with a runner stealing 3B the batter will usually freeze (if he doesn't swing) because they don't
  9. SnareDrum

    FYI 2013 OBR

    It actually showed up early last week with VERY little fanfare, but yeah, it was surprisingly early.
  10. I bought the baseball version earlier this year. It includes searching and case plays... I start softball this week, and it's very handy to have around. $5.99 NFHS Softball 2013 Rules - Android Apps on Google Play
  11. Great announcement! The wording was a little shaky though...
  12. SnareDrum

    Wrist Balk?

    It was a 13U Wood Bat tourney in a converted cow pasture (a "Field of Dreams" practice facility behind a house), OBR/USSSA. We got one game in, then had to end it after an inning in the second due to rain. Afterwards, we were collecting our game checks in a huge shed where many of the players, coaches, and parents were waiting out the storm. My partner asks me if I had seen what the pitcher had been doing with the ball. My reply was somewhat noncommittal so he proceeded to show me (and everybody) what "should have been" a balk. The RH pitcher, on the rubber before coming set, was solidl
  13. why would f2 be on the rubber? ------------------- D-oh! Fixed. Kids runnin' around everywhere...
  14. Thanks. That makes sense now. How is it different in OBR? ------------------------------------ OBR 2013 has: It is a balk when... "The pitcher, while touching his plate, feints a throw to first or third base and fails to complete the throw." As far as how he throws or steps after he disengages, I don't think it makes any difference. Does it?
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