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  1. I was given a great tip of opening a Capital One 360 account, which is free, and tying that to ArbiterPay. Then transfer the money from Capital One to you normal banking account. This way only the Capital One account can be compromised which will have nothing in it. There is nothing you can do about the SSN. I like it better than a 16 year old kid with my address, SSN, DOB.
  2. For NCAA, I don't have OBS on the initial play but the subsequent drop and tag is what has me curious. However the catcher is not in pursuit of the ball, is 'in the act' of receiving a thrown ball and tags the runner. I've probably have watched it 10 times so in real speed, I'd argue he was in the act of receiving the ball in both the initial throw and after the misplay.
  3. It seems the plate coat is the next Plus Pos Resin, Nike Titanium and Team Wendy retrofit. It's made of unattainium
  4. Try thesportsloft.com.
  5. I have the normal sized equipment bag.
  6. Force3 did right by me when I had issues with my equipment bag just this week. Incredible customer service and I'll always be coming back to them.
  7. Great price @Varsity07. Not everyone wants a Force 3.
  8. Try Collegiate, Get Moving.
  9. While he's taking his warm up pitches I tell his coach that the glove is illegal. He will have to change it before the ball is put in play. The 8 pitches will give enough time for him to get a replacement from the dugout and the game isn't delayed.
  10. I'm talking about 2nd or 2/3rd with 2 outs.
  11. In addition to what Haid says, if the ball is hit to RF I'm staying on the line so I don't interfere with the throw. If it's hit to CF or LF, U3 busts it into the coaches box to get out of the way. U1 takes BR at 1st and 2nd. As always, we pregame this specifically just so we can anticipate this during the game.
  12. I start in February here in CT and leave the TW in my car front seat to warm them up on the way to the game. I also massage/kneed them as I'm walking to the field and after pregame. You can't just roll up to a game in sub 40* temps and expect them to be soft.
  13. Try thesportsloft.com. or Allsportseast.com
  14. 3 man- No one on, 1st only, 1&2 with a tag to 3B
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