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  1. If anyone has a 40R or 48 Short or 38R or 38Short Honigs let me know.....
  2. What is your height and weight? I have a plate coat that has been altered and my be a 44. If you can provide some measurements I can send you the measurements of the coat I have. Its a Hongis Hardwick model.
  3. Lol! Hope All is well brother! I am always lurking! Don't know too much about the outwest coat... Is it god Quality? I contacted honigs and they do have some instock, They will also tailor it a bit so it has more of a custom fit. However, they aren't made by Hardwicks any more they are maid by Berle which is a suit manufacture similar to Herdwicks.
  4. Looking for a plate coat (preferably Honigs brand) in size 40 or 42? Any one have one to sale? I know I can get a new one from Honigs or Out west but need one before the season starts and I'm not sure they will be able to deliver in time.
  5. Congratulations Gentlemen! Keep working hard and make sure you go to a camp every fall! Good Luck this year!
  6. Southeast Regional and D2 WS
  7. Yes....i've seen both the Precision cut numbers in 3-piece numbers. They both are very nice.... a lot of guys seem to like the Precision cut numbers just like our man Scott K has suggested.
  8. I have been told they will be receiving them by mid season and they are being made by fechheimer.
  9. Sooooo...... how does everyone feel about these shirts now? ☺
  10. I’m sorry @Fittske24 but I was browsing through your page and your rank is the most bada$$ and hilarious one I’ve ever seen.

    1. Fittske24


      Lol  thanks bro!

  11. How is the size? The the Mizuno brand his historically ran small. How is it compared to maybe say a Reebok size?
  12. They are an optional pant....I'm still a poly-wool type of guy
  13. What condition are they in? Do you have any pictures?
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