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  1. I have the most recent version of the Hongis Plate Coat. They have a new supplier now other than Hardwicks. I picked it up this past February. The turn around was very fast, as they do have standard sizes in stock. You can get on in 3-5 days./ I also had them put my uniform number on the sleeve. This also makes the jacket non-returnable so make sure you have the size right if you are having a number added. Once you place an order, they will have you verify your shoulder and chest measurements with chest protector on. Coats come in Long and Regular sizes, no short lengths.
  2. If the pitching is 90+ i would go with the Douglas... It just takes time to get it molded. Try using a hair dryer with it on as tight as you can wear it. Once you get it molded it should fit pretty good. Also if you don't have the T-hooks mod done on it get that done, that will help conform it to your body it to your body better.
  3. I'm just like sex... in and out very quickly!
  4. Is there anyone that is doing chest protector padding replacements/retrofits? I know team Wendy used to do it several years ago but got out of the game. Douglas will only retrofit old Douglas equipment only. Does any one out there make replacement pads?
  5. If anyone has a 40R or 48 Short or 38R or 38Short Honigs let me know.....
  6. What is your height and weight? I have a plate coat that has been altered and my be a 44. If you can provide some measurements I can send you the measurements of the coat I have. Its a Hongis Hardwick model.
  7. Lol! Hope All is well brother! I am always lurking! Don't know too much about the outwest coat... Is it god Quality? I contacted honigs and they do have some instock, They will also tailor it a bit so it has more of a custom fit. However, they aren't made by Hardwicks any more they are maid by Berle which is a suit manufacture similar to Herdwicks.
  8. Looking for a plate coat (preferably Honigs brand) in size 40 or 42? Any one have one to sale? I know I can get a new one from Honigs or Out west but need one before the season starts and I'm not sure they will be able to deliver in time.
  9. Congratulations Gentlemen! Keep working hard and make sure you go to a camp every fall! Good Luck this year!
  10. Southeast Regional and D2 WS
  11. Yes....i've seen both the Precision cut numbers in 3-piece numbers. They both are very nice.... a lot of guys seem to like the Precision cut numbers just like our man Scott K has suggested.
  12. I have been told they will be receiving them by mid season and they are being made by fechheimer.
  13. Sooooo...... how does everyone feel about these shirts now? ☺
  14. How is the size? The the Mizuno brand his historically ran small. How is it compared to maybe say a Reebok size?
  15. They are an optional pant....I'm still a poly-wool type of guy
  16. What condition are they in? Do you have any pictures?
  17. Looking to buy Honigs polywool plate and base pants. Looking for size 36 length doesn't matter as lomg as they have some room for adjustments. I am looking for the PBS1 version. Not the current PBS4 they aren't the same quality. Thanks!
  18. Send it to Douglas. They will create a custom pad for you. It will be half as thin as what Wilson makes.
  19. Carlucci hand made everything. So he utilized the materials of the date and time. I doubt anyone was "faking" Carlucci's work. So I'm pretty sure they are authentic. I don't know if I would call them the best shins ever but they certainly hold their place high on the list of must have "unobtainable" gear. His gear is slowly becoming a unicorn like riddell powers.
  20. Looks like a power that had some custom padding made for it at some time. Maybe the guys at Douglas retrofitted it at some time.
  21. Regardless of the Mic....a warning is proper protocol.
  22. Here is a post that i made on this subject a few years back. The same logic applies today: I try to let the play dictate what mechanics to use. Remember that our safe mechanic has many meanings....."Safe", "No catch", "that's Nothing", "balls in play" etc. To everyone else, safe mechanic only looks like safe. So I try to use it only when the situation calls for it. - On DK3 I will give my swinging strike Mechanic (pointing strike mechanic) with arm extended. - If it is unclear to the off. or def. that the ball was dropped (i.e. short hop), i will also give a verbal "No Catch" - I take a read step right or left as needed to see the possible tag attempt. - If tag is made, I give my OUT mechanic. - If tag is attempted and missed, I will give the SAFE mechanic. - If no tag attempt is made, I will leave my right arm extended until runner steps out of the dirt circle then give.a casual "no catch" mechanic. Here are a few video clips from one of my recent games of the mechanics mentioned above.
  23. Maybe on a recreational field or high school field. But on a D1 field especially at the CWS, that technique won't fly.
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