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  1. Cricket umpiring scenario

    And some people on this board whine about how long some of their games take!
  2. 2 umpire system mechanics question

    Answer: It depends In most cases, U1 will take BR into 3B, but in some cases - like in NJ High School baseball - the mechanic is the PU is supposed to take BR into 3B and U1 rotates to home. Perhaps U1 is not as mobile as he should be and could not get across the diamond. Both umpires have the potential to see the touch/no touch and their pre-game conference would dictate what would typically happen. The on field communication is important so there are not two umpires making a call that could potentially have two different interpretations. I would probably be looking at my partner to use non verbal communication like tapping my chest to indicate "I have this one." So, like I said.... it depends
  3. Champion CP Question

    The one from Ump-Attire allows for size selection where the Champion is the 17". The 15" and 13" are available through both sites. Make sure to order the size you want. I use the 15" P210 version
  4. CP advice for college games

    I have 2 Champions with @Razzer 's harnesses so that I can rotate them. @mbkcoach is selling a Champion in the Buy Sell Trade forum for $30.
  5. Looking for plate jacket

    As did I.
  6. Looking for plate jacket

    The reference provided a conversation about Honigs, their recent find of plate of plate coats (in black), and their decision to once again offer them for sale.
  7. Research Needed for Graduate School Project

    I don't know that I agree with these. I would prefer to be in the wedge on tag plays with the runner coming toward me rather than being 90 degrees to the tag. On force plays I would prefer to be in a position where I could make a last-minute adjustment to see a play where a pulled foot or swipe tag may take place and 90 degrees would likely not provide that opportunity.
  8. Navy blue plate coat

    $307 including shipping.
  9. Navy blue plate coat

    I just got off the phone w/ Honigs. They have about a dozen black plate coats left and they are going to be placing an order for about another 40 or so real soon. I got the last 42 regular they had. Sorry guys.
  10. Would this be legal for a pitcher?

    uh oh...... here we go.....
  11. Obstruction Q

  12. Obstruction Q

    I did read @Senor Azul's post and his detailed answer certainly supports the call at 2B on this play. The video does not, however, apply to the original post, which asks about a batted ball and a fielder in possession of said batted ball. @Gfoley4's use of this video may (emphasis intended) confuse the issue raised in the OP as the fielder receiving a thrown ball is called for obstruction on R2 attempting to return to the bag.
  13. Obstruction Q

    This video may stand to confuse rather than clarify the OP. Almost any infielder making a play on a batted ball will likely be protected in order to make the play on the ball, and will also have a very difficult time causing obstruction on any runner because he will already be in possession of the ball. That scenario is not represented in this video.
  14. Correa HR

    At best an understatement. I heard some one on the radio call him a catcher in training yesterday and that is probably the best way to describe him. His mechanics are shaky and he seems to continue to do the same things without making any progress. Last week when everyone else was whining about his inability to block the 58 foot curve balls Sonny Gray was peppering him with, I saw something completely different that truly signifies that Gary Sanchez is the Yankees (or perhaps another team's) Edgar Martinez of the future. He sticks pitches that are nowhere close to being strikes throughout the game. I watched much of the game yesterday and saw at least 5 or 6 times when he held pitches for an inordinately long time that were clearly not strikes. I expect this from catchers who work with amateur umpires whose command of the strike zone is sometimes inconsistent. Sanchez is working with the best. Some one in the organization - perhaps Girardi?_ should be able to see the same thing I see.