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  1. Here is a way you should not handle it:
  2. Mr

    Thanks @Senor Azul
  3. Mr

    I am asking about FED rule 5.1 . Ball becomes dead immediately when: f. a fair batted ball: 1. touches a runner or an umpire before touching any fielder and before passing any fielder other than the pitcher, 2. touches a runner after passing through or by an infielder and another infielder could have made a play on the ball, 3. touches a spectator, 4. goes over or through or wedges in the field fence, or 5. lodges in players equipment or uniform; or
  4. Mr

    In FED is this a catch or a ball lodged in a player's equipment?
  5. Some pics from a recent trip out west Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne On the shores of Loch Vale in Rocky Mountain National Park.... and no it isn't photo shopped.
  6. And here's another memorable moment from Rich Garcia's career in the bigs...
  7. Perhaps it was a can of white spray paint
  8. Mr.

    It wasn't a lot of things. Not a pitch is only one of those. The OP asked what it was. It was a pickoff attempt.
  9. Hijack now completed. Thank you for shopping with us.
  10. The same organization pays their northwest umpires travel fees when games are cancelled within one hour or less of the start time. We organized our group and negotiated a deal with them. That was part of the deal. PM me if you want more of the details.
  11. If there is a runner between 1B and 2B or between 2B and 3B (or both), BU needs to be in the middle to take the play.
  12. I have been instructed that the distance is not the concern, Rather, it is so PU does not have to take a throw over his shoulder for a play at the plate in the case of an overthrow.
  13. As requested by @Stk004.....
  14. I prefer this one: none! The wheels never stick, the numbers wear off, the materials are not shoddy, and it is unlikely that I cannot find another
  15. Not so under FED: 5.1.1 SITUATION R: On a sharply hit ground ball that is snagged by F1, the player's initial attempts to withdraw the ball from the glove and throw the ball to F3 are not successful. In an attempt to retire the batter-runner, F1 tosses his glove with the lodged ball to F3. RULING: U1 will declare the ball dead and award the batter-runner second base. When F1 tossed his fielding glove to F3 to put out the batter-runner, it became apparent that the ball was lodged and the ball becomes dead and the award is made.