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  1. And I will bring the post game libations.
  2. Two with the same partner can be more than enough.... ain't dat right @Richvee? Fuggetaboudit..... sorry wrong thread.
  3. No need to be redundant
  4. Most of the students in my classes at school learn a lot. They embrace the opportunities presented and excel. Some choose to not accept the insight, critique, or knowledge and do not improve as much as they might even though they attend on a regular basis. Umpire camps are the same way. Attendance is indicative of nothing other than being present.
  5. One of the things I teach my students is to answer the question asked. I also teach them to ask the question they would like answered. These are not the same question. It is important to consider how you phrase things, as others are not inside your head - that may be a good thing. Others were only answering the question asked. It is not their fault that the question asked was not the question that should have been asked.
  6. As long as he never stops moving some part of his body, he has never come set. If that is the case, what you describe does not seem to constitute a balk. If everything has stopped and F1 then comes set again, it would likley be a balk. Keep in mind, though, no one here can give a definitive answer without seeing what F1 is actually doing.
  7. Could it be because the question was posed by a coach??
  8. @noumpere.... junior legion allows the DH for any defensive player, staring players to re-enter, and courtesy runners as FED does. Otherwise, it adheres to the same rules set as Senior Legion.
  9. I forgot about the illegal substitution by the DH. My apologies. The player who was removed from the game when the DH entered the field needs to be replaced by a legal substitute - anyone other than the DH who was not in the original lineup and has not been used as a substitute.
  10. The DH and the player he is hitting for cannot both be playing on the field at the same time. They also cannot both be batting in any other spot in the lineup than they were in the original lineup. So how does this need to be fixed? F2 and DH can't play defense at the same time. If the team wants to use their DH defensively, F2 has to come out of the game. No player can move from their original spot in the batting order. Here is a link to American Legion rules . See page 11 for DH in junior legion. I hope I got it right.
  11. If I may be so bold @lawump.... Changes that come from a committee have to have agreement among the group that may include a majority, a super majority, or in some cases unanimity. To say that any one member of the group is ignoring what anyone perceives as a "REAL and SIGNIFICANT" fails to recognize that other committee members are equal to all other members of the group and can influence the decisions of others from perspectives that digress from what anyone else may perceive as changes that are needed. That there is progress in certain places ought to bring a heartfelt thank you rather than a rebuke for not doing what may not be possible.Only one member of this community seems to be a member of the rules committee for FED and that one voice may be the only one that has practical experience in applying the rules. Other members of the same committee may approach the process from a significantly different vantage point and see no need to align with other rule sets as those rule sets may be designed for far more capable athletes. Keep in mind that this rule set is designed for players from 14 years of age as well. The rules have to consider the lesser abilities of athletes at the sub-varsity level and allow for their safety in addition to their skill. I applaud the efforts and I am glad to know there is at least one member of the committee who represents the third team.
  12. I am an acolyte of the wedge approach to plays. Rather than move from the point of the plate, I would have likely stayed at the point of the plate and let F2 and the runner take me to the play rather than go to 1BLX or 3BLX initially. The video below is an example. At :10, you can see Barksdale step to his right as F2 starts a swipe tag by moving to his left while in fair territory. By staying with F2, the play opened in front of PU and he had a good look at the tag/no tag and the touch/no touch of the plate.
  13. This
  14. I know this may irk some who read this, but why is it so wrong, at this level of baseball, to make sure that a coach knows what it is that he wants to do? These would give me the impression that the umpire is umpiring by the book rather than with the book. Most of the coaches at this level are as raw as the players and ought to be given many of the same considerations we might give their players. For example, do we balk a pitcher for twitching or having a slight movement of their shoulder when pitching from the set position? For the uninitiated, the terminology of protest vs. appeal is unimportant. Rather, the intent is the heart of the issue. Had this been at a level where coaches are more well versed in the some of the less common procedures of baseball, less consideration would be warranted. As @ALStripes17 said, it's 9-10 ball. My .02. YMMV.