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Hi everyone, sorry for being long gone. I would also like to apologize for the little issue that started in my last post and THANK YOU to those who handled it perfectly. School has been swinging at me left, right, front, and center, but I have been working towards my goal of attending my dream school: Harvard.

I am ashamed in asking for this, but since we are a vast community I know that some, or all of you will be able to help me. As you all know, these schools are extremely competitive and some sort of contact or person of interest there could help my chances of getting in. As I said before, I have sacrificed a lot throughout all of my life to get to this stage: senior year with good grades; and this goal is something that have I always, with the help of my friends and loved ones, worked for and strived for.


Thank you all and I apologize again for asking this her.



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1 hour ago, Umpire in Chief said:

What school are you hoping to go to?


On 10/14/2017 at 8:43 AM, sd181612 said:

my goal of attending my dream school: Harvard.


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1 hour ago, Umpire in Chief said:

Reading is fundamental :smachhead:

Not at Harvard.


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    • By Mr_Blue
      Felt like I had to make an account to ask about this situation. Have you ever been asked "Did he go?" while you were standing behind the pitcher? Happened to me.
      0-2 count. Batter appeared to obviously offer at a close pitch, his hands looked well in front of the plate and bat also looked like it had went around with his wrists breaking enough that I could say I'm 100 percent sure it was a swing. I'm sure everyone watching the game knew it was a swing, including everyone in the stands and definitely the 3rd base coach who was ejected for arguing after what happened. It looked like one of those calls that are pretty easy to make from where I was standing.
      Anyways, I'm waiting on the PU to make the call and he hesitates then points at me and asks if he went. I was so shocked that he was asking me for help on this one that I made a mistake here. I should have just made the call but I looked back at him and just said "It's your call." Now I guess everyone thinks that neither one of us know even though it looked like a pretty obvious call. Now the dugouts are starting to chirp a bit so I call time and we talk for a minute. I tell him what I saw and that it was definitely a swing. I wouldn't call it a swing if it was close but this one wasn't close. We call the kid out. One of the coaches comes to argue, even though I'm sure he had to know we got the call right he wasn't happy with how we made it. He keeps arguing and is warned not to continue and he goes to the dugout. He stops for maybe 10 seconds but is tossed for something he says when he gets to the dugout. Game went okay after that. Then the PU punched out the next batter on the first pitch because I guess he forgot the count wasn't 0-2 anymore. So that didn't help us look any better.
      Overall the game went okay after that. We handled the coach okay. Ejection went probably as well as it could have. After the game the PU wanted to switch crews so I worked with a different guy. Then he texted me after the game "Thanks for screwing me today ***hole I pray I never work with you again. This is high school varsity ball not the little bull**** you usually do." Which I thought was a little ridiculous, but oh well. I can't help but feel bad for being caught off guard on that play.
    • By refump10
      I was reading the other thread about the RLI called in a Little League game.  The discussion went briefly to the HS interpretation of the ruling.  I thought I would move over to the High School section to continue that part of the discussion to avoid high jacking the other thread. There was a quotation in one of the posts that quoted and interp from 2004:
      SITUATION 19: B1 bunts and F2 fields the ball in fair territory in front of home plate. B1 is running in foul territory when F2, in fair territory, throws errantly and hits B1 in the back. B1 continues running and touches first base. RULING: The play stands. F2 made an errant throw. Although B1 was not in the running lane, his position did not interfere with F2’s throw. (8-4-1g Exception)"
      My confusion over this interpretation is that I thought in FED that quality of throw is not a factor when determining RLI.  I also note that in the 2017 Rule Book, there is no exception listed to 8-4-1g.  I think this ruling should correct, but I'm having a hard time seeing how this ruling conforms with the rule as written.
    • By sd181612
      I hope everyone had an awesome new year! As you may know, it is getting to that point in the school year where scholarships are being looked up. I was wondering if any of you knew if there is such thing as an umpiring scholarship or award available. I am sure my fellow young umpires, as well as myself, will appreciate it any information.
    • By Thawk
      Man I love having this option that NFHS gave us with for warning the coaches.  The restriction adds a little more bite to a warning.
      So let me set it up for you; MS game, Bottom 6th, 2-2 game, 0 outs, Runners on 1st & 3rd.  BR goes for the bunt and misses.  R1 takes of on the pitch stealing 2B.  F2 attempts to throw out R1 and in the process runs into BR.  BR never left the batters box, never made any movement after the bunt.  So I make the call "I've got nothing here".  Next pitch, BR attempts to bunt again.  This time after he attempts and misses, his momentum carried his front foot out in front of the plate.  F2 goes for the backside pickoff of now R2 and again makes contact with BR.  Now I've got interference, and call BR out.  OC comes down from 3B box to argue the call.  He swears to me that his batter was stepping out the BACK of the box, and that F2 induced the contact.  I calmly tell him that the BR stepped out of the front of the box and that is why I called interference.  Coach doesn't like it, gets closer to my face, clearly attempting to intimidate me.  I simply say "Coach, we're done.  It's my call."  He turns around to go back to 3B box, not happy but quietly.  I'm all ready to put the ball back in play when I hear from the 1B box "LEARN THE DARN (Yes, darn was the word used) RULES!!"  Turned right over to the coach, and said "Coach I'm giving you a warning; you're restricted to the dugout for the rest of the game."  If that rule hadn't been in place, I probably would have ended up ejecting him.
      Why that coach had to chime in, I'll never know.  Next batter brought in the go-ahead run, and the Home Team won 3-2.
    • By Thunderheads
      ............ 28 high school games for 2016 already from Arbiter, .... 25 of them Varsity .....
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