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  1. I feel like this one, in particular is a bit premature. Teams can't even start practicing until HS season is done. It almost seems like a race to see who can be the most proactive, even if that means it's not warranted. I'm not saying it won't be warranted, just that we don't know yet. It seems a little ... trigger-happy? Don't get me wrong. I have asthma, and I'm not doing anything to endanger myself or others. But there has to come an end to this at some point.
  2. That does suck. We'll be happy to keep you on this side of the playing field, though. It's refreshing to see young guys getting out there and getting good on the third team
  3. I feel ya. It's 66 right now and supposed to be a high of 72 this afternoon. Perfect baseball weather. *sigh*
  4. My honest opinion: The only state that even might have a shot at a season is Iowa, since they don't start until summer anyway.
  5. @Umpire in Chief - we are going to have some really interesting data. The UK is doing essentially what you're saying. If you're at risk, stay inside. If not, carry on. The economics analysis both in terms of deaths and of national economy will be interesting in a couple of years.
  6. I use binder clips (along with some strips off an old t-shirt because the first time I used binder clips for a full season, they rusted and transferred that to the hat).
  7. All high schools in Kansas now officially closed for the rest of the school year.
  8. My state's NAIA league just officially cancelled the rest of their season
  9. Two counter-examples: My kids (they're all in their early 20's now) all really enjoyed the Looney Toons DVD's I bought. Although I would still argue that much of today's pop music sucks, there are a couple of bands my kids have introduced me to, that I really enjoy.
  10. I use ad-block plus. But then again, I also subscribed.
  11. Yes, BUT... Your title says "bounces a few times" (I'm thinking lower-level rec league stuff) - if the pitch does indeed bounce more than once, the batter can't just stand there stock-still and expect a base. That is "permitting a pitched ball to touch him" - dead ball, and a ball to the batter.
  12. JuCo games in my area suspended until at least April 1. NAIA games are at the discretion of the hosting school (at least for now). High schools are (again, at least for now) still on. I really wouldn't be surprised if the doubleheader I had yesterday was my last game of the season.
  13. That's my assumption here, and why I have BI. As for why you didn't get two outs - because at the time of the BI, there wasn't another play to be made. You said that R2 broke for 3rd after the ball was hit. That leads me to believe that at the time of BI, he's hanging around 2nd with no play available.
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    Edit: Replace my last post with "what @Jimurray said".
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    a) No, in order to feint to a base, the pitcher must step ("distance and direction") toward the base. It's hard to balk toward 2nd base, but would qualify. b) If the ball is thrown toward the *base*, that is legal. Most likely the batter will end up on at least 2nd, if not 3rd.
  16. I watched the online rules meeting this evening. That's what they said there.
  17. I appreciate your misplaced confidence in my heartiness.
  18. You misunderstood. I'm from Kansas, not Canada
  19. BTW... Forecast was wrong. It was 35, breezy, and occasional snow pellets. :-(
  20. I've driven over 150 miles to go to my kids' Friday night football game - not a playoff, just "a game".
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