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    Unless the foreign object is a base? 2-5-1 ART. 1 . . . A fair ball is a batted ball which: e. touches first, second or third base; or
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    Do you have access to Arbiter? As @Richvee alludes, the entire book is available on their site, and through the "NFHS Rules" app. Even if you don't have the former, the latter should be a pretty inexpensive way of getting it.
  3. KS: Regionals are selected by hosting school's normal assigner (sometimes that's the AD, sometimes it's a league commissioner, sometimes it's an outsourced organization - we don't really have the "associations" that I've gathered most places have). For state, each team (technically the AD, but practically the coach) submits two recommendations who they think are most qualified for postseason. They have to have worked one of their games in the last two years. Those with the most votes get distributed among the state tournaments.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/307083899500685/files/ They don't have a regular website, you just have to email @Razzer
  5. The problem, in my opinion, is *how* to verbalize it. "no catch" could be mistaken for "catch" "on the ground" or "it's down" could be mistaken for "out" What do my fellow umpires verbalize, and has it ever been misinterpreted? My normal "signal" (and yes, it's right out of the MSU book), is to show an open hand and say "Nope" loud enough for the batter and catcher to hear. I'm willing to change if I can find a better way.
  6. I might have to pick up some of these to go with the last gen shoes I just bought at the end of last season. I can use the last ones (mostly mesh) when it's hot, and use these (mostly leather) when it's cold. Who am I kidding, I'm too cheap to have two pairs of shoes with me.
  7. I haven't ever blacked anything out. I just buy the all black versions to begin with.
  8. Maybe. And even if I do, so what? It's not like people off the street come interview me to find out what kind of shoes I wear when I umpire (we do that *here*, where we don't physically see each other anyway). Besides, keeping the whites white and the blacks black is a PITA. I won't say it hasn't ever happened, but for things I pay money for, if it has a logo showing, it's likely I got it discounted (or free).
  9. I certainly like the "all black" look. Why should I provide a free billboard for somebody else's product? And I'm on the opposite end with narrow feet, but my everyday shoes are NB, so I'm good either way.
  10. Well, it is kinda the opposite of "performance enhancing"
  11. It's a matter of expectation and possible consequences. The question is "is this a reasonable consequence of playing the sport?" Getting concussed because of a hard hit, yes. Because you got hit on your bare head by a helmet? no. I really think part of this is "do we want football to become like hockey where fights are just a common occurrence?" And even when fights do occur, is it at least a fair fight? If Garret had hit a helmet against a helmet or a fist against a head, it wouldn't be nearly as severe as a penalty.
  12. Heavy compared to the others, yes. Heavy as in "you're going to have a hard time with it", not a chance. This is the one that I love, but primarily for a reason not shown here - it's notched so that you never have to look at it - you can "feel" the balls, strikes, and outs while it's still at your side. I had a friend borrowed mine and said something about it being heavy. I told him if that was the case, he really needed to work out more.
  13. I hadn't thought about it that way, but you might be right.
  14. Can you make some threads permanently unlocked (thinking like "Mask Porn") if you turn on that feature?
  15. I don't know that the forum software would even have this capability (or why the author would add it without a specific request like this), but ideally, you could have an extra step in there that if a thread has been over a year (or whatever) without a reply, you have to click a button that says you know this, and are resurrecting on purpose before it lets you type a reply. Barring that... I say leave it. It's not like it happens frequently. There have even been a couple of times I have intentionally re-started a previous thread (and made note of such in my response). And we should (if we don't already) have a "new members" section that mention this. (Not that it was a new member last night, but in general to keep the annoyances to a minimum.) And for what it's worth I hadn't ever seen the resurrected threads from last night - they were from before I joined.
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    Fresh Meat

    Welcome! You're in pretty much the same situation I was in a few years ago. You've found the best site on the Internet for learning more about umpiring. Lots of good, knowledgeable folks on here, but like @HokieUmp implies, it might do you well to do some searching before you ask a whole lot of questions. Glad to have you join us!
  17. Realizing I'm speaking as a cis-gendered white hetero male here... I really think it's *mostly* (not all, certainly) a matter of interest. In my local high school ranks, I know some female referees for volleyball and basketball that are *very* good. And no baseball umpires (but a few softball umpires). I *think* that's because they officiate what they played. Basketball, check. Volleyball, check. Softball, check. Baseball, nope. I do want the best for my daughter, and tried to get her into officiating, but she isn't the least bit interested. Instead she's on her 3rd semester of college with a near full-ride academic scholarship and still has a 4.0. I let her decide what's the best for her, and she seems to be doing a pretty good job of that.
  18. It's legal for KSHSAA. http://www.kshsaa.org/Publications/OfficialsHandbook.pdf (bottom of page 25) That doesn't mean that it's "normal" though.
  19. Oh FerCryinOutLoud... How about this: https://images.app.goo.gl/6Fd6YZ5CDRQCxKYj6
  20. It's showing up broken here, but it shows up correctly on my email. https://www.disneyclips.com/images/images/clipgoofytire.gif
  21. Just to prove a point, I just did a youtube search for "mlb close plays at first base" and this was the first one that looked like what I was looking for: players trying to beat out a throw to first. Watch and see how many right-handed batters enter the running lane on a close play from "not behind them" (hint: none).
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