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  1. I don't have an official diagnosis, but my oldest son does. And the info we were given on it was "Yep, that's me. Yep, that's me. Yep, that's me" clear down the line. Admittedly, I'm not the worst case example, so I haven't ever been on any meds. I just see my umpiring as "hey this is something I can do so I'm not sitting at home bored out of my mind watching TV", so it's kind of a therapy of sorts. Sure, the mind wanders sometimes, but you do have to know when you can let it wander and when you have to really lock-in.
  2. Leave it to a Canadian to try to find the most polite way of getting out of this.
  3. The game itself, yes, intricate. Seeing everything you need to see in real time, yes, takes experience (I'm still not very good at seeing double-hits on a set, for instance). But the actual rules of the game? Pretty straight-forward.
  4. Not as much as baseball, but that's just me. I do enjoy it, though. It has a couple of advantages. There are never any rainouts/weather like baseball or football, and there's not the constant running of basketball. Unlike most other sports, you can call a "do over" if you screw it up. There's also less of a tolerance of sportsmanship BS - I've heard a curse word one time total in the last 7 years I've been doing this
  5. I've been working volleyball for about 3 weeks now. The issue is that there's really not all the edge cases to discuss with volleyball like there is with baseball. The biggest thing you might have is a video of "would you call this a lift?" and at what levels (if you were to call a middle school match as tight as you do a college match, there would be a lift on about every volley). Incidentally, I heard the best quote from a coach in years yesterday. The other team's setter dumped the ball into an open area and nobody even moved toward it. Coach: "Girls! You can't be surprised when volleyball happens!"
  6. NCAA changed last week so it's the same as OBR Rule 2-37 Foul Tip A batted ball that goes sharp and direct from the bat to the catcher and is legally caught. It is not a foul tip unless it is caught and any foul tip that is caught is a strike, and the ball is in play.
  7. Not quite as bad, but happened to me earlier this summer with Legion ball. The first text I get from him is "I see we're working together, can we wear navy?" (maybe not an exact quote, but essentially) While this isn't in-an-of itself a deal-breaker, it did put my skepticism on high-alert. My next text from him a couple of days later. "Question from a game I had last night. Guy is stealing second and the batter foul tips it straight to the catcher, and he catches it. Does the runner need to go back to first?" Sure enough, I show up to the game, where we'd arranged I have the first plate, and he's wearing a ball bag in the field. I'll give him credit over your "partners", though. He was there for the whole game (actually 2 - it was a doubleheader), and even got most of his calls pretty good, despite not being in the best place to see them.
  8. I think $10 is what Tony charged me to get it powdercoated to match my mask (maybe that was because I had my mask done at the same time?)
  9. That, or else they thought it would be, and experience has now shown otherwise.
  10. I hope my emoji was appropriately understood as not as being critical of what works for you. However, I do like the jock on the outside allowing the NB to float, rather than being pressed against the groin.
  11. You're doing the NB wrong. 🙃 With the Nutty Buddy, they way they suggest (and the way I do) is... 1) Undies 2) Tights 3) Nutty Buddy inside of 4) The Nutty Buddy Jock Strap, followed by, obviously 5) Pants
  12. @Razzer - You have anything cooking you can let us know about?
  13. Yeah, sorry. They're coming across as if their answers are authoritative, though.
  14. Two questions... 1) what are the "Guests" here smoking? 2) Are they sharing?
  15. As I posted, I've taken to moving my index finger to the side when clicking from ball 1 to ball 2 so I can feel the bump on the side. That was why I recommended silicon. Graphite does work, too, but it can certainly leave a mess.
  16. I put a bit of silicone lubricant on mine. It may not *need* it, but it makes the dials easier to spin.
  17. Unless they're paying me a very large salary with full benefits, any assigner I have better be allowing blocks, or I'm unclicking that "ready to assign" button.
  18. I'm not in a place to look it up at the moment, but I'm sure it's under 'Blocks' - and you have to do it separately for each group you're assigned to (which is handy, because I will travel a lot farther for college ball than I would even consider for high school).
  19. You laugh, but when I was driving a couple of weeks ago, SWMBO was responding to a text for me, when an e-mail arrived with the title "Mask Porn". I had to have her click on it and follow the thread so she didn't think I was into anything overly odd. ...followed by "you umpires are weird"
  20. Ball hits the runner - automatic "Time" In this case where the batter moves into the path of the ball in at attempt to get hit, you call it a ball or strike depending on the pitch. And if you're not sure, err towards "strike"
  21. I haven't been to that one. If anybody has more info, I'm interested
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