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    What was the SS doing? If he was making a play on the ball, it's probably interference. If he's blowing dandelions, it's probably obstruction.
  2. Would he be out if the shortstop had touched with his foot? Same answer.
  3. I'll put it this way. Working HS varsity games, I've been known to call a strike on an uncaught pitch. BUT if it's close and the catcher drops it, no way. I pretty much go from "ball touches any part of the zone" to "3/4 of the ball is in the zone" on an uncaught pitch. I do have one coach in the area who will make his catcher say "thank you" if you call a strike on an uncaught pitch. Makes me smile every time.
  4. That still gives you a full season to put it into practice. :-)
  5. Umpire was correct. The (one) player who is most likely to have a play on the batted ball (whether or not it was deflected by the pitcher) is protected. A runner cannot interfere with him. Now, if he was ruled out because the ball touched him, that would be different. Once a ball touches a fielder (including the pitcher), the runner cannot be called out for being hit by that ball. I'm sure you'll see some rule cites below, but I'm too lazy to look them up right now. :-)
  6. Maybe the AC was referring to NFHS. http://www.nysbua.com/85-news/187-nfhs-the-usage-and-allowance-of-cheek-and-jaw-protectors-attached-to-batting-helmets (Basically, if the helmet is NOCSAE, and the helmet itself hasn't been altered, cheek flaps are fine, even though they aren't NOCSAE certified)
  7. Ummm.... I'm pretty sure that's not true, since you would be dead. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hypothermia/symptoms-causes/syc-20352682
  8. I'm behind on my reading here, so let me know if it's been posted before, but I ran across this article: https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/politics/legislature/article_128f2a48-8486-11e9-b652-53d271273f76.html Personally, I think the penalty here sounds too stiff, but was wondering what you thought?
  9. I have one team (not necessarily an individual coach, though one of them definitely leads the pack) for whom I have more ejections than I have all others put together. The weird part is that the kids are all great - never had any problems with any of them. But it's not just me - apparently they get thrown out a lot by other umpires as well. *shrug* - you gotta do what you gotta do.
  10. It should surprise nobody that I had a good transaction experience with @wolfe_man. Quick ship, items as described. Took me awhile to get to the post office to actually get them, but that's on me, not him.
  11. Luxury. We only get $14. And that's up $2 from last year.
  12. Not only did I strike out, I gained a whole new appreciation for hitters in that league. #NoShame
  13. 1) No, I thought about trying a drag bunt, but I chickened out after I whiffed for strike 1 2) I've been umpiring here for over 10 years. Trust me, I know *ALL* the cheers.
  14. Background: I live in a small town. And by small, I mean about 750 people. Pretty much everybody knows everybody. Those that you don't know, you probably at least know the names of and have some idea of what they do, etc. Our small town is in a league with 3 other small towns, one being much bigger than the others. We have 3 age divisions: 8U (machine pitch), 11U, and 14U, baseball and softball, all of which play on a single baseball field. Most years we only field one team from each of those, occasionally two - the biggest town might field 4-6 per division. Last night, I was scheduled to have two softball games, 8U followed by 14U. The mom of one of the 8U players was a former college player and is their coach, as well as assisting with the 14U team when she's not with her own daughter. We play the 8U game, no problems, and in fact it finishes in about 45 minutes, well short of the 1:15 it was scheduled for. We move the pitching rubber for the 14U game, get things ready to go, and look around. There is the home team, but no visiting team - no coaches, no players, nothing. We (and by me, I mean one of the coaches) calls the opposing coach, no answer. We call the rec. commision president, who verifies that the home team is right, and says to declare a forfeit after the scheduled starting time passes. The 14U team has been rained out 3 times, and was going to get their first game in. Girls were disappointed they weren't going to get to play. So 8U coach (from above) says "OK, new plan. Since we've got the field, we're going to have a player/parent scrimmage." A few parents were in, but some wouldn't or couldn't. Coach (who I've known since before she had kids) says to me and the other umpire "we're short on the parents team, would you play with us?" And that's the story of how I played fastpitch softball for the first time in my life. Parents won 10-4, no thanks to me - I struck out my only at-bat. And I had a blast doing it.
  15. I tried that, but it annoyed me. I make lots of short trips during my day-to-day life, and it bugging me for each one got on my nerves. Stride you have to activate manually, but it does the same thing, but you can also keep track of other expenses (gear, camp registrations, even food while you're out of town). You can take a photo of your receipt, and it stores with it, so you don't have to keep track of those separately. And you can give it your income on a weekly basis, and it will estimate how much in taxes you should be holding back. I also have another non-day-job which pays well, and it lets me track those expenses separately from my officiating, too. I just started using it this year, but it supposedly integrates into my tax software, so I can click and be done with that part.
  16. Anybody else here using Stride to keep track of miles and expenses? I've been pretty pleased with it.
  17. Number of games? (for tourneys) Or perhaps a "repeat the last one" so you don't end up typing the same things over-and-over for a tourney (or, in the case of e.g. volleyball, just a quad).
  18. Darnit. You're making it harder for me to ignore this. Ping me if the black ones haven't sold in another week.
  19. kylehutson

    Hit By Pitch

    Yeah, but.... If the ball takes a couple of bounces and hits the foot while they're standing there, they had plenty of time to get out of the way (see this more in rec-ball softball than baseball, but still...)
  20. I do a form of this on my plate shoes: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rq5BLVFnMG4T9Ww36 Also, on the top I tie an "Ian knot" - like the guy in the TED video, I tied my shoestrings the "wrong way" for most of my life, and I've started making myself tie them this way.
  21. Anybody going to this camp that wants a roommate? I'm looking to save a few bucks if I can.
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