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  1. I'm happy to report that "Operation Avoid yawetag" was a resounding success
  2. I'm missing you all by a week. I'm heading to St. Louis next Wed-Sat.
  3. Can you? Sure. The "gotcha" is that if you do something that isn't standard, like the blue above, and you are umpiring a game between a team that's in red, and one that's in the same color blue as you have there. How many people from the red team are going to think you're part of "the other team" based on your pad color?
  4. I organize the umpires for my small town's rec leagues (8u machine pitch, 11u, and 14u, baseball and softball), that's one field and (this year) 7 teams. The pay isn't much (starts at $12/game for 8u, up to $20/game for 14u). But here's what we do provide: - Almost all equipment. It's a mix of "good" and "passable" - we have the Schutt XV and a decent Champro mask with good Wilson pads. Shin guards are old catcher's gear, but for the level we're working there, it's "good enough" - even the better 14u pitchers would have a hard time making a travel team. I think I'm the only one that has plate shoes, and guys must wear their own cup. As far as liability, sure they could sue the rec commission out of existence ... and get the $2k in its bank account (maybe less toward the end of the season). I'm not worried. - First shirt is half paid for. We standardized on the powder blue shirt, and the rec commission will pay for half of the umpire's first shirt - which comes out to slightly less than the first 8u game fee. Being a rec league, the rest of the uniform is optional (read: non-existent). The other towns in our league only use t-shirts with "Umpire" emblazoned on the front, for comparison. - We can start them young. You only need to be 2 years older than the age group you're umpiring for, so I can start them as young as 10 years old working 8u games. I do partner anybody with less than 2 years of experience with somebody with more than 2 years of experience, preferably an adult. We do have 2 umpires for each game, even the 8u's.
  5. In middle school (and anything sub-varsity), as long as the coaches agree to it in pre-game, they can do whatever they want. Continuous batting, free substitution, time limits, I really don't care. In most cases, I've seen it like you describe (it's just another defensive position whose position happens to be on the bench). If the coaches don't agree (and note that sometimes what the coaches agree to is dictated by league rules). If they don't agree to it, we go by NFHS rulebook, which doesn't recognize such a thing as an EH.
  6. Anybody have Mattingly's address? I think he could use some of these.
  7. I don't need stock. I just need them to stay in business.
  8. I don't think it's bad - I just don't like it as well as the spyder I have on mine.
  9. The point is that if you can't see the batter's box lines, you can't tell them to get back in it. If you can, there's no problem, just tell him to keep his toes inside the line. In my case (where the line is gone), rather than let him stand where I know he shouldn't, I chose to be proactive and make a line to keep that from happening.
  10. From the NFHS Case book: -- 7.3.2 SITUATION B: B1 assumes his batting stance (a) with his right foot on the back line but not outside the back line of the batter’s box, (b) with his right foot partially on the back line and partially outside the back line of the batter’s box, or (c) with his right foot completely outside the back line of the batter’s box. RULING: The stance in (a) is proper. However, in (b) and (c), the umpire shall instruct the batter to assume his stance so neither foot is outside the lines of the batter’s box. -- Based on this, he needs to start completely inside the batter's box. The "completely outside the batter's box" terminology comes into play in determining whether or not to call a batter out for hitting a ball outside the batter's box. In fact, I had a high school game this week where a batter stood with his toes less than 3" from the plate (the batter's box lines had been wiped out through the course of the game). I called time, took the knob of his bat and drew a batter's box line and told him to setup outside that line.
  11. The AD emailed us a couple of days ahead of time asking if that would work.
  12. Also, JV is a whole different thing. Varsity games are tightly regulated by the state. JV games I've had standard 7-inning games with normal run rules, 5-inning doubleheaders, and even a "we'll just play a single 9 inning game with no run rules and pay you for a doubleheader".
  13. My state has two mercy rules. 10-after-5 is mandatory for all games. 15-after-3 is optional and only if both coaches agree at the pre-game meeting. Most, but not all leagues have a rule that "thou shalt agree", but inter-league play varies.
  14. In my area, NAIA uses 3-man for conference games. HS uses 2-man except for during playoffs - however I know at least one of the bigger schools in my area is pushing their league to use 3-man for their league games as well. It hasn't happened yet, but it very well might in the next few years.
  15. Sounds to me like the offense needs to get their signals straight so they can steal home.
  16. And I was 43 4 years ago! Apparently 43 and 4 are the magic numbers.
  17. Yep. I've done it. Coach has come out to argue every time, but (*shrug*) coaches can be wrong.
  18. The ball never crossed the plate (because the catcher jumped in front of it). Enforce both the CI and the balk.
  19. Get the shins! I promise you won't regret it. I like the CP, but I know of others that don't. I don't think I've ever found somebody that didn't love the shins, though.
  20. But in fairness, it's not like you guys are big gear junkies. You had a show talking about gear. It went something like this: "I use the West Vest gold." "Yeah, me too" "Yeah, me too". I did suggest you get @MadMax on your show to really talk about gear.
  21. Pics don't show and links don't work. Personally, I've had pretty good luck with imgur.com and Google Photos for posting such things (not just here, but lots of places).
  22. You'll notice I didn't chime in to correct anybody.
  23. And so are most of the people commenting on Twitter.
  24. I'd certainly be in for that. And I'd want serious gear junkies (which excludes myself, for the record) to be the ones to use them in live-ball situations.
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