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  1. You obviously just need a size 18EEE to get over the top of the whole thing.
  2. kylehutson

    Mic'd up

    I'm going to dissent from most of you here. Baseball games are an inherently public activity, and there is no expectation of privacy. A local TV or radio station could legally come and record the exact same conversation with their own shotgun mics. What's the difference? What possible liability could come from recording in a public place at a public event? Ethically is a whole different story - and I can see arguments made on either side. I'm not weighing in there (at least until I've had some time to think about it).
  3. Nah. In my little hybrid, that's hardly worth noticing. :-)
  4. AccuWeather app to the rescue. At the same time it was 7 at my house, it was 37 at the ball field (and several hours to go). It was great actually getting onto the field again, especially without it being so ridiculously cold.
  5. Where I live is right on the edge of a cold front right now, and the game was a couple of hours south. It was actually 50 during the game. Hard to get in the right mindset, though, when everything around you is freezing and snowy.
  6. I finally got on the field today! I took a photo as I was leaving home:
  7. Same in Kansas. Coach to me: "according to my records, that pitcher should be on one of his required days of rest." Me to coach: "then I suggest you file a report with the state association office tomorrow. Ready to play?"
  8. As far as a batter can move and still get hit intentionally.
  9. After reading PIAA's bulletin, I think you nailed it.
  10. I'd wear crepe paper if it actually prevented me from getting hit. It's kinda like something I was discussing at the day job last week. If you buy the expensive one, the cheap one probably would have worked just as well, but if you buy the cheap one, you need the expensive one instead.
  11. I've had one for the last year (v2), but (fortunately!) I've not had any really hard shots off it, so I can't really report much.
  12. The forecast for my game kept getting warmer - except in the mean time the field also kept getting wetter, so they cancelled it.
  13. Y'all are making me happy I have skinny feet.
  14. Ooh, just looked at the forecast and they've now upped it to 45 as well - but with 12mph wind with gusts to 15.
  15. Mine's next week. Predicted high of 38, with wind gusts up to 13 mph. Good thing I bought lots of cold weather gear this off-season.
  16. I'm OK with being hated for this.
  17. Playing field != Natural ground
  18. I'm ASSuming the motion has started, too. I'd pick C
  19. 2-16-1 (d) A foul is a batted ball ... that, while on or over foul territory, touches the person of an umpire or a player or any object foreign to the natural ground Based on that, I'd say "D"
  20. On further review, the call stands. I think it probably is a quick pitch, but it wasn't dangerous (yes, I know that's not a requirement, but it is the reasoning). I'm not arguing with anybody on this one (unless I'm a coach and it's against my team). The batter didn't seem to be fazed by it.
  21. Holy smokes. I just took this test for the first time ever and got 100%. Go me!
  22. Welcome! I, too am a computer nerd (Linux sysadmin), and I also ref volleyball. There have been a few times on these forums where I've had to dig back into my undergrad days as an engineer when explaining why gear works the way it does, so I'm right there with you.
  23. At least that's a good problem to have
  24. Kansas follows NFHS to the letter... except we allow a 15-after-3 run rule, and there have been a couple of times I've been very thankful for this change.
  25. Yes, thus the reason I rented a car with a daily rate and no mileage limit.
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