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  1. Ok and I had the wrong mask it is the Champro Pro-Plus Aluminum Lightweight face mask
  2. Quick question my wife ended up surprising me with my plate gear. The mask was bought used and when i went to put it on the pads were uncomfortable and the strap didn't get tight the bottom of the mask was real loose. So I'm just curious if I should change out the pads and harness. I was thinking about switching to the team wendy pad replacement and the ump life flex umpire harness. Thank you a lot
  3. you have pics of the ball bags and do they have the inside pocket
  4. Thanks for the input. I have been nervous but I cant wait to get back into it again
  5. Good morning, just got back in the saddle. Going to try high school ball and the rec leagues. Was an umpire roughly 10 years ago for t-ball and coach pitch and I cant wait to get back at it. Hope to meet and speak to other members around and learn the tips and tricks that you have
  6. Just joined so now just wait til I get the information from you
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