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  1. He's not trying to have it both ways. He's letting the play happen unless it gets to the point where it's too dangerous. If there's a sliding play and the batter is on the ground then he could take a cleat to the face and lose an eye, have some teeth knocked out, or get some kind of traumatic brain injury/concussion.
  2. Thinking about this situation I had last year. Coach of the offensive team was livid between innings because his batters were asking for time (a little too frequently) and he somehow thought that the pitcher was forced to step off the rubber every time I granted the batter time. He kept saying "it's in the rules of the game" like he had just read that word for word in the rulebook or something. I can't see anything saying that just because I give the do not pitch signal that it means "Do not pitch and also you have to step off the rubber." All I can see is that the ball can be made live when t
  3. Wow. Thank you. That's a really cool offer, but it's really just because of my job. I could afford to spend the money but it'd be too short notice to burn vacation time most likely. I have no problem with paying you. You guys deserve to be paid for the time and work you put into it and I'm sure it would be well worth it.
  4. Yeah that's where I set up too. I didn't necessarily mean exactly behind the pitcher. I saw a guy who's B position was in the outfield this year...
  5. 1. I have Baseball Umpiring Mechanics Illustrated published by Referee magazine that my state (Kansas) mailed me for 2 and 3 man high school crews. I've learned a lot since getting affiliated with the state. I obviously need to keep reading the stuff they've sent me so hopefully something like this doesn't happen again. I've always done my best and haven't had any big problems until now. 2. I probably won't reply. I feel like he's the type of guy that wouldn't care if I said I was sorry and that it was my fault. He would just say something like damn right it's your fault, now leave
  6. Sorry. I forgot it wasn't the very next batter that the ejection happened on. I was in A when it happened so it was during one of the next few at bats.
  7. No, I obviously didn't do the right thing. Reason I'm posting is because I still feel like crap about it. I usually just read posts here but felt like I had to ask for help and see what other people thought and I just wondered how common it was to see a guy appeal to the BU in B or C.
  8. I'm pretty confident everyone at the game besides the PU knew it was a swing. He missed it and it happens. Especially with how hot it was. Sweat gets in your eye sometimes, the sun might have been a problem, anything could have happened. I know that it was a swing but what I was trying to say is I still feel like the coach would have argued saying "How can you tell if it's a swing if you're behind the pitcher?" I know I should have called it. It would have probably been just a simple explanation and then everyone stays in the game. The coach went out towards the PU by the plate to argue.
  9. I say in the post that yes that's what SHOULD have happened. But that didn't happen. I was too surprised that he asked for help on that one. It was a swing but still close enough that I feel like it would have been an argument either way.
  10. Felt like I had to make an account to ask about this situation. Have you ever been asked "Did he go?" while you were standing behind the pitcher? Happened to me. 0-2 count. Batter appeared to obviously offer at a close pitch, his hands looked well in front of the plate and bat also looked like it had went around with his wrists breaking enough that I could say I'm 100 percent sure it was a swing. I'm sure everyone watching the game knew it was a swing, including everyone in the stands and definitely the 3rd base coach who was ejected for arguing after what happened. It looked like
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