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    infield fly

    Dropped infield fly: the batter is out, the ball is live, and other runners may advance at their own risk. Because the BR is out, they are not forced to advance: to be retired, they would have to be tagged while off base. Because the popup was not caught, runners need not retouch.
  2. maven

    infield fly

    A force out can be recorded by tagging the runner or the base to which he's forced. A retouch appeal (failure to tag up) can be recorded by tagging the runner or the base he failed to retouch. Either out can be recorded without tagging the runner. But 'force out' and 'appeal play' are not synonyms. The biggest difference this makes occurs, for example, when the third out is an appeal of R1 or R2 not retouching and R3 tags and scores on the play. Those who mistakenly think that R2 is "forced" at 2B will erroneously infer that R3's run shouldn't count because no run can score when
  3. maven


    You came to the wrong place to avoid advice. Or war stories.
  4. maven

    detached equipment

    Equipment and uniforms shall be properly worn. Find a way to fix it, or put in a sub. There is no penalty.
  5. maven


    Profanity in the heat of battle on a game-ending play is going to be a gray area. I agree with noumpere, and will add that there are way too many variables (heat of the game, volume of the profanity, etc. etc.) for there to be a definitive answer. The pop-up slide is probably an illegal slide, regardless of intent, for FED (that would be INT, and the run would be negated). As this was an OBR game, the HP collision rule would apply, and the contact is probably legal.
  6. Me too. The guy I'm thinking of had one shirt for his whole career (more than 20 years).
  7. Yes. The codes differ a bit in wording, but the requirement is that runners be in the vicinity of the base before the umpire puts the ball in play. This requirement was added to the book precisely to prevent runners from gaining the advantage of a large lead when they cannot be put out. The umpire needs to check runners before saying "play."
  8. Sorry to comment on my own post: it always impressed me that Joey, of all people, could get the geometry of infinitesimals exactly right.
  9. I think you have a typo there. Maybe 'phonographic memory'—but yeah, remembering sounds wouldn't help unless you had the rule book on audio.
  10. Ah, in that case, I recommend raising the fee to $500.
  11. Have a photographic memory. Read the book. Easy!
  12. Yeah, that's basic bodily fluid safety. These precautions have been around since HIV. Most field first aid kits should have a spray (I think it's peroxide) that kills all the cells and viruses in a blood stain. That's what they spray on uniforms, gym floors, etc. when players are injured. It works on umpire equipment too.
  13. I have heard "picks to first" as an expression for the attempt. I have never heard "picks off the runner" as anything but a success term, akin to "retires the runner."
  14. So many questions about this. How do they determine who wins? What's the penalty for losing? I'm assuming death.
  15. Not for me. I'm best when I'm Zen, let it flow, and the game comes to me.
  16. The award for OBS aims to nullify the hindrance. Protect the runner that far. It's a live-ball situation, so it's possible for runners to advance past their awarded base(s). Runners advance at their own risk. In the OP, the umpire must judge whether the hindrance prevented the runner from reaching 3B safely. All available info throughout play may be taken into consideration (where the ball was hit, how fast the runner is, how the ball was fielded, where the throw came in, quality of throw from outfield, etc. etc.). Any benefit of the doubt to the offended team (offense for OBS).
  17. Under Ohio law, he might not be registered as a sex offender, even if convicted on the charges he currently faces (which itself is highly doubtful—he'll plead out to misdemeanors without any possibility of hitting the registry).
  18. I recommend the Brave browser. It uses the Chromium engine (same as the heart of Google Chrome), but it's faster and more private. It blocks all ads by default. I wasn't aware that this site had ads.
  19. Nascar? What's the penalty for "didn't turn left?"
  20. "Anyone here" ≠ coaches
  21. I doubt that anyone here is old enough to remember that. I'd guess that it was first discussed shortly after the AL adopted the DH in 1973. Maybe noumpere was officiating in the 70's. It's also not that simple: I expect it was phased in over several seasons, first experimental in a few states, then adopted in some version, then tweaked into something like its current form. IIRC the new provision allowing P/DH was first used in Florida about 3 years ago. I'm curious why the OP wants to know: has Trivial Pursuit™ come out with a FED edition?
  22. I have seen a HS varsity runner picked off while standing 1 foot from the base. No telling where his head was. The umpire must rule on whether it was a bona fide attempt to play on a runner. F2 can't just stand up and peg the retired batter to draw a call. Yes, that requires judging intent. Yes, we (human beings) are mind readers. We're actually excellent at it (we do it every time we can tell whether someone is speaking sincerely, ironically, theatrically, etc. etc.).
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