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    Balk high school

    That's correct: the feint is illegal, and time should be called immediately. The throw never happens.
  2. maven

    Balk high school

    You have it backwards: FED (for now) allows feints to 3B, OBR (and allied codes) prohibit them.
  3. How do you know that? FED doesn't announce their rules changes until much later in the off season.
  4. Live longer, don't mess with this (unless, I guess, NCAA says no for their pitchers). No rule (only interps) governs the rocker step, so the fact that it's "forward" is moot. Note that the time of pitch is the first movement of the free foot.
  5. Away from the batter. And keep your eye everlasting on the ball. Everyone, especially the pitcher and batter, will see us better if we're out in the open, away from the batter.
  6. You seem to be relatively new here, so I would simply like to say: he was being facetious.
  7. John was one of my instructors at Jimmy's. Still hasn't gained much weight...
  8. I've worked 4 different sports, from youth through varsity, and the only time I've ever gotten into trouble with the state association was the time I asked the cheerleaders to move in a varsity boys basketball game. I'll stop the (thread) steal now.
  9. At the risk of answering a rhetorical question (not even a question mark, well done!), what's not to like is that fans and coaches are literally inches from the officials. Having them in your ear—and in some games you can hear even mumbled assessments of your performance—can be...aggravating. When I was coming up, I was doing a middle school girls game. Every possession was marked by multiple travels, double dribbles, and generally poor ball control. I was at the point where I wasn't calling much yes, and hearing it from the parents and grandparents in attendance. One particularly cantankerous grandma yelled at me, "how much are they paying you!?!" I replied: "Oh, I'd work the game for free. They have to pay me to listen to you yahoos."
  10. So, this thread title (which scans, I note admiringly), and nobody has mentioned The Vapors? Shame!
  11. That's correct. You won't necessarily be able to work the level you want—especially starting out—but between rec ball and school, there's basketball pretty much year around. Helpfully, boys and girls play the same rules (only the ball is different). So that's half again as many games (girls don't play as much off-season). Watch out for AAU, especially in some states....
  12. That's not a proper basketball mechanic, either. I've worked HS basketball for nearly 20 years now. Unrelatedly: basketball is the ONLY HS sport in my state that has enough officials.
  13. Approximately all of us. I think it's a softball mechanic, so guys who focus on that "sport" often carry it over. It's a symptom of poor/non-existent training. Given the umpire shortage, if any of us have not seen it, we should expect to do so (regardless of level, including college below D1).
  14. OK. You should know that on the forum, when we use the term 'magic words', we generally mean an expression that will get someone ejected.
  15. That umpire seems to know more about scoring than umpiring.
  16. Pro interp is: if BR is legally in the running lane until the last two steps, then he can be in fair for those steps in order to reach the base. Sounds like the play was legal under that interp.
  17. Exactly. You'll probably have Kevin for a partner. 🙃
  18. Better still: you got paid. Plus, presumably, beer.
  19. If INT is called, then yes, the ball is dead, the runner is out, and other runners return unless forced to advance by the BR being awarded 1B. (That would make a difference on your play had bases been loaded.) As for FED, we should interpret whether a double play was "possible" to mean a double play was "likely." IOW, the ground ball was a "double play ball," and the runner's INT prevented that double play. OBR and other codes permit umpires to call 2 outs here only in case the runner "willfully and deliberately" tried to prevent a double play. This standard is substantially different from FED's.
  20. The on-deck batter in this situation must stay away from the play and avoid hindering the defense. But he IS allowed to be there. When the defense misplays the ball and it strikes a person authorized to be on the field, the ball remains live and it is not INT. Play the bounce. Had the on-deck batter done something intentional to hinder play at that point—pick up the ball, for instance—that could be INT. As described, however, this is nothing. The proper mechanic is to signal a ruling: point at the on-deck batter, verbalize "That's nothing!" and signal safe. Getting in front of this call and communicating clearly can nip issues in the bud and allows all players to get on with the game. Same ruling all codes.
  21. I agree with previous posts. Why would it be magic words if coach said he thought you were straight lined? You were worried about it too, and that comment is not objectionable even if false.
  22. The umpire judged that the batter's action satisfied the demands of the rule to not permit the pitch to hit him.
  23. Yes, it's a balk.
  24. I've been seeing tons of RH pitchers do this pickoff move with R1: they do what looks like a regular jump turn, but they make sure to land the pivot behind the rubber. Then they feint a throw to 1B. To me, this is a balk: a jump turn is a move from the rubber, and to 1B it requires a throw, not a feint. But virtually everyone at multiple levels, including all amateur umpires I've seen lately, accepts this move. (I balked it in a HS varsity game some years ago, and everyone on both teams, plus my partner, looked at me like I had 2 heads.) Presumably, they're ruling that the pivot foot moved backward in a "step," thus disengaging F1. If interpretation allows a jump turn to count as a "step" toward 1B with the free foot, why couldn't it allow a jump turn to count as a "step" with the pivot foot backward off the rubber? I'm not aware of any such interpretation, at any level. This move is not permitted in pro ball, though again, I'm not aware of an interpretation prohibiting it. Thoughts?
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