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Baseball Economics 101

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Good Day, and welcome to you and your inquiry. From the read, you are a team? Have you already "contracted" an umpire or are you still seeking one? The Dreams Park requires you, as a team, to "bring an umpire", as this allows the Park to operate the nearly 500 games per 5-day week it hosts. We, as a baseball community, understand that not every team can locate a local umpire to bring along with them on their trip, but this sort of cost is what is used as a benchmark or starting point – if you were to bring one, what sort of costs would you/he/she incur (travel, amenities, etc.)?

Numerous umpires are available to you. Most are coming from other locales, while some practically live nearby to Cooperstown or are onsite several weeks. Week One is a little short notice, but you will likely find somebody. Two words of advice – please keep the negotiated sponsorship amount private between you and any umpires you contact or who contact you. The number is negotiable, but please understand, this process doesn't function like buying, or renting, a car.

Second, this is _very_ important to all parties involved... deal only with the umpire whom you will be potentially sponsoring. Do not send or pay a single dollar to a guy who contacts you saying "he'll find you an umpire". There are two persona-non-gratis (guys who are not welcome or allowed to visit the Park) who try to act as "booking agents" and will hit you up for a couple hundred dollars just to have you pay another few hundred dollars to some guy they called up and may or may not meet you on Opening Saturday. Nope, don't do it.

There are many guys who advertise their availability here on U-E if you are still seeking one out. Good luck and enjoy your visit to Cooperstown!

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