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Did you search for a similar thread first?

This is a baseball forum, so it should be a shoutout for the save.

So recently I had issues with @Ump0000 On Sunday we negotiated a price for the black Douglas shins and CP, he sent me his address and completed a PayPal payment. Immediately after, he sent me a n

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A second fabulous transaction with @Jdc03270. Beyond prompt payment. Now just to wait for him to hear back from Jeff at Douglas so I can send his new, old, CP to them. So they can fix it up and send on to him his new, old, new CP. 

Deal with him with confidence. I sure would again.

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Recently I have been busy with thinning then adding to my gear addiction.  Great transactions as seller & as a buyer with @Majordave & @Razzer.  Also great quick transaction with @JayGarneau.  All are great to deal with.  Also had good experience purchasing Zett TG from @JohnMcSherry.  Thanks you gentlemen for being so prompt as buyers & sellers.

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