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  1. I know OBR is now anywhere on the catcher just like NCAA. Not sure about NFHS
  2. Hey @Umpire in Chief another thing I noticed is that when I click on a thread it takes me back to the very beginning. Before the update, at least on desktop, it would take me to where I left off so I would only see the new comments.
  3. I agree with you. However, I'd be careful saying "Interference is an immediate dead ball, so the catch by F4 is now irrelevant." We still need to wait for a Fair/Foul decision before we call time, especially if it's windy like the play describes. You say B3 is awarded first, which is correct assuming it's a fair ball. I always think of this play when I hear scenarios like this one:
  4. When I'm on mobile (not Tapatalk, just the web browser) I can't see the notifications bell at all. I can see what threads are starred, but I can't actually find or open my notifications.
  5. #1 you're right. If the catcher's initial throw doesn't retire R1, call R1 out on interference since the batter is out on strikes. #2 in both (a) and (b) I have the runner out for interference by the batter. In the MiLB Umpire Manual (2019 edition), section 6.27 says I believe this interpretation would cover scenario #2 that you described. However, rule 6.01(a)(5) might be a better fit for this play. It reads This rule might be more applicable for scenario #2. The batter isn't continuing to advance or returning to a base, so I think you would be justified to call him out
  6. I am going this year! I'm super stoked about it, even if there's no MiLB placement. I've been looking forward to it for 5 years now, so I don't mind going twice.
  7. UPC actually had to change their dates for 2021, so that camp is happening January 18-24. Any normal year you're exactly right though.
  8. It sounds like going to Wendelstedt this year might be something worth considering for you. Since there's no professional jobs available, they're offering placement into summer collegiate leagues out of school this year. That would probably interfere with your day job come June/July/August, but it's a good opportunity to jump start a college baseball career.
  9. IMO: Both will provide excellent protection. However, you're basically asking to compare the lightest mask out there with the heaviest. Disclaimer: I do not have the F3 V2. Personally, I'd go with the All Star mag. It's super light and super comfortable. The jaw pad is really comfortable in any weather. I really like the idea of the plastic plate in the bottom pad to help disperse the energy of an impact. The top pad is just a regular LUC pad. The sightlines out of the mask are just okay. The bars are more like blades, so they're really thin but longer than your typical mask. IMO,
  10. I'd let ya know but it's already gone! I'm now looking for a black All-Star mag, if anyone has one.
  11. Zunino should have a Nike TI as far as I know. He's been with Nike as long as I can remember back in his time with Seattle.
  12. Hey all, I would like to trade my silver all-star magnesium frame for a black one. I'll upload pictures of mine tomorrow. There's 10" of snow still on the ground and I don't want to walk back out to my car . My frame has a mark on the bottom from its previous life of being a catcher's mask. I'd be willing to trade my frame + cash for a black frame, depending on condition. I would also sell mine outright if someone was looking for a silver mag frame. Let me know if you're interested and we can work something out. Thanks! Update: Silver mag is sold. I'm looking for a black
  13. That's how I felt explaining batter's interference on Sunday
  14. You make a good point. I should’ve said no new jobs out of pro school next year. They can always call up guys from the CPL or otherwise. Not to mention all the new hires from 2020 that didn’t get to work this year.
  15. “I’ve seen a better blue in a crayon box!”
  16. I find the Rawlings pads to be smaller than Nike pads and not as comfortable, but to each their own. Good luck with your search Chris
  17. Yeah sorry @Thunderheads, I was still a few years away from umpiring
  18. The plate umpire in last night’s Dinos vs. Eagles game worked the slot. First guy I’ve seen do that
  19. Bumping this. Asking $50 for the chrome moly, $40 for the Mizuno pads. Open to offers, would like to pay for my textbook that I didn’t opt out of in time
  20. Quick note here @Biscuit . I agree with this thought but there's an important distinction between anticipating what's going to happen and anticipating the outcome. Anticipate the play, as in where it will develop/what events will take place, but DO NOT anticipate the outcome. I'm not correcting you @yawetag , I just wanted to emphasize that for teaching a new guy.
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