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Balk call on fake pickoff move to 3rd?

Guest Jim


Guest Jim

In a game last night we had a man on 3rd.  The pitcher is in the set position, picks up his left leg (right hander) and steps directly towards third, and making a throwing motion - but stops short of throwing the ball.  I immediately called for a balk, as did my 3rd base coach, and the umpire agreed.  However, the chief umpire told me I'm wrong and that the only base(s) the pitcher must throw to if he steps towards them are first and home.  I'd argue a fake throw to third from the set is a balk.  Am I wrong?



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What rule set?


In straight OBR, a feint to third is not legal from either the set or the windup (it was legal prior to 2013).    Some organizations have adopted this rule and others have not.  For example, it's still legal in Little League.


In NFHS (Fed) rules, a feint to third is still legal, though you can't pick to any base from the windup.

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    • By DontSuck1977
      NFHS Rules - Summer HSDL - Sub Varsity Level.
      The pitcher brought his hands together down low,  raised them about shoulder height and finally came to complete stop around about the chest area. He kind of stopped at different points however the motion fairly continuous, and he did finally stopped at the end.  Did, he balk?
    • By Mad Mike
      OBR Rule Set:
      Runner on First, outs don't matter. Pitcher rolls through coming set, delivers ball (count was 2-1). Umpires call "Balk". Batter takes pitch without swinging. R1 stealing on the pitch. Catcher throws it into centerfield.
      R1 rounds second and heads for third. 
      I think there was an error when the "Time" was called and the runner was placed back at second. R1 should have been allowed to advance at his own jeopardy. If he made third, then bonus for him. If he was thrown out, then under OBR-he is out.  We would nullify the pitch and play on, correct?
      I believe this was confused with an interference call where if the catcher does not retire the runner on the immediate throw-we kill the play.
      Any comments and/or rule references would be appreciated.
    • By Thunderheads
      Hi all ...
      I'm losing my mind .... (at least I think I am) but ....  A dropped ball by a pitcher is a balk (that doesn't cross the foul line) ONLY if he's touching the pitchers plate, yes?  Why do I think I remember seeing "either on the rubber or straddling" ??   All I'm finding is 6-2-4a
      Help! Thanks!
    • By chalen
      OBR. R1, stealing on the pitch. The pitcher using the set position balks by failing to come to a discernible stop but delivers the pitch. The batter lays down a bunt. F2 fields the batted ball and throws out the batter-runner at 1B. Obviously we have a no-pitch and we will enforce the balk. Because the batter did not achieve 1B, do we kill the play immediately when the out is recorded at 1B, regardless the location of R1? If R1 was already on 3B when the out was recorded, is R1 still returned to 2B?
    • By chalen
      R1 and R2 (on 1B and 2B, of course). The pitcher balks with a feint to 1B, then throws the ball past 1B. R2 scores, but R1 (who dove back to 1B and was slow to advance), is tagged out while attempting to reach 2B. So we enforce the balk. Obviously R1 gets 2B. Is R2 returned to 3B?

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