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  1. Bought a pair of Davis polywools in size 34. Had them hemmed by an alterations shop. Took the tag off to wear them the first time and they're too short. Haven't been worn on the field at all but I don't want to mess with having them fixed. They're 30" inseam and 41" outseam. I have about $90 in them between the $70 for the pants, the $10 alteration, and shipping. I'll sell them for $70 with shipping included.
  2. I had the original 460s and wore a 12EE instead of 13D like I normally wear. I first tried a 13D in the V3s and they were huge. Then I decided I should go with the same size I wore in the old 460s so I tried a 12EE and they were too small. Third pair was the 12.5D and they fit great. Thankfully Amazon Prime has free returns.
  3. I got the new NB low tops and wore them Saturday in a scrimmage for the first time and loved them. A lot lighter than the old NB 460s and the traction on the bottom is light years better than the old shoes also. I wear the Platinum Wilson shin guards and they fit fine on the low top shoes. I think NB does run a little big. I had to go down a half size. I wear a 13 in everything else and the 13s were gigantic on me so I got a 12.5.
  4. I iron the basketball version of these pants sometimes and they come out fine. There is no glued crease like the original polywools but you can iron the crease back into them pretty easily.
  5. These sound like Smitty's 4-way stretch basketball pants they came out with a couple years ago. I bought a pair last year and a new pair this year. They are far and away the best basketball pants I've worn. They blow the old Sansabelt polyester style pants out of the water. If these are anything like the basketball pants, they will be good. They breathe better and move better with you as you move.
  6. I wear a 34 waist in every pair of pants I have. Both versions of Honigs polywool (new and old), basketball referee pants, jeans, khakis, dress pants, etc. Should I size up with the GD polywools to 36 or will the 34s expand a little if I need room for undergarments? I guess I'm asking if they expand up or down from the stated waist size?
  7. Softball umpires wear powder blue or navy. I'm pretty certain baseball umpires have the choice to wear the powder blue as well.
  8. I have used Arbiter Pay for several years and have never gotten a 1099 from them directly. I always get them from the individual leagues/schools that use the service to send me money. I don't know why Arbiter Pay would send the 1099. They aren't the ones paying you. It's just a tool to transfer money from the payer to the payee.
  9. I used to have the 36" Diamond. Plenty big and functional but almost too big. I've had the 29" eBag for two years now and really like it. Smaller and easier to lug around.
  10. http://m.mlb.com/video/v981548783/stlmia-umpires-meet-to-reverse-balk-call-in-the-2nd/?game_pk=448391 Balk called, then reversed. I saw on Twitter than Hirschbeck told a reporter after the game they should not have reversed it. I have no idea how you could not leave that as a balk. U3 called it correctly right away.
  11. I like them too. I think the newer versions of the light blue (Not the old one with the black collar) look really good.
  12. Probably a good idea to point to the obstruction in case the ball is not caught.
  13. No, I'm talking about on the bases. I went without an undershirt in several college games this season and no one was the wiser. I sweat on the bases, but not enough to soak through my shirt during the game. When I am talking about summer baseball, I wasn't really referring to Iowa's high school season either. If your state or association mandates an undershirt, by all means wear one. I'm not saying anyone shouldn't wear one just for the heck of it, but if you're hot and wondering how to stay cool, avoiding doubling up layers in 90 degree heat is the easiest way.
  14. Moisture-wicking shirts are great, but they still add a layer to you, and when it's 95 with 75 percent humidity, it's still hot. I don't see the need for an undershirt if it's really hot, especially in summer baseball when no one really cares anyway.
  15. Just don't wear an undershirt during the summer. Makes things a lot more breathable.
  16. Full disclosure: I love the Cubs. I thought he kicked it at first and I was yelling at the TV. After watching it several times, he probably got it right. At worst it was a 50/50 call that could have gone either way. In either case, the ESPN announcers are clueless. None of the three have a clue about the actual rule.
  17. And include PU on the convo? Quit with the snide... Not being snide, just don't think it is necessary.
  18. I would just walk over and talk to the other base umpire between innings, but that's just me.
  19. Why would you need to do this?
  20. I just look at my indicator when I need to. I used to hear guys on here talking about how it's a no-no to look at it, so you need to notch it. I don't worry that much about it. I don't look at it all the time, but if I need to I just do it...not that big of a deal.
  21. zm1283

    60 Seconds

    As long as the pitcher comes out and starts warming up, I don't care if the rest of them meet in front of the dugout. They don't have to warm up before the inning. They just need to be ready when the inning starts.
  22. zm1283

    60 Seconds

    NCAA is 90 seconds from when the defense leaves the field. Most teams make it pretty easily. In my experience, high school teams/players fart around way more than college teams do. You really have to work to keep the game moving, more so than a college game a lot of the time.
  23. zm1283

    RLI Video

    I guess I'm okay with treating it more like FED. The only thing I don't like is the ambiguous language about quality of throw. Does it matter or not? It seems like it does in some cases and doesn't in some cases. It should either be required or not.
  24. A lot of high school teams around here do it. They will try to have 6-8 players out there at the start of the game swinging bats if you let them. The rule is rarely enforced around here.
  25. I know I've posted this before, but add me to the list of people who hate the new polywools. Don't hang well, too lightweight, no permanent crease. The base pants are particularly awful. I know Honigs reads this site at times. I don't expect them to do anything because it's all about saving money on their end and charging the same amount of money to us. If people will quit buying them maybe they'll get the message. In the mean time I hope someone else comes out with some new pants. I always wondered what would happen if Honigs quit making the real polywools. I guess we found out. All they would have to do is take an old version to a new supplier and have them recreate the old pants.
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