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  1. @Jimurray He got back in time, and the miss of 2B was appealed.
  2. @maven The defending team did appeal. I forgot to mention that.
  3. I guess this post would fit here... Anyway, 9U game about a month ago. The runner on first is stealing on the pitch, but the batter flies out to LF. The runner was roughly 5 feet past 2B going towards third when he realizes he has to go back to 1B. He decides to cut through the middle of the field (not re-tagging 2B). He is called out. The 1B coach was confused and asked why the runner was called out, and I explained that he didn’t re-tag 2B. Then, the coach replies, “Oh, I didn’t know we were going to be technical in this league!” I ignored the comment and was trying everything I co
  4. Is this actually a +POS? I've never seen that before...looks kind of Diamond-ish.
  5. So I'm assuming that Wegner and Winters have a Wilson "W" patch sewn onto their mask pads...
  6. In addition to what @codizzled said, since the frame doesn't curve as much and as closer to your face, it could cause much more harm than if you were to get hit in the face by a foul ball with a regular mask. So the best advice is just to stay away from those in general.
  7. Those two companies haven't made any new apparel in a while. Smitty has stayed up-to-date.
  8. When you say what I have quoted above, I'm assuming the energy goes to the pad right (hopefully not your face)? or am I just off?
  9. I'm pretty sure he wore those tan TWs on more than one occurrence.
  10. In my personal opinion, I think the grey Wilson pads as shown above look better with the black frame. That's just me.
  11. He was wearing this for the first month and a half or so of this season, then switched over to the black pads, and now switched back.
  12. It also said on the page that Sky Blue will be available Jan. 2017.
  13. I haven't seen the +POS masks listed on ump-attire recently. Do they still carry those masks?
  14. rjt6


    I've seen both of these mechanics before - but is it ok to be in scissors when the catcher sets up inside, or is just staying box and being "higher up" (lack of a better term) correct?
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