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  1. Wondering if anyone has a 129. I love the shape and vision of the mizuno masks but I like the idea of having a throat extension on it
  2. Correction, I was not planning on making it myself. I am not a skilled enough welder to pull that off but I have a friend who is a skilled welder and if I supply the material, I am sure he could do it. I was even planning on making it longer than most throat guards for added protection.
  3. I'm thinking of making an SSK Spyder throat guard myself....... the issue is that I do not know the dimensions. Can someone who owns one give me the dimensions of it? Also, What kind of metal would you recommend?
  4. Just wondering what you guys think about this one. Fed rules; R1 on first; batter hits a pop up right above first base; R1 doesn't want to vacate the base since he may be tagged right after the first baseman catches the ball; first baseman gets tangled with R1 standing on the base and misses catching the ball. Fed says a runner need not vacate his base in this situation but he may not interfere. Thoughts?
  5. Fed rules, 0-2 count. A batter squares to bunt, but the pitch is heading right towards the batter. The batter does not pull the bat back as he is trying to get out of the way, but he clearly is not offering at the pitch so a bunt attempt is not ruled. However, the pitch ends up hitting the bat. Umpire says that since he clearly was not offering a bunt, it was not a bunt attempt and this is just an ordinary foul ball. Therefore, instead of the batter being out because of a bunt foul on 2 strikes, the batter is back up with an 0-2 count. Is this correct?
  6. Just out of curiosity, if this situation (base coach interfering) occurred in FED, what would the ruling be?
  7. can you put different pads on the Defender traditional style mask or are you stuck using the pads that come with the mask due to the shape of the frame?
  8. If a team uses a courtesy runner for their pitcher, can the same courtesy runner be used for this pitcher several innings later? In other words, can this same courtesy runner be used each time the pitcher comes to bat?
  9. I see it now. the word preceding wasn't registering in my mind for some reason
  10. Fed rule 9-1 says A run is not scored if the runner advances to home plate during action in which the third out is made as follows: C. By a preceding runner who is declared out upon appeal because he failed to touch one of the bases or left a base too soon on a caught fly ball or; D. When a third out is declared during a play resulting from a valid defensive appeal which results in a force out It seems to me that C and D are the same thing except C opens it up to say that any runner ruled out on appeal (even if it does not result in a force play) negates a run scored during the playing action. Is this correct?
  11. Wondering if anyone had a Mizuno 2qa-122 they would be wiling to sell.
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