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  1. Behavioral Health Technician.
  2. tjwoelfel13

    The Batter

    As a scorekeeper I have E3. As an umpire I got nothing.
  3. Greater Midwest Fall Baseball Umpire Clinic. I got an email about it from my association saying this clinic is affiliated with the Wendelstedt Umpiring School and the Premier Sports Officials Association but when I looked on the W.U.S and the P.S.O.A websites I couldn't find anything about it. I also googled the the clinic itself but couldn't find anything on it either. What are your thoughts on this. I'm posting the flyer I got here as well. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g07u2kfns85uik5/Greater Midwest Fall Umpire Clinic (1).doc?dl=0
  4. Due to where I live I only have access to one or two sites and the sites have a team that always play their home games there . I try to keep the relationships professional but they train their players to shake the umpire's hand after the game when all of the other teams don't. I'm not sure what I should do with this. I don't want to appear biased but don't want to appear snobbish either.
  5. Welcome from an Olathe native.
  6. I'm finally getting on the board today with a doubleheader.
  7. Busser for AMC Dine In Theatres.
  8. Work on consistency on the outside corner. Work on getting certified to work high school games. Save money to go to the Wendelstedt Umpire School next year.
  9. It is impossible to have seen everything on the baseball field because the baseball gods will always come up with something weirder.
  10. Stare out the window and wait for spring.
  11. tjwoelfel13


    This is baseball anything is possible.
  12. I had a dog come onto the field and make a "deposit" in left right where the left fielder made a diving catch a the play before.
  13. I'm a terrible babysitter. I send them to the parking lot instead of listening to their tantrums.
  14. I had to stop a game because I had an infant who started to crawl down the left field line.
  15. I lost two games due to rain but the other four look good.  4/6 isn't that bad.

  16. In my playing days I was horrible on offense. The one game my glasses were broken I went 3 for 3.
  17. In my tired state and looking at the normal video it looked like there were two fans that went for the ball. I can't tell if he caught it on top of the wall or over the field I'm not sure. In the angle that @Thunderheads provided it looks like the one on the right is leaning way over the field and if he caught it would definitely be fan interference but if the one on the left caught it I would call home run because it looks like he's over the wall. @thunderheads don't rip my head off for this. To me it depends on which one caught the ball. YMMV
  18. They haven't learned yet and it's been almost 40 years now since he made it to the bigs. If they haven't yet I doubt they ever will.
  19. It was also in the Cardinal's game.
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