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  1. I'm offended with this, too. Won't affect me since 5:00 games (when HS starts) will no longer be an option, but nevertheless, that's weak.
  2. Sure looked like the runner was upset that the fielder got the ball after the contact. Plus, hitting the left leg like that? Replay sure seems to suggest it was intentional.
  3. Work in insurance sales. Unfortunately, for the time being my umpiring will take a back seat.
  4. I belong to a very large HS association and there is one person who literally picked up umpiring after long break and within five years has worked a nearly full D2 schedule with the only breaks being eight varsity games so he is tournament eligible. He's in his 50s and just went down to Florida for his first time to work the winter collegiate games. He networked like crazy and went to any camp he could in the Midwest. He'll be D1 within a couple years and the only thing that sucks is that he won't have that long because of his age and the break he took. But it's absolutely possible to get
  5. ​Was just thinking this. Do we really want people like that reproducing?
  6. Third game with the new pads and I suffered a concussion. In fairness, I don't know if there is a pad out there that can protect from a batter fouling a ball flush off the mask from a kid throwing 91. Just took a new job that won't allow me to umpire the rest of the year, but I still have a few games left and unfortunately I won't be calling balls and strikes anymore this year due to not being cleared.
  7. Love them. And as @ElkOil mentioned, they clean up great.
  8. The new set is MUCH softer than the old set. I'm just praying I don't need them to protect me tomorrow and Sunday!
  9. ​Just took a look at that article. I'm going to give it a try. Have a tournament this weekend and THREE games on Monday. Very nervous because I haven't worked THREE games for several years because of the pain. Probably going to take a cooler full of ice and put my feet in there between games to numb them.
  10. Unless you have plantar fasciitis like me. Then the insoles really don't do much at all.
  11. About two years. Maybe worked 50 or so games with them. As far as the washing is concerned, I can't imagine how much bacteria would be on the pads if I didn't wash them. Gross. And on some of the Team Wendy literature I received they stated how to wash them correctly and I followed those instructions. So something is obviously wrong with the pads and I'm glad they are getting me out a new set to fix the problem.
  12. Team Wendy is going to send me a new pair on Monday. So I'll get them before next week's tournament. Very satisfied.
  13. ​Yep. Bought mine a few years ago based on recommendation from this board. Love the harness, too. Haven't been hit that much with it on, so that's worth the price of admission alone!
  14. ​Thanks, just did. Luckily, I don't have any games before a tournament next weekend, so hopefully this gets taken care of quickly.
  15. About 65. Went and checked on the pads again today in 70+ and they were still pretty stiff.
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