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  1. As a crochety old man, umpire, and a fan watching at home I don't care if the game started 2 minutes late. I do care that 2 stupid ignorant unaware players think that a "fun" event should be connected to the Anthem. Pulling this BS doesn't do those players any favors.
  2. You can have an accidental tag of a base for a force but you can't have an accidental touch of a base for an appeal. The appeal touch of a base has to be accompanied by something that you judge indicates an appeal. In the OP I would perceive F5 standing on the base as intent to touch the base for an appeal assuming he did start standing on the base and landed "back" as stated. Fielders don't usually stand on the base to tag a runner coming into that base.
  3. The live action throw to appeal the runner is an appeal. It just doesn't preclude a relaxed action appeal if circumstances deemed.
  4. and stop coaching any youth activity: 2nd student rower dies after apparent lightning strike on Florida lake (msn.com)
  5. Can't help, sorry it's slow pitch softball. But, since it's softball and Friday night, have a beer. But I do have an indentation story which might help. Sometimes the printer gets the indentation wrong as in one year that made a catcher's balk real in the printed version of the OBR.
  6. I thought the clip had the announcers noting that no challenge was available due to a failed challenge earlier. Shane did allow Francona to vent and Francona knew to limit the vent and return to the dugout.
  7. That would be correct if so. But assuming you did frame by frame the foot was well down, outside and touching HP, before the bunt. Sometimes we get blocked and if you are focused on foot position as a PU you will miss more important things like pitch location or swing or no swing.
  8. Watching the video I see Rosario rounding 3B with Andrus gloving the grounder. Why is he heading home, I'm going to have an out here. I was wrong and so was Shane: Andrus gets Rosario at the plate | 09/20/2022 | MLB.com
  9. Jimurray

    Passing Runners

    True in the OP. If the ball is not caught the passing will be called even if the result of the play puts the runners in the correct order again.
  10. South Carolina I believe. @lawump,s neck of the woods.
  11. And would you be straining to read the same passage in OBR/NCAA in earlier years?
  12. That would not have been a caught foul fly in 2019. It would have been a foul ball.
  13. Jimurray

    Foul ball

    @beerguy55"Oddly enough, as per recent guidance in OBR I believe, by rule a ball that is on the ground 1 mm in front of the base, touching only foul territory, but the curve of the ball over the line, is still foul" @JonnyCat"It would be nice to have an interpretation on this one. When CCS did an article about what we thought was the weird new MLBUM interp about balls over the line being foul someone who seemed to have inside info posted in the comments that the interp only applied to balls that first touched past the base and fully complied with the verbiage of the fair/foul definitions, the "first falls" verbiage causing the interp. A round ball landing on a solid flat surface will not have touched a line if less than half is over the line. We ignore white blades of grass and compressible dirt and so if half the ball hasn't caught the line in the outfield it is foul. While we still have the definitions conflict prior to the base I think we all have a fair ball if any part is over the line or base.
  14. Jimurray

    Foul ball

    It does not help if not all the ball bounds over the base. The only thing that helps is the fair definition comes alphabetically before the foul definition in the rulebook so we read that one first and call it fair. If you read OBR backwards (who would do that?) you might call a bounding ball partly over 1B OR 3B foul. I think @beerguy55 had a solution to this involving some adding the word fully or something like that. MLB/OBR hasn't taken the hint.
  15. Jimurray

    Foul ball

    If totally over 3B as it crossed above, it is fair. If partially over 3B and also foul territory we also call it fair but there is a rule problem that we ignore: "Fair....or that is on or over fair territory when bounding to the outfield past first or third base," "Foul.... or that bounds past first or third base on or over foul territory," We won't get into balls that first fall past the base.
  16. I was under the impression that NCAA treated it as does FED, but as we know, things change. So I don't know.
  17. It is a thing in OBR. Addressed in previous PBUCs and current MLBUMs/MiLBUMs. What is different in OBR now is a runner can correct a deliberately missed base according to Wendelstedt.
  18. The batter would not be out if it was strike 1 or 2. It would just be a live foul tip.
  19. I've got the same as OBR, nobody was forced and you only need R3 to touch.
  20. That wasn't an out signal. It was a catch signal as it should have been.
  21. If we had a runner on this might be the 1% time the signal would be needed.
  22. Jimurray

    Balk conundrum

    In OBR a walkoff BOB requires the batter to advance to 1B and if he refuses he will be called out. So a batter can be called out for refusing to accept a base award. I wonder if that would apply to the batter if he was awarded 2B. That throw out of play might be a smart move especially if it happened in live action without the appearance of premeditation.
  23. Notice the right arm open hand gesture by Hamari to ask if he went. Don't do that in your games gentlemen. It works in MLB because the crews know each other's mannerisms, except when they don't which happened once in the last year or two. PU signaled a strike and U1 signaled no.
  24. In reading the score keeping rules I don’t see where that’s a statistic required to be noted. Who cares if B1 popped up to F3 fair or foul? But apparently it is noted and needed and I will signal appropriately.
  25. If they were roughly following PONY they would normally do open bases with some modifications to stealing but one option in U10 is closed bases with an out penalty for leaving early, a different penalty than LL. If it was closed bases the BU should be outside to check for leaving early.
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