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  1. Missed bases, leaving early, check swings, MYTAB are appealable.
  2. I‘ve suspected some MLB umps took a hit because they wore an 8 stitch under the regular mask. But when I mentioned it at the time I was dissuaded from the idea.
  3. Jimurray

    CCA App

    The app is performing better than past versions. I never got a response from Weehaa on previous issues I had. Why NCAA uses them I don't know. But my current version allows turning the page. The dot menu lets you scroll but you can't select the page to enlarge and read. The back button may or may not take you out of the manual depending on I don't know what.
  4. So the defense gets a strike if the ball landed foul but can’t get a strike or out if the ball landed fair even if they got an out when both offense and defense were not affected by the incorrect call, the OP being debatable regarding whether the batter was affected. Either the OP ump was not aware of the instruction to default any doubt to bat contact or he had no doubt.
  5. I think there was an MLB play, similar to this, that was called interference. The batter delayed getting out of the box. That put him at fault for interference.
  6. Outs can never be called on a play that you believe might have happened. I think you can let stand plays where outs actually happened in spite of the incorrect call.
  7. So if the ball landed in fair territory it would have a bearing on replay regulations, a subsequent call and out, if the defense and batter were not affected by the HBP dead ball signal and the batter was thrown out at 1B?
  8. I was stretching the interp when I say the batter was not affected by the call. If you judge that the batter was affected by the call in the OP you can't allow any play to happen. But what if he took off. You are not calling an out. You are letting stand a play and out call that happened. But what was clip an example of, a do-over with a 2-1 count?
  9. Doesn’t it preclude judging what might have happened. If it happened wouldn’t that be allowed. Let’s say the runner ran and was thrown out while the PU killed it?
  10. It's a little more complicated than that: "Subsequent Calls and Outs. If the Crew Chief/Replay Official determines that an incorrect call on the field had no effect on the subsequent behavior or conduct of the offensive or defensive players, the Crew Chief/Replay Official shall change the incorrect call, but let stand any on-field calls or plays unaffected by the incorrect call. The Crew Chief/Replay Official may not declare a runner out based on a play the umpire believes would have occurred subsequent to the play subject to Video Review." You could say that the batter did not run of his own accord, already backing up before it was killed. The defense was unaffected by the call and played on. Could we get an out then? Btw, what test question confirmed a 2-1 count and was that what transpired in that game?
  11. Jimurray


    And the batted ball hitting loose equipment in fair territory stays live.
  12. I think the head of the bat was exactly where the pitch was. Could have been a strike or not. PU head height would be critiqued as a little too low and heel toe a little too far back. I had a select ball guy draw a line on me that was where the pitch was. He dragged the bat an inch outside the plate. I let him go with a warning and a laugh.
  13. I agree that it's not a force at 1B but NFHS calls it that in one of their case plays and I think I just heard a CWS umpire call it that in one of the 2/5/20 videos they have on Arbiter. I think you need to winnow thru some later threads to correct the same misnomer in case we haven't in those threads. We might have missed some. Sometimes we just shake our heads instead of correcting the misnomer:)
  14. If replay had only the ball hitting the bat I agree, they should have placed the runner, batter-runner in the dugout with an out at 1B. They state the replay official had only the ball hitting the bat. I would dispute that they could discern that the ball only contacted the knob. But if they did I don’t know how we got to a 2-2 count and I don’t think NCAA wants to go there. Really, “what’s the count”? Unless the narrator misspoke that the replay official said the ballot only hit the bat.
  15. Don’t call it a catcher’s balk in OBR. It’s a balk charged to the pitcher. He failed to deliver a pitch:)
  16. He could have been anticipating the pain which did not then from the slight touch of his finger. The ball deflects down from the knob so the potential of touching a finger is there. The ball did not squarely hit the knob. The PU had something that engendered a HBP.
  17. It might have been a batted ball off the knob that then hit the batter's hand every so slightly and by rule semantically correct, in the batter's box. But, off this specific topic, I never thought to apply that literally if batted ball hit the knob and then, let's say the batter's wrist when he was holding the bat over the plate for a bunt and pulled it back. Would you call that a fair batted ball touching the batter in fair territory and call him out or do we call that a foul ball because it hit the batter, (who was?) in the box.
  18. There is a hint of a slight wince. Not enough contact to react dramatically but enough contact to evoke a wince. I don't see how replay could say the ball only hit the bat.
  19. Yes this is a head scratcher as the narrator says the video review said the ball only hit the bat. I wonder if that's what was determined. The PU had a HBP so he saw or heard something that engendered that call. The video shows the ball deflected down off the knob which contact could also include the batter's finger. Unless there are other angles I can't see how you could preclude any hand contact also.
  20. The possible refers to me postulating. Replay would either have it hit the hand or not.
  21. It's possible replay judged it hit the knob and then touched the batter's hand while he was in the box. Foul ball, 2-2 count
  22. I believe NCAA also changed catch and carry to match OBR. The dugout is now dead ball territory for OBR and NCAA so it would be a throw going into dead ball territory.
  23. Jimurray

    Tag-up questions

    Just tell me this is a rec ball clinic.
  24. Jimurray

    Tag-up questions

    Both are not even "I thought" rules. You know the rulings. What was the consensus at the clinic, which was OBR? NCAA? NFHS? Did a bunch of guys that never read a rule book and have repeated one year of experience many times without improving start thumbing through a rule book to find what is not there?
  25. 1) lets just say the college method is realistic. 2) I haven’t enforced the 1 minute from last out. There might be some other rules that I applied Jim Evans criteria to but I can’t think of any others right now. “That is not a practical way to umpire. “
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