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  1. They were enforcing MLB rules as copied by LL. The kid will have to comply with FED rules and NCAA ( which has backtracked to current OBR but doesn’t like some of the pro shenanigans). But when he gets to MLB he will be treated the same as Cueto, Stroman and a few others, mostly legal. I would suspect he and his coach will adapt to FED without problem if that is his next stage. I see kids coming to play FED after playing OBR in another country. They easily change whatever their delivery was to a FED compliant one.
  2. I would treating it as a legal windup or if the set I would see some continuous motion such as the shimmy.
  3. There is no doubt that a total pause after starting delivery from the set is a balk with runners on. If you consider him a sideways windup pitcher I would allow a '"Japanese" windup as does MLB. But from the LL video clips of him I would say he is pitching from the set as he repositions his free foot when bringing hands together. If he didn't reposition you could say he's in the windup. That being said the clips I saw always had something moving even if you consider him in the set.
  4. What codes do you call where you would call this, which I haven't seen. But have you seen MLB pitcher Stroman do his magic? Rarely gets called, as I would not most of the time. If they can throw a strike while winding up "a la Japonese" or other freak deliveries, without a QP I will happily rule on the pitch. If you want to read the rule book literally that pitcher who pitches overarm and switches to side arm can't do that. Do you penalize that?
  5. We are assuming 2 outs to start with. OP didn't specify. In any case whether he was asking about 2 outs or less than two outs I would assume the rule that would satisfy him would be the equivalent of the baseball rule in the LL softball rulebook. 4.09 - How a Team Scores.
  6. 4 games 2 plates, 2 bases, 1 change. Changes take longer and are more tiring. I no longer do 4 in a row. 3 games, easy, 2 in a row and then 1. Soap bar under the covers for cramps after potassium IPA supplement.
  7. Are they supposed to check the belt? Because I didn't see that happen in a few clips of other checks although who knows what was edited. Sometimes an ump has to understand the rule he is enforcing is stupid. If the batboy gave me the belt I wouldn't take offense. If I thought Lynn was known to use stuff I might. After watching Jomboy I think Lynn has good stuff but I didn't pick up on any possibility of him doctoring. But, to the question, Can these checks happen while the pitcher is still on the mound? Do they know they have to take their belt off?
  8. So what would interference be if the runner did not "veer off"?
  9. i don't see where 6.01(j) prohibits a runner from continuing to run and touch his base whether he's retired or not. The lack of a bona fide slide also requires some attempt to make contact. The pivot man is usually behind or off to the side. If he's behind and can't find a lane to throw due to a runner on the base I wouldn't call that a violation.
  10. Which is the only duty the BU has, counting pitches while he stands away from the mound at the grass edge. If he notes his PU has been bookkeeping he’ll be ready to flash the number left. A nice technique for bookkeeping is to leave 1 or 2 balls by the side of the catcher while you are taking any changes.
  11. I believe MLB wants the batting order and all eligible players listed on the card given to the PU and opposing manager. Other leagues using OBR may or may not have that requirement and it is not an OBR rule.
  12. Jimurray

    Fair or Foul?

    I would stick "completely" just before "over".
  13. Jimurray

    Fair or Foul?

    Where the ball is is umpire judgement and how we interpret the rule is also umpire judgement. The rule/definition is ambiguous but you have given a good explanation of how we resolve that ambiguity but it does remain so.
  14. Jimurray

    Fair or Foul?

    It could have been both. The question to ask is was any part of the ball over fair territory when F5 first touched it. It sounds like it was from the OP. We call that ball fair although the OBR rules have some ambiguities.
  15. PBUC has a play where F3 dives to his right and the ball passes just out of his reach. That is “thru or by”. With the infield in no INT. With the infield normal it’s probably INT at any level where you judge F4 had a play.
  16. From field of dreams game. Sideways pitcher comes set when winding up with no runners and comes set with runners. An example of of how you can perceive most if not all sideways pitcher’s different address to the rubber. IMG_1360.MOV IMG_1363.MOV
  17. Braves give up lead on 5 pitches and 0 hits, a breakdown - YouTube On Jomboy. Looks like PU got blocked and didn't signal anything on bunt. I'm guessing that U3 has a better angle than us but I couldn't overrule fair from the video angle. I don't have BI on the batter backing out because he was well clear but that is asking for BI with a steal of 3B.
  18. The guy missed a pitch bad. We all do. There are a few in MLB even recently. But could you pull up that bad a miss in the CWS. NCAA does put video up on their Arbiter site to dissuade umps from calling white line strikes and a few do happen in the regular season that are that bad. Or the guy doesn't care cause he knows the assignor and he wants bats swinging?
  19. It shouldn't be different but it seems it is in MLB. I've seen this (disengage while coming set) called a few times in MLB.
  20. I wouldn’t miss it but I wouldn’t call it. There is no rule justification for it. Starting to come set and stopping does not have a penalty in the rules but is balked by “common practice”. But there is nothing in the rules that says you can’t disengage while coming set. But MLB umps will perceive a start stop set if you disengage “in the middle”. I’ve seen it called before.
  21. I was surprised to see an MLB umpire tell a batter he couldn’t change his bat during an at bat. I’m sure that doesn’t apply at our levels but wonder what the MLB cite/instruction is.
  22. NCAA currently copies OBR. In the past they went from a common sense rule to a restrictive rule and finally to the OBR rule.
  23. If he had notified that he would windup, rare/stupid with R1, there would be no balk. That is a legal movement to bring hands together in the windup without any other motion associated with the pitch. Then he starts his motion. Turn the rubber 90 degrees and pretend he's pitching from a square windup to 3B. Legal. But that does verify that balks have been called for no notification and maybe Guccione let one pass.
  24. Regarding #2, if a sideways pitcher stretched to a stop with a free foot reposition we would probably assume the set and a rocker step after that would be illegal and penalized with a balk. If a sideways pitcher stretched to a stop with no free foot reposition he would be legally doing the same thing as a square pitcher bring his hands together prior to starting his motion. From what I've seen with sideways upper level OBR pitchers in my neck of the woods and also observation of MiLB/MLB, they all address the rubber in a manner that allows you to discern what their delivery is going to be and I've only seen LL pitchers stretch to a stop with free foot reposition and then rocker step into a windup. I believe LL allows this in Majors and below.
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