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  1. If he had notified that he would windup, rare/stupid with R1, there would be no balk. That is a legal movement to bring hands together in the windup without any other motion associated with the pitch. Then he starts his motion. Turn the rubber 90 degrees and pretend he's pitching from a square windup to 3B. Legal. But that does verify that balks have been called for no notification and maybe Guccione let one pass.
  2. Regarding #2, if a sideways pitcher stretched to a stop with a free foot reposition we would probably assume the set and a rocker step after that would be illegal and penalized with a balk. If a sideways pitcher stretched to a stop with no free foot reposition he would be legally doing the same thing as a square pitcher bring his hands together prior to starting his motion. From what I've seen with sideways upper level OBR pitchers in my neck of the woods and also observation of MiLB/MLB, they all address the rubber in a manner that allows you to discern what their delivery is going to be and I've only seen LL pitchers stretch to a stop with free foot reposition and then rocker step into a windup. I believe LL allows this in Majors and below.
  3. Little League calls it winding up from the stretch and makes it legal in Majors and below. LL has not matched the changes in OBR and their windup rule is more restrictive than current OBR so the RIM says it would be balk above majors. An OBR pitcher only has to have his pivot foot in contact with the rubber and the other foot free. The angle of the pivot foot to the rubber only matters if it is parallel. There are "square" stances, shoulders in line with 1B/3B, hybrid stances, body and free foot oriented in any degree off that line, and sideways stances, with the pivot foot parallel to the rubber. A windup pitcher doesn't even have to windup. Stroman and others occasionally just rear back and throw, sometimes getting called for a QP and sometimes not. BTW what date/teams/inning was the balk?
  4. The hybrid pitcher does not have to notify unless his pivot foot is parallel to the rubber, what looks like a set position. The notification is required in the comment to 5.07(a)2 but there is no penalty described for not notifying. It would seem to be a balk if you are assumed set and do not comply with the set rule, that extra step being not in compliance. When this change came out the assumption was a balk if no notification. But maybe it's a "do not do that" and Guccione's time call was appropriate.
  5. Texas-Oakland B3 after 4 runs, Reliever Urtegy (sic), comes in and after 1 batter has R2 and R3. Video goes off on some other stuff but when we come back it looks like the pitcher had started a sideways windup and Gucione calls time and comes out and confirms that he is going to windup and then signals the windup signal to his umps and both dugouts. What is the windup signal you might ask. His was similar to a HR and I would use the same if nobody could hear me saying "He's going to windup". Not exactly MLBUM protocol but this game was on the way to a blowout. But What if you took a possible balk scoring a run from Joe Maddon in a 1 run ball game. BTW two sideways Rangers pitchers back to back.
  6. F3 never tagged 1B on the initial throw. Once the BR completely passes 1B the out has to be an obvious appeal, tag of either base or runner, that the BR missed 1B. That touch was not an appeal. The need for an appeal did not change in the MLBUM's various interps. Only the signal was changed if anyone ascribed to that change, which is up for debate .
  7. Your understanding of the MLBUM interp making no call for a missed 1B but the last occurrence covered by CCS generated some opinions that not all/any MLB umps agreed with that change. I don't think he was signaling safe on obstruction.
  8. My opinion is yes, that is a strange request.
  9. I hope beer is responsible but it might be whatever education system matriculated the OP
  10. Jimurray

    Out of Play

    In which case the award was correct. 2 bases time of pitch.
  11. Watching Livensparger now, Mets-Miami, no point ever. While I'm seeing more points currently than in the 2000s or 2010s there are some still that do not point.
  12. The assumption that the ball becomes live in professional baseball when the pitcher takes the rubber with the ball was how it used to work back when Jaska and Roder were involved with MiLB/MLB. I don't know what the rulebook said back then but J/R had the ball becoming live when the pitcher took the rubber and no umpire was signaling time in their manual. Back in the 2000s it was noticeable that many MLB umps did not point the ball in play. Currently my observation is that it is rare now to not see a point.
  13. You got it right. Normally we wouldn't tell a coach anything about what we ruled unless they come out for an explanation at the time of the ruling but this seems like an unusual game in that the runner made second without any motion by the pitcher, the batter watched the pitcher in the set for a while and didn't ask for time, and the coach appeared to have the ability to look up a rule other than the time factor. Did you have to "rule" anything or just put the ball in play while R2 was near/at 2B?
  14. This is not a catcher's balk. There is no such thing as a catcher's balk. A balk penalty can result from catcher's interference or catcher leaving the box on an intentional walk (calling the latter puts you in club most of us don't want to join).
  15. Jimurray

    Out of Play

    Actually it seems we have 3 runners, R3, R1, and the BR. It seems R3 scored and they put R1 at 3B and the BR at 2B which would be a correct application of a TOP rule enforcement of first play by the infielder going out of play. The OP will have to enlighten us if the SS bobbled the ball long enough to let all this happen and then threw to 2B to get the BR.
  16. Jimurray

    Out of Play

    It is the first play by an infielder but both runners had advanced one base when the, ball went out of play (doesn't matter), when the throw was released (does matter but WTF) the award would be home and 3B. Highly unlikely if that actually happened.
  17. Done with seabass, was good, picture how you wish. So now i can find and post this: Red Sox 2, Rays 3 (Final Score) on MLB Gameday Go to Booth in awe of Hernandez.
  18. Sorrry no video yet, grilling seabass. B5, R2, fly ball to CF, announcers notice F4 either deking a throw (not likely) or positioning to block R2's view. No point by U2 but even if you judged obstruction it was type 2 and no award in this sit. But announcers go on about how more infielders should do this as it is a smart move, which it isn't because it can be an awarded base depending.
  19. The problem is you may be giving a safe signal while the catcher is tagging the batter. I think that's why the right arm point was adopted.
  20. After checking MLB TV it was the PU who called it. There was one view from CF where you could judge a 1" step. But it was not much and you could understand the PU judging no step.
  21. I have to agree with @dumbdumb. Probably a no step. I didn't see any chance of a knee pop and there was a proper jab step to 3B. I'm guessing the manager's "what he do" was responded to by a leg slap from one of the umps which then let him know he couldn't come out for an explanation.
  22. Tampa NYY tonight 7/28 T9, 2 out R1. What was the balk? I thought I saw a proper jab step. Did U1 call that balk and why. If it was a knee pop I will never make MLB as an umpire, aside from my many other deficiencies. Anyway no harm no foul and nobody even questioned the balk.
  23. There is only one standard. That is there is no 'wipe off".
  24. I think he got a good look but yes it would be better if he was set. But did replay call it fair because at least half the ball touched fair ground? Did replay employ the rule and interp. I don’t see any record of this on MLB.COM. What actually was the reversal? More than half was over the line or any part was over the line? Was it a rule issue or a judgment issue? Based on some recent judgments From NY I don’t see how NY could have clear evidence that the ball was half over the line. So did they get the rule/interp wrong? Nobody wants to go there in this convoluted rule/interp issue and Joe West doesn’t give a SH*# about this picayune overturn but he knows the guys in NY effed up. Mind posting the MLB explanation of this reversal. I thought they posted all replay reviews.
  25. Further reading in MLBUM under "Retouching bases while ball is dead." has several cases where a live action appeal throw goes out of play and a further appeal would be allowed after the break in action.
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