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  1. Quick Tip Videos

    2-3 minutes videos......just trying to think of something from basic to advanced that you could do in that short period of time. Working the slot(feet, head position, distance from catcher) Timing(what is timing, how we use it) The wedge (plays at the plate) Read step post pitch step b and c 2 man doubleplay footwork/mechanics When to go out on a flyball how to start a game(from arriving at field to ending the plate conference) Presentation/Professionalism how/when to get help from your partner timing play(1 out/2 out) 4th out rule Appeals EJ HC and how to get them off the field There are probably a few others I can think of, but my brain is more focused on turkey.
  2. Relocating due to rain

    Sounds like another weekender doing it for the wrong reason and someone going to the bottom of the assignor list. Not sure what area of the country you are in, but I imagine he will still get a full lot of games due to needing the body even though he's a jacka$$
  3. Qualifications

    I know in my area there are are good amount of D-2,D-3, JUCO that in certain times they have to use a warm body that is available based on weekday availability, games that day, etc. From my first year in college what I found was that if you show you can move, present yourself professionally, and call a consistent game and understand how to manage the coaches, assigners will find you. In terms of the weight.....I am a bigger guy myself. I lost 40 lbs and still have a long way to go. I know what things are holding me back becasue of my weight, but I know in the two college assoc. I am in there are guys much larger than I am that still get conference games and have a good schedule. I think if you show an interest in working hard and always wanting to get better, your weight issue won't be one until you try and move to higher levels.
  4. Pre-game Rituals

    YEP!!! and put my plate brush in my right back pocket.
  5. hit by pitch not ruled in maryland-purdue

    I just watched it with the sound off as I am in a office with others, and probably wasn't very PC for that environment. HBP as well.
  6. Obviously dumb. But is it illegal?

    Game management.....Don't punish the dumb??
  7. Rules For Tournament

    No I wanted to just bring this to other's attention. I wasn't sure how other organizations inform their umpires of their rules and ensure they are looking at them. This tournament is held on fields all across the Pittsburgh area, so the person that runs the tournament I have literally never met him face to face. The group I am involved in is in the North suburbs of Pittsburgh and we handle 4-5 fields and play 14u-18u. The officials for the most part are assigned based on their geography. Myself I live in a different county just northwest of Pittsburgh, so I am sent to a college field about 20 minutes from my house. If anyone in the area is interested, I know they are always looking for quality umpires. I know in certain levels of the tournament(fields I don't go to) the assignor does a poor job of communicating to the umpires who their partners are. So we have heard that guys will show up wearing different colors, wearing their HS gear, dirty uniforms, etc.
  8. Rules For Tournament

    We have an organization that runs a bunch of tournaments and has created a test for us to take to make sure we are following their rules. It is pretty self explanatory. Thought you all would appreciate this. http://www.playacbaseball.com/umpire-test.php
  9. Rules are important. (Duh.)

    The TD that runs the multiple summer tournaments has teams sign the rule sheet before the tournament and rule number 1 is "umpire's ruling is final". Not that they listen to it, but it gives us some sort of leg to stand on.
  10. Am I crazy?

    MAKE IT RAIN????
  11. sliding past 2nd on ball four

    I kind of thought that thinking that BR has the right to go to first base and RH batter will cross the plate in his normal movement. Thank you for clarification.
  12. sliding past 2nd on ball four

    Had a situation in a game this weekend that my partner and I post gamed about and thought this would be a place to discuss. 3-2 R1 stealing. My partner calls ball 4, but catcher still throws to second. My partner lost track of the count and calls interference on the batter. There was no play made on R1 and he never overslid the bag and my partner comes out with a "my bad" and we let runners take their places. Our thought is, if that runner would over slide the bag, could we have interference if that fielder had a shot at the runner?
  13. Uniform question

    Because I have some old YINZERS in my chapter that are old school and "have been doing this for 41 years and need to know the caunt and how many auts there are"(excuse my Pittsburghese). "and you are a better umpire than I am if you can stay focused on the game and know the caunt and auts" After listening to this, multiple old school guys chimed in telling us their "tricks to the trade" on where to look at their indicator so they still have their eye on the pitcher so they don't look down at their indicator.
  14. Uniform question

    May be as Smitty as the 15 minute discussion I had at my HS chapter meeting Tuesday about taking an indicator on the bases
  15. "After further review..."

    Good way to get some traction is why not flood Joe Buck's twitter to get a Mike Periera type on MLB national broadcasts. I bet Eric Byrnes thinks he could be that guy.