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Most Little League umpires wonder if they will ever see the dreaded 7.13 "Poof!" play.  But I had an equal rarity in a District Tournament.

R2, R3, 1 out.  I am U3 in a four-man crew.

B4 hits a weak popup behind 1B near the line;  F4 and F3 are aggressively trying to get under it.

R3 tags up figuring he had a chance for a sac fly.  

R2 thinks there's two outs, so he's running like a scalded dog.

The whole stadium was watching the catch attempt (which failed), but I guess I was the only one who saw R2 pass R3!  Even the coacher didn't see it!

I'm calling R2 out for passing, and when the ball drops, R2 and R3 touch home.  After the mayhem settles, I call time and go to the PU.  We then go to the scorers table and inform them of the ruling:  Only 1 run scores, and there are now two out, B4 on 2B.  Scoreboard corrected, much to the chagrin of the Offensive team.

There wasn't a lot of griping!  But you could hear a pin drop, as nobody else had ever seen that call before!


Las Vegas

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This isn't what you asked, Vegas but...

I would like to step into my hot-tub umpire time machine and set the controls for...October 9, 1996...Yankee Stadium...and get that call correct.


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I love 7.13, and hope they never change it. 

I've had two poof plays, and the bases loaded triple, where the BR gets thrown out diving back to third. That one was even better than a poof play. 

And the bases loaded single, that gets by the outfielder. Oh, that was fun to explain. 

And every time the leaving early has  nothing to do with the play, But, dems da rules, and there's a flag on the ground, so..................

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