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  1. Why not just tell base runners they cannot lead or leave the base until the pitcher has delivered the ball. If your going to take pick offs away that much, Geez you would have to completely fall asleep off the bag to get caught with that move.
  2. You would be surprised when it comes to the Regionals and other higher Tourneys when you do see ahem "12 yr olds" who need to shave more than I do
  3. ArchAngel72

    Making a call

    Ahem.. Akin to ringing up a Steeeeeriiike 3 then realizes it was only strike 2 The Umpire will clarify if the BU doesn't help out and or the people with the score books start to get antsy. Myself yeah realized it the second I did it and said to the field NOPE that was strike 2 sorry. Turned and said it to the scorekeeper loud enough for the bleachers to hear it too.
  4. Is there nothing on Interference whether intentional or not? I thought it was either.
  5. Interference R3 is out at the plate .. however BR is safe at 1st is he not? because there was only 1 out..
  6. So in the end of all this I got sick on Thursday Nice sinus cold Im just rounding up things on now Wed next week.. But I being the good loyal and loving husband soldered on and took the wife to dinner Fri night and then out to the movies on Saturday.. Pretty sure I earned some good brownie pts for it.
  7. married 5 yrs in Oct, 1st marriage for us both her at 39 me at 42. I do nice things and bring her flowers and etc thru the year as well as the damn Hallmark day. She likes it and who am I to deny her.
  8. Well I just got my TW pads so at this point I shall pass. but Im gonna keep an eye on this thread just incase I decide to later
  9. the players an managers.. "Ok Introductions, lineups, etc etc... And OH btw you see this scar got it in a recent knife fight and Im not in the mood tonight so dont be messing with me or my strike zone.. lets have a nice game shall we"
  10. Not exactly the same type of hit but more akin to the reactions I have seen by a hand hit.
  11. As for the replay I would not call that a wince more of a trying to pull the bat back. IMHO with regards to what I see with the batter he never pulled his hand from the bat nor showed that he had a finger get hit by the ball. I have never seen a "HBP" in the hand player be so cool calm or collected.
  12. Never tried but I wonder about a paint pen
  13. well yes I was joking .. But after the question I went and did the ole Google thing, Was hoping for more of a hands on review from Wolfe-Man explaining it and how he felt it worked or did not work. but yah I had never seen one before its an "interesting" item to say the least. Personally I wonder if it will leave a waffle print on my bald head. https://www.gerrydavis.com/product/B51AC01/Con-CUSHION-Mask-Enhancer.html Wolfe how much for it alone?
  14. LOL she would not have the 1st clue what to do with it. I'd also probably end up in the dog house for a week or so.
  15. Is not TH the guy that asked us to stop the banter on sales threads ( LOL ) Ok serious question about this though whats the con cushion do how does that help and where does it go?
  16. well she did ask me last night if I was getting her flowers at least and I said yep 2 flowers .. she smiled at that. She does not care if I splurge on her really. but cards and some flowers tickle her fancy. So who am I to not make her smile. Ill toss in some inexpensive earrings too..
  17. Dang. So you gonna show the kids that scar and tell them it was from a knife fight?
  18. Sorry to hear that Vegas Prayers sent that it keeps recovering.
  19. MY GOD,,, And I worry if my game is 35 min from my work which is actually 8 minutes from my house LOL Damn..
  20. If MR Ump falls thru let me know please I been looking for one with the metal zipper tags
  21. This will be the wife unit and I's 5th valentines and I was thinking of keeping it simple. dinner movie flowers, maybe and I mean MAYBE some earrings and or a necklace. Now I last week ordered some stuff from ump attire couple of TW pads, some ball bags, note book and pen, Not a huge order but it made it over the free shipping easily.. I just checked the order its landing on the 14th .. NOW if I don't go get her a necklace I can see already how much crap I'm gonna get. Sigh Damn you UA why couldn't you have shipped it faster !!!
  22. OK that's where I am at however my 1st mask is pretty cheap and I think I may want my back up now to be more up to standards but thinking that's a next yr investment.
  23. well what can I say we're special.
  24. curious how many masks is too many ?
  25. Absolutely NOT A proper hammer can be seen by anyone in the stadium.. from lets say a slot position you stand raise right arm at same time left arm crosses the mid section and you make a hammer motion with a closed fist with your pinky side of the fist being in the front of the hammer as you are hammering you call strike. Your elbow should be at the same height of your shoulder, so your hand should be above your head. Anyone who sees that motion from any spot in the stadium and thinks that is a ball call should be removed from the stadium.
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