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  1. I don't know, @maven. That's why I'm asking the question... You do you, ~Dawg
  2. I've seen some plate partners when they call a check swing strike use a different verbalization and or mechanic than they do on an offered bunt strike call. I use the same for both...left hand points over the plate, "Yes, he did!" verbalization and a right hand hammer. Is there a reason to use different stuff if it's a bunt offer strike call versus a check swing strike call? You do you, ~Dawg
  3. I'm in no place to judge the PIAA but, I will say that more state scholastic athletic associations need to look at adding a suspension of some kind anytime an ejection takes place. In baseball, of course, we have ignore, verbal warning, written warning, restriction to the dugout and finally ejection. There are or course magic words and actions that allow us to go VFR straight to the ejection. So, that's 5 opportunities within the framework of a baseball game for someone to avoid an ejection. If you get to 5 and get ejected, you either aren't getting the message about what is proper conduct on a baseball field or you don't care. Neither of which is ok. My state has a fine to the school anytime there's an ejection, which I also fully support. That gets the school itself directly invested in solving the problem. But, without a suspension...without time away from the game, and I think it should include practice and any official team functions, those who get ejected aren't really addressing what lead to their ejection. It's just too easy to get ejected, think you've flushed it mentally and then show up at tomorrow's game and believe all is well. I also saw someone post here that a scholastic league out in Los Angeles ends the game as a forfeit on any ejection. I'm sure that appears nuclear...and I'm also sure their ejections/games played ratio is the lowest in the nation. Sports are an emotional human experience and we can make room and allow for that until it turns personal, persistent and or profane. ~Dawg
  4. Well, except when you pour one out...for your homies no longer here. ~Dawg
  5. Thank you as always, brothers... Where I'm also struggling is this business of yelling across the field instead of approaching players and managers. Not everyone who yells has their blood up. Sometimes people yell to be heard across a ballfield and its misinterpreted as anger. I was trained that an umpire should not escalate. We merely respond to what those on the field choose to do and say. When I have remained in place (on the plate...dirt circle, in the field...in place) to handle these kinds of situations, I was told by leadership not to yell across the field because that is perceived as escalating. Approach people calmly and use a normal tone and firm voice regardless of their tone. Then the perception is...THEY are being unreasonable. And yet, this clearly isn't congruent with what other very experienced and veteran umpires have said here... Yes, I try to be liked. It's important to me I am liked. That's who I am. And I wasted way too many years of my life not wanting to be liked and I didn't like the person that attitude turned me into. Maybe that'll mean I don't reach my umpiring aspirations...but, it will allow me to reach my human aspirations and respect and care for my fellow human being even when they are not being respectful to me. ~Dawg
  6. @Jimurray, my read was what we permit, we promote. I saw the situation as escalating if I didn't address it.... ~Dawg
  7. Brothers, I am clearly doing something wrong here because I am continuing to run afoul of base coaches... So, today I'm working bases for a hotly contested 18U travel game. It's regular season, not a tournament or showcase...and these teams were gettin' after it. Great pitching, lots of swings, 2 great catchers each with multiple pickoffs, great defense...and the cherry on top was my partner's generous strike zone. I'm in B...and the base coach (an adult, allegedly) pops off with, "C'mon, Blue! That's a balk right there! All day! Let's go!" I did not see a balk or I would have called it. I ignore him. A few batters later and he pops off again wanting a balk. I call time and jog over and say, "Coach, that's enough outbursts about balks. We're watching and if we see a balk, we'll call a balk. Please consult with your manager if there's anything further today and have him bring it to me or my partner." He said, "OK." and we returned to play. A few innings later, same team at bat and the game tying run is on first. We have the pitcher on the rubber, the batter is in the box and the ball is live. Just before F1 leans in for the sign, I get the same first base coach asking for the count. My partner does nothing. I tap my hat asking him for the count, just as F1 leans in. My partner again does nothing, the pitcher delivers and the batter grounds into an inning ending double-play. On the changeover, the first base coach shouts to their manager, "I dunno', John...I tried to be polite, I guess I wasn't polite enough." I jogged over and calmly said, "Coach, I heard you and I tried to get the count for you pre-pitch but, we have runners on with the pitcher, the catcher and the batter ready to go. We provide the count when and where we can as a courtesy but, we're not going to call time in a situation like that and disrupt the rhythm and tempo of the game to give the count." And he just said, "Ok, I guess but...I really needed to know the count there, situationally." and that was the end of it. Ok, brothers...your turn...I'm here to learn...what could/should I have done to get a different outcome? Was there even a different outcome available? If this is a JV or Varsity game, does that change my engagement? If so, what do you have there, please? ~Dawg
  8. Non-sequitur... So, when your name is FIELDIN CULBREATH and you show up for pro school...like...do the instructors just check to make sure you are there, check your name off for roll call and then send you home with a refund and tell you to wait by the phone for the MLB tailor to contact you regarding uniform fittings? Mannnnn...I've never seen the guy work but, if ever there was a person BORN to be an MLB umpire, it's a guy with that handle... ~Dawg
  9. All I see here is an American ballplayer who played for 3 MLB teams in 5 years, who won a World Series, and ultimately does not know the rules of baseball, does not respect this umpire and I suspect is unhappy about being 32 and playing in Korea...good ejection. Hopefully, there is a fine and suspension along with this and he has to speak directly with the umpire and apologize for his choices and actions here. What a mope... ~Dawg
  10. https://torontosun.com/2014/10/26/umpire-recalls-security-on-george-w-bushs-post-911-pitch I apologize if this has been posted before. I heard this being discussed on the radio this morning and had to post it. I guess they were out of trash can costumes that night? ~Dawg
  11. I like it. Thanks for sharing, @wolfe_man. If nothing else it's a rare opportunity to let the freak flag fly. And as Doc taught in the AS presentation last year, that additional surface area provides for additional force dispersal. ~Dawg
  12. Anything under 12U should be umpired by parents with kids on teams in the league. It won't fix the problems outside our fences but it's a step. ~Dawg
  13. Serious question...by what authority were they "shut down"? Hi...I don't play organized baseball of any kind but, I'd like to pay for you to shave my bat down because I like hitting bottle caps over my roof and then running around and catching them on the other side of my house. I think one of your shaved down bats would be a great tool for this! ~Dawg
  14. How old are these players and what rule set are you using, please? ~Dawg
  15. For the uneducated...this is a deliberate strategy done to increase the likelihood of catching bad guys. If we wanted passenger friendly TSA, we would have frictionless boarding of commercial aircraft. TSA gets a terrible rap. They do an incredible job given the parameters they are working under. That being said El Al sets the gold standard but, that standard would never be tolerated in the US. ~Dawg
  16. Jeff, the game is much less financially accessible to fans now... ~Dawg
  17. Clearly radio, TV and the internet have made the game more accessible and the fan experience more immersive. None of that would have been possible without fans supporting the game as passionately as they did prior to August 5, 1921. And how are we being rewarded 100 years later? The price of admission both figuratively and literally has cosmically risen. Capitalist society and the market has supported it...and something has been lost on the way. We had season tickets for many years when I was growing up...family of 4. Now, my kids and I look at the 162 game schedule and play, "Hey! What 10 games are we going to this year?" ~Dawg
  18. If that's what is valued...yes, it's fixed. I mean how was this game ever truly loved before it was ever shown on TV? ~Dawg
  19. Ah yes...TV...our overlords and masters. Absolutely makes sense...thank you, @Thunderheads. ~Dawg
  20. Pray tell, brothers...what is on the other end of the lanyard? I've seen some guys at my level with stopwatches in their pockets and lanyards hanging out managing the time limit...but, MLB umpires wouldn't need a stopwatch. ~Dawg
  21. Ken, thanks for the question... There are very few TV and radio sports announcers who understand the rules at the level the officials do. In addition to coming to this fantastic website for clarifications, I would begin any analysis of the application of the rules by disregarding what the announcers are saying. Officiating sports also requires a certain amount of judgement which everyone in the known universe can disagree with...all of which is very entertaining but typically does not lead to reversals outside of replay. ~Dawg
  22. As described...the ball remains in play here. ~Dawg
  23. SeeingEyeDog


    Hey @Catch18...wait a tic...wouldn't that mean the McDonald's manager, you know...the person who has authority in the restaurant...wouldn't that mean they would have to...I don't know...EJECT that customer from the restaurant? The parallels, man...the parallels here are just outta' sight, brother. ~Dawg
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