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  1. @wolfe_man, I don't want to confuse the issue any further because @Senor Azulhas provided the applicable citations, however...again, the runner did NOT beat the ball to the plate. He was struck by the pitch sliding in BEFORE he touched the plate. It was a well inside pitch on the RH batter and it was a low pitch that went from the pitcher's hand direct to R3's leading shin. (Grandma had this pitch a ball as it missed down AND in...) His foot was 4 inches from the plate when he was struck. The catcher had no influence or involvement in this play. He was back on his heels and caught flat-footed only moving once the ball bounded away to the backstop. As always, I appreciate all the support and feedback on this, brothers. You've given me a lot to think about and I hope to see this scenario again soon... ~Dog
  2. 2 man crew, 14U travel fall rec game and we were under Federation rules with an otherwise legal slide into the plate. I believe we had a 3-2 count with 2 outs and only R3 and I'd also like to know how this should be adjudicated in other scenarios... My partner (U1) in B position came up huge immediately calling interference on the runner of the catcher and the runner is out. I mirrored him a beat later on the plate with a hammer and no verbalization. The manager (coaching 3B) said nothing, walked to his dugout, we changed over and the game proceeded and ended without further incident. I went home and researched this absolutely certain we nailed this. Now...I'm not so sure because I can't locate a citation that fully supports that call in that situation. Given no apparent citation, I'm wondering if we should have merely called the pitch a ball or strike? Who is the runner really "interfering" with? The batter...his teammate. If it was ball four, it's a walk and the run scores...or is R3 returned to 3B? If it was a strike, it's strike 3 and the inning is over? Or is this no different than any other tag play at a base where the throw strikes the runner and deflects harmlessly away in a common "baseball play/action" and as umpires we "have nothing" there? And again as I stated above, if runners and or count dictate a different decision(s), please chime in with that, too. Please include citations, if applicable... ~Dog
  3. [CSI David Caruso voice] Some sellers have built such a reputation... [rips off sunglasses] ...their merchandise requires no photos. ~Dog
  4. (obligatory)...soooooo @bluetick48...why are you selling? ~Dog
  5. SeeingEyeDog


    (can only shake his head as he reads a post in 2020...cut and pasted from a rule book in 1920)
  6. Yup...you were 100% on this. If you go to your partner there, you are sending a message to BOTH managers that anytime you are working their games they can come to you and get help. There are some calls (nearly ALL of them judgement calls) where it's inappropriate, unprofessional, and unnecessary to get help from your partner...and what you have described here is one of them. Managers are always looking for an edge...an opportunity to get a call for their team. As long as they are respectful in asking for time and address the umpire crew respectfully, we have to permit this as part of the administration of the game. Of course, there is a point where when they repeatedly ask us to get help (again, especially on judgement calls) that no matter how polite and respectful they are about it where they are now holding up the game and you would consider a more holistically direct approach to shut that down. At some point it becomes the boy who cries wolf... ~Dog
  7. Working on my Quidditch certification...hoping to get the call...might be awhile...startup costs are low...the travel is slightly magical... ~Dog
  8. Has anybody ever scored 100%? Does this happen frequently? Who has the best percentage? Inquiring minds want to know... ~Dog
  9. @Rock Bottom Hey Rock, I haven't ever used a HSM, however I have the following alternative in addition to the HSM when those guys weigh in... Have you considered an All-Star mask with their new line of mask pads? All-Star's technologies were extensively featured in a recent YouTube presentation by @JimKirk and @Matt Arcovio. All-Star mask pads now extend the lower edges of the cage AND they have an internal plate sewn into the lower pad that runs across your entire lower jaw area. They are also doing some innovative things with regards to geometry with the shape of their mask cages. All of these features work together to better disperse the energy associated with the impact of a baseball against the mask. More energy dispersal means the risk of injury is reduced. No mask makes the risk zero, of course but, I would seriously consider All-Star masks and pads. Link to the All-Star Cobalt line launch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-QcyZ_SoO8&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1L_nJS0K1JY0608F6R2mhvU4vXZNv_DiTETTH5ZYW8xdGEpk97eBfBXvg It runs 2 hours and there is a lot of great information contained there. ~Dog
  10. I had to watch it three times to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing... https://fanbuzz.com/high-school/softball-pitcher-hits-umpire/ ~Dog
  11. Upon further review, 2.67 points to House Grayhawk...that is indeed a call that is best made on the move. Sorry, @grayhawk...I've been focusing a lot on fully setting myself before making my calls and it spilled all over this conversation. ~Dog
  12. And THAT guy has middle-management written ALL over him, @Aging_Arbiter... ~Dog
  13. Me (brushing the plate): So Catch, are you getting enough Zoom these days? Catcher: Nah, Blue...I like Gatorade and Powerade. Me (quietly and pointing to F1): Erm...play?
  14. Just once...just ONE time, I'd love to hear an announcing crew in a gi-GUN-dous moment say (with the crowd going nuts), "Hey man...did you see that?" "What? The fair ball over the fence?" "Yeah..." "Yeah...I saw that." "Yeah...me too." ~Dog
  15. Right on all counts... I couldn't decide on pockets or no pockets and I bought one of each. They do NOT match and they look bad. So, I'm going to sort it out and buy another one of each and then sell the pair I do not want. Someone's going to get a deal...
  16. @wolfe_man, do you like those better than the Force3 Dry-Lo ball bags?
  17. I think much of this is level dependent... Generally speaking, the lower the level, the more players and coaches are learning about the game. I'm sure we all know or have seen an all-around athlete who is pressed into service for the first time on the baseball or softball field to keep a varsity program going for one more week or even season but, as you move up there is less and less you need to verbalize. That being said there are ALWAYS calls at ALL levels that demand we "come up big" with a clear mechanic and a loud verbalization as a means of preventing a mess. Admittedly, I'm still a bit uncomfortable not putting the ball back into play formally with no runners on. Obviously, if there is a quick or otherwise illegal pitch, we can kill that but, I've always found this to be a moment when pitchers like to try the umpires. Putting the ball formally back into play eliminates much of this. ~Dog
  18. These have been my daily drivers for 30 years now. Were it not for the gum rubber sole, I would wear them on the field. They meet my requirements but, yes @ATXBlue, your example absolutely comes to mind... ~Dog
  19. Yes, of course T...naugahyde, vinyl or any other synthetic leather would be totally acceptable. #NoMesh ~Dog
  20. So, I've made several posts recently complaining about the mesh uppers on the NB base shoes. Again, great shoe, great comfort, great look...and the mesh is tough to clean. This morning I woke up and thought maybe instead of continuing to complain about this shoe, I would conduct a poll here and gather some data and then try to fix my problem. Price not being an object, what in your opinion is or are the best FULL LEATHER base shoe(s)? My thinking is that I will choose a non-mesh, slightly heavier shoe which doesn't breathe as well but, will clean up much more easily. Also, I'll need a wide width please...2E in most cases. If there has already been a thread on this, please feel free to link it... ~Dog
  21. Hi-jacking my own thread...hey, I'm the OP...I live here... I find it fascinating that most associations (upon reviewing the traffic here...) really hammer the hammer. I'm not anti-hammer per se. I want as many games as you can give me. You want me to hammer? You...NEED me...to hammer? I'm your hammer huckleberry. I find it interesting that while the hammer is what is being taught and emphasized for travel and scholastic (possibly LL, too and possibly above scholastic...I don't know, I don't work at those levels) that there is a point where guys can clearly let their freak flags fly on their 3K calls. Again, you are all on notice...video of my final game behind the plate ever will be all over the Internet the following day with the caption, "Amateur Umpire Goes Out With A Tribute To Dutch Rennert". ~Dog
  22. I'm not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere previously but, Tumpane is on the plate tonight NYY @ CLE game 2 and he is wearing a skully but, I'm not sure which one. I can't post a TV shot but, maybe one of you can do so below. Is there an umpire equipment tracking website out there? As these technologies evolve, it would be interesting to see the metrics and how this new approach to protection is or isn't being embraced. ~Dog
  23. Ms. Dog: Oh...did the MLB playoffs start? Me: I dunno'...I guess so...I was watching The Ump Show. ~Dog
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