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Champro Pro-Plus plate armor chest protector


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Does anyone use this chest protector? If so up to what level is it safe to be used? I know that Midwest Ump

did a review of it but I can no longer access his page. I would appreciate information about this chest

protector from some who has used it. Also this is the Champro hard shell protector.



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I use one and have taken a few shots to the chest and off the shoulders in HS games and senior level BR. Hardly felt a thing. I bought it partly because of the Midwest Ump review that's not there anymore.

That being said, I still want to get a higher level CP and keep this as a backup.

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I had a partner who had one and the two biggest problems I saw with the Champro hard shell was that it sagged a bit on the collarbone and it had HUGE gaps in the armor around the shoulder and other areas. Not a chance I would use this protector.

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Don't know what to tell you Scrounge, i bought mine this spring and it sits up nice and high. Covers my collarbone nicely, with no gaps on the shoulders. Once I put it on for a game I don't have to touch it. I do have the strap pulled pretty tight and I'm 5'11" at 220lb if that make a difference.

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