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  1. Lena's is the standard, yes. Again depends in the level, but NCAA and lower levels of pro ball you pretty much have to rub the baseballs up. Its your job. And you are in a locker room so using what's under your feet isn't really an option. Once you get to say AAA you can have your Clubbie do it and just add the service add it into his tip. Some crews in AA make the low man do it : ) If you are lucky the club will have a huge jar they keep in the locker room for you to use, but you still will need a jar just in case. The good news is that, although the jar is pricey, it will last you a few years.
  2. For the game check of course.
  3. I was going to retort but honestly I am tired of going around in circles on this. Do/teach whatever you feel is correct for your area and level of ball.
  4. I hear ya. But if its me behind the plate, and something strange happens in LF and, for whatever reason I need or want to talk to my partner, I would sure hope he could tell me something other than if the BR touched first. The ball is the most important thing. If it looks like something screwey is gonna happen with that ball, I want ALL crew members eyes on it.
  5. I don't mind standing by it. A lot of times you DO have a good angle on a trouble ball coming in from A, and 99/100 times not seeing touch when something funny is happening regarding tha ball at the almost exact same time you will miss nothing. If 2-man all we ever really do is compromise looks for one reason or another and I don't see this as any different. IF sh*t hits fan with the BR coming around first, AND a coach sees it, AND it ends up mattering, AND he comes out to ask what I saw- I am 1000% sure I can talk my way out of it by explaining my rational for not looking at the touch but rather the teouble catch/no catch. If HC has a problem with it, well he can either build a bridge and get over it or, not. I could care less. Now, would I teach this to a group of LL umpires? Not sure because I have never worked with that level of umpire, but usually I assume when we talk mechanics here on UE we can go beyond the basics, since most who take the time to read these posts know the basics at this point and want to discuss nuances in order to get opinion from people they trust so they can improve. Of course MST is entitled to disagree, and that is cool with me!
  6. If this, and then if this and then if this then you are screwed because you didn't watch the touch. Does that about sum it up? : )
  7. No matter where you are on the field, or what your responsibility is on that particular batted ball-WATCH THE BALL, GLANCE AT RUNNERS. If a trouble ball is happening, STAY WITH THE CATCH/NO CATCH or ball leaving play. If that means missing a touch of a base-so be it.
  8. The answer....to your question....is NO.
  9. We see it. But we don't really worry about. Ain't that big of a deal and making a big show of holding the game up over it usually just show you out as green.
  10. If its a rule-get the call right! You don't owe any loyalty to a partner when it has to do with rules application. The CREW has to get them right or we all go down....
  11. More appalling: the PU didn't put the ball back in play with runners on !!! Gasp.
  12. From the account I heard (firsthand) Jimmy came in the locker room and they had a cig together. But that would be apples and oranges to this situation. Chin up-keep moving forward. And no need to say anything to the coaches.
  13. Jocko-sometimes you need to stop chopping so you can sharpen your axe.
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