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  1. Have you sold the shirts yet?
  2. Two banger went better. Teams did not play well with multiple errors in the field and in the bases. Game temperature was below freezing. The scores in the final 2 of the series were more baseball like with game 2 being 5-3 and game 3 being 8-5 in extra. Again, errors and poor pitching cost the games for the one team who got swept. The issues on Saturday were never mentioned. Had several bangers on the base where, got the call right, but game tied might have been a time to argue one for the team. Didn't happen. Anyway, thanks all and have good seasons.
  3. Played in the snow. When coaches would make lineup changes my hands were shaking so bad because the win and anow had it below 30 that I had a hard time reading it. Fun games, everyone froze and the locker rooms under the stands had no heat. Had to change like a supermodel.
  4. I hear you guys and understand. Will take your advice. I appreciate it. This is what these forums are about. Knocking these ideas about. Thanks. I appreciate it. I don't think I need to hang it up and coach. Been there and done that. I probably was harder on myself than I needed to be. Thanks...much appreciated. I now have a double header today with these teams. Will let you know how it goes.
  5. Not what I am saying(writing). Not looking for reassurance from coaches or anyone here. But to advocate what what you did is something else. I am talking about "manning up" and not acting as if I or we don't have bad games. Remember the blown perfect game call two years ago? Imagine how well that would have went had the umpire in question not been a man and admitted he had a bad game. That is what I am talking about!
  6. Really? One bad game and you advocate quitting? Wow.
  7. Had a plate game. And as happens sometimes was not the best game. It seemed like the harder I tried, the harder it got. The coaches were not complaining, only got a few looks from players but the spectators were. LOL. Anyway, after the game I let the coaches know. "I had a tough one today, you'll get better tomorrow " . Both were good and home coach even said " there's always tomorrow". I have done this in the past on a few occasions. My partner didn't agree with this. What are the opinions here?
  8. I was behind the plate in a HS game. Out of the dugout I kept hearing "we got whores!". This went on for several batters when I asked the catcher, " What is your coach sayin?" The catcher chuckled and asked me what I thought he was saying. Well...I replied that if it was what I though his team should be playing more inspired ball than it was. After that half inning his coach apporached me and said "Mr. Umpire. I was sayinf we got horns!!!" I chucked and turned to go to the plate. He then said. "Maybe I should use the other to get them inspired though huh?" I had to call time to get my compo
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