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  1. ​I have the UE's and still very much like the Bauers. I only wear the UE's when I have HS varisty and up because I feel the protection that the force 3's provide is necessary at that level. I also have the UE CP and a TW'd Gold, if you like your platinum then I suggest sending it to TW and add a delta flex to it. The UE CP is certainly not a bad piece of equipment but if you already have an old WVP then you should stick with what works.
  2. ​I purchased 2 pairs from this seller once I found out they were discontinued and I needed to stock up. Great transaction and I absolutely love the zigs.
  3. ​I own both the TW'd WVG and the UE CP. I've had the UE CP for 2 years now and I haven't had any issues with the shoulder protection once I fully adjusted it. The shoulder pieces are Velcro'd together so they may not be properly adjusted to cover what they need to cover. I find that the UE CP has better shoulder protection than my WVG and I have taken numerous hits to both CP's in the shoulder and "feel" more when hit with the WVG. Just my
  4. ​Correct. I've had this happen to me twice and we were able to immediately chase them away from the line right after the anthem as we were very aggressive with them and both teams coaches were still on the line. If they fail to obey like others have stated, put it on the HC and if he fails to resolve it immediately give him the hook. What a great way to start a game!
  5. The light weight is nice, but I really love how wide the bars are spread apart and thin which allows for much better vision. Another great feature is that they painted the inside bars black.
  6. H Here is a photo of me sporting my TW'd WVG vs. me wearing the UE CP with a rite temp pad underneath.
  7. The new shoe cleaning method in my area is using a microfiber car wash sponge with the blue tentacles to wipe down the shoes and get the dust off. It works pretty well if your shoes are just dusty and is an extremely quick and water free method of cleaning shoes. Plus its only $3 for one of these things and they are great for a quick touch up for between games.
  8. Get a pair of McDavid Hexpad shorts, you'll want to get hit in the thigh again! (Not quite, but it protects from a nasty bruise)
  9. I use the SportsInfoMedia holder and would strongly suggest it to everyone. It is not as big as you might think and easily fits in a ball bag laying down. The convenience of it is the best part as making a lineup change is easy as 1, 2, 3. I've attached some pictures for your viewing pleasure but if you decide to get it then be sure to pick up some clips as the smaller lineup cards do not work very well unless they are clipped. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bym1kEV9xh2OMlJqZkljcFluaGtCM3JxczRIdS1DcmN3VzI4/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bym1kEV9xh2Od0VDYUNXQWhsbU1oUm5fZTdpckhwUzNPZ2cw/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bym1kEV9xh2OdXpOX0l1XzlHU29VLWh0SjIxSUNoYm5JQ3lj/view?usp=sharing
  10. T-Rav

    Too Quick?

    I think you were a bit too quick on this one and I would have put up the stop sign and told him that's enough, if he blows it then he is done. However if you eject early, you'll likely will have less ejections and fewer issues in your games. If at all possible, try to issue a warning as it seems almost everyone wants a warning in before an ejection, atleast in my area.
  11. Replay overturned the out, I think that's certainly worth discussion.
  12. When did they discontinue the Zigs? http://umpire-empire.com/index.php/topic/60392-reebok-no-longer-going-to-offer-umpire-shoes/?hl=zigs And the Reebok Zigs are out of stock at all the major suppliers.
  13. I have the NB4 60's and the Reebok Zigs, if you have regular feet and can still find the Reebok Zig's in your size (they discontinued them) then they are the best. Beware, as you will have to size about a full size up from your regular size of shoe with the Reebok Zigs. If you can't find the Zigs, then the NB 460's are not a bad alternative but are much less comfortable and weigh 20% more than the Zigs.
  14. Laz switches from the knee, scissors, and box throughout the course of the game. I have a friend who is good friends with Laz and he says Laz says that is what works for him.
  15. Sounds like a whole lot of fun at the ballpark. Did you contact the police in regards to the battery on a sports official which here in Florida is a felony? An ejection is simply not enough once a participant elects to make contact and batters a sports official.
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