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  1. R1 beats the throw to second base on a steal. The second baseman catches the ball. The runner stands up on the base and the second baseman says " That was a foul you have to go back to first" It was not a foul ball. Runner steps off and is tagged.....Out or Safe
  2. I'm BU in "c" with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Batter hits fly ball down the right field line. The right fielder dives but misses the catch. My partner who is first base extended calls the ball fair. The play results in a triple. The DHC comes out from the 3rd base dugout arguing about the fair ball call. My partner defuses it and we play on. At the completion of the inning I'm in shallow RF and the 1st base coach walks past his box and proceeds to where his player dove for the ball, I'm guessing looking for marks made on the dive. He didn't say anything. Should I have said something??
  3. When behind the plate how do you keep your eyeglasses (if you were eyeglasses) from fogging up?
  4. Thank you for all the great feedback. Greatly appreciated
  5. Looking to buy new plate shoes. What are the positives and negatives of your plate shoes?
  6. 1. Better focus throughout the game 2. Better pregame with partners i haven't worked with before 3. Better on field communications with partner
  7. Wow, must be nice. I usually receive assignments less than a week from game day
  8. How far in advance do you usually have games sent to you. Not including weekend tournaments.
  9. I was taught that the umpire in the direction the runner is going makes the call.
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