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  1. Oh, and you boys need to quit arguing I love you both lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I agree with everyone! You won't work in MiLB through my camp...independent stuff and college only. Our biggest accomplishment is 58 out of 64 of our umpires who went back to school in the past 6 years have gone to the PBUC course after returning to school. That's our biggest accomplishment...other than teaching people how the game REALLY works... :)
  3. Let me clarify: We don't place anyone into organized professional baseball. We do have some independent professional leagues attending this year, and we hire for college summer leagues. Jim Evans is scheduled to attend, as well as Lee Landers, the President of the Appalachian League, to speak to our umpires, but we aren't hiring for MiLB, just in case there is any confusion... Our "link" to professional baseball is that we've had 57-58 umpires advance to the MiLBUDC course (Old PBUC) course out of the 64 that have returned to umpire school in the past 6 years.
  4. Blown away today by my guys...11 of them onto PBUC!!!

  5. Jonny, I've really enjoyed seeing umpire school from someone else's perspective. I know how I felt when I made it in '95, and I had the chance to be in Florida as my Northwoods League umpires found out their fate. I think I was more nervous than they were. We had 11 of our 14 make it through to PBUC, one being Rob McHugh down at TUS, the others at Wendelstedt. Congratulations and I'm glad you enjoyed your time! Bob Bainter Northwoods League Supervisor Oceanside Umpire Training Seminar
  6. I'm once again thrilled to announce that the Oceanside Umpire Training Seminar and the Northwoods League have had another amazing set of results at the umpire schools this year! We had 14 umpires that attended OUTS last year return to the umpire schools, and of those 14, 11 of them have advanced to PBUC. They are: Northwoods League Reed Basner Mark Bass Matthew Cowan Carter Goodson Thomas Hanahan Louie Krupa Jose Martin Rob McHugh Ross Sheridan Tyler Thurmond We also recommended two other umpires to the PUC camp, which I thank Lance Schoenwald for taking a look at the
  7. I was only kidding about name dropping! Geez everybody is so sensitive! Lol I heard PBUC is all control games this year but not positive on that
  8. The Cape Cod league is great...if you want to prepare to play professional baseball by playing three or four times a week...lol
  9. The sad part is the baseball in the CPL is not as good as in the NWL or Cape Cod League...guys who have worked for me and then went to CPL couldn't believe how much of a step down the baseball was even though, in theory, it's a step up as far as their careers go...
  10. What's on my mind? Hmmm...thinking about Florida on March 2nd...Hoping we have a huge class...things like that...lol

  11. Please re-read my post above... I'll sit back and continue to know the answer to this without giving it away... (twiddling fingers and whistling)
  12. I agree completely...you have to be pretty good to get to PBUC...after that's it's all competition. This year we had 11 NWL umpires go back to school, and 8 went to PBUC... That's 42 out of 49 NWL umpires who went back to school and went to PBUC the next year, all over just the past 5 years. Hmmm...maybe the NWL is a good place to go to get experience...just saying...LOL
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