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  1. Using a Balloon is really simple. Put one arm through each strap. Once you have your arms through the straps place both of your hands under the bottom of the balloon. Then raise the balloon up with your hands and hold it up against the bottom of your chin. Don't forget to tuck your elbows behind the balloon. When it is time to remove your mask use your lefty hand to remove it like you always do. Next place the mask against the bottom lefty side of the balloon while you remove your right arm from the strap. This action will cause the balloon to swing to your left side where you can hold it secure by applying pressure with your mask. If the balloon is not moving fast enough when place your mask on it you can use your right hand to give it push to help it swing around on your left shoulder to your left side. As far as where to stand let the catcher set up first and then assume a position that leaves enough space so the catcher does not hit the balloon if he moves backward. Your head height should be same as when using a inside protector. Hope this helps Lefty
  2. Where is the post on this subject? Date and forum location please. I was unable to find it. Thanks Lefty
  3. I wear mine with the bill facing forward. I have the straps that hold the mask on loose. The mask goes on and comes off with no problem. If I get hit in the mask, the mask will turn or come off. Thus reducing the force that is applied to my head by the impact.
  4. Does anyone know what kind of plastic a chest protector is made of? I thought it was polycarbonate but I was told it is not. Lefty
  5. I wear a catcher's skull type helmet. It works really well. I do not have to worry about getting hit in the head by baseballs that bounce off the close backstop or a low top screen. However, some people do not like that I wear a helmet.
  6. I have one Carlucci model ball bag. It is navy blue and I believe it is in better condition than the ones in your picture. Yours for $10 plus about $5 for shipping. Lefty
  7. Is the Douglas force 3 mask the same mask as the Defender force 3? They look like the same mask to me. Lefty
  8. Has anyone used the new force 3 mask? If so what is your feeling about it. Thanks Lefty
  9. Lefty

    Umpire Clinic

    The letters BBUC Stand for Back and Blue Umpire Camps. They have a web page under that name. They put on camps for umpires. They put on a two man camp and a three man advanced camp.
  10. I went to the Inland Empire Umpire Clinic again this year. It was Held at Ramona High School in Riverside, Ca. on 12/5/15. It was a one day camp and the cost was $55. The instructors for the clinic were provided by BBCU. They donated their services , so that all the fees could go to help the high school baseball program. This was a great clinic and alot useful was given by the BBCU instructors. Lefty
  11. Last Saturday I went to a one day clinic at Ramona High school in Riverside Ca. The cost of the clinic was only $55. Dave Mills had Billy Haze and members of Black and Blue Umpire camps doing all of the instructing. This was a great clinic. There was not a bunch of time spent sitting and listening to a lecture. It was only field exercises with on the field instruction explaining what was the proper way to do something. When it was your turn to do a drill the instructors gave immediate feed back after you finished the drill. If you can I would recommend going to this clinic next year. Lefty
  12. I do a lot of men's league recreation ball. They like to cry about balls and strikes. In one major league baseball game I heard the plate umpire calling the position of the ball so I decided to try it. Well I must say it cut out most of the crying. Plus at times the catcher will tell the coach or the pitcher where I said the ball was. And then the catcher will say to the pitcher bring it up or in or get it down depending on the situation. This voicing of the position of the has worked for me
  13. C. Brown Hi C. Brown Brent Rice, Adam Swartz, and Alex Ortiz were the instructors. All three are regular instructors at the school. Brent was the head instructor for the clinic. Adam and Alex did alot of the demonstrations for us. This clinic was limited to about 25 students. Having a small class ment each student got more attention. Lefty
  14. Hi Everyone, I went to the Wendelstedt Umpire Clinic last Friday ,Saturday, and Sunday. I really enjoyed the clinic. It was money well spent. The rain forced us to stay inside Saturday but Sunday we were able to work outside. The instructors did a great job in presenting and teaching material on the two man system. If you get a chance to attend a Wendelstedt clinic I highly recommend that you go. Lefty
  15. Does anyone use this chest protector? If so up to what level is it safe to be used? I know that Midwest Ump did a review of it but I can no longer access his page. I would appreciate information about this chest protector from some who has used it. Also this is the Champro hard shell protector. Thanks Lefty
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