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  1. The word through the grapevine is there may be a change coming in CCA handbook regarding proper mechanics for tag plays at home. IMHO this is a much improved angle to take the play from.
  2. The more I try and figure out which shirts to wear for upcoming collegiate season, the more confused i get. The new Majestic without the side piping appears to be getting trashed, not very stylish I saw a review on Honigs that said new shirts were running short in length. Not sure about the quality of Smitty's products, if I was guessing they may be coming from shared manufacturer as Honigs. Can anyone shed additional light on above products, though I wonder if new models for above will be rolled out next year....
  3. I worked with a young umpire recently who when working the plate called pitches 'ball high' 'ball low' 'ball inside'. He didn't do this consistently, only on borderline (apparently to him) pitches. After the game when he asked for feedback I told him this was not proper mechanics, as it invited "no, it wasn't' comments from coaches. He informed me that he went to a umpire school (name withheld) and he was taught this was the proper mechanic. He also referred to 3 NCAA College World Series umpires who allegedly used the same mechanic. Maybe I am just an old fart, but this doesn't make any sense.Why invite second-guessing? I'd be interested if any D-I umpires have been advised this is a proper mechanic. Thanks in advance.
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