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  1. Hello all, I recently got new plate pants and I am getting them hemmed. I was curious what the proper length is and how they should look with my plate shoes. I wear the new balance V3's. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone make them in charcoal? I'm under 6' and look ridiculous in pleated pants. I've looked everywhere I can think, but everything in charcoal is pleated. Please help.
  3. I keep my brush in my pants pocket. The 2 nicest balls go in the right-side ball bag, and 2-3 backups in the left-side ball bag. Carrying more than 5 is too many.
  4. Hi, Just bought Smitty S392 poly spandex plate pants. Also bought my third pair of Wilson WV Gold leg guards (A3409 16/17) The fit is not what I want it to be, as the triple knee cap is very noticeable from the outside of the pants. Has anyone else had this issue? Should I just wait til the leg guards to conform? Or did I just get a bag cut of pants?? Feedback……..
  5. Greetings, What pants are they using in the bigs? I'm still using my Honig's poly/wool from 2011-14. Going back to pro school next year. Being a graduate from Evans isn't that appealing anymore on my resume after they shut down. Thank you in advance.
  6. When you get them hemmed, wear your shoes and shin guards so they can be properly measured. I make sure that the bottom of my pants are almost touching the ground when standing straight up
  7. "I'm sorry, it's the... It's the pleats. It's actually an optical illusion, it's the pattern on the pants. It's not flattering in the crotchal region."
  8. Hello everybody, I was looking around for a new pair of pants that would fit over my plate gear, but most of the gear simply is too large. I am 6'0, 130 lbs with a 32" waist size. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I've heard on the forum that the MLB guys (and some of you) have your shirts tailored and I thought that this would be a great time to make an investment into myself. With the new softball uniforms coming out in January, why not have them tailored to look so fresh and so clean clean (OutKast reference)? I'll only need a handful of shirts since there will be no more conference logos - so the cost shouldn't be too bad. Once I have the 4-8 shirts done, they should last me for several years. Look the best to be the best - the motto of a local shirt vendor. Sorry I'm not cultured, but I have a naïve question: If I want to have a shirt tailored, what do I need to tell the seamstress? I've never had tailoring done before...to ANY garment other than my umpire pants. I know with the pants there are some tricks of the trade - leave them very long in back, the tapered front to back cuff. Anything special I need to tell her?
  10. The MLB guys have every part of their uniforms tailored, by default. Prior to Dick Honig’s retirement and the consolidation of the shops & assets into the one-box entity that got purchased and located in Denver, CO, all those tasks and coordination was handled by Honig’s (out of the Ann Arbor HQ). While Majestic and Fechheimer became the official clothiers, Honig’s began to build those tailor-able traits into their own uniform pieces. Collars were smaller and trimmer, sleeves were longer but narrower, and the overall lengths of the torsos were longer and tapered. The pants were sleeker in the thigh (on the Bases version, at least) and were slimmer in the shin. The college guys – especially those in the Power conferences on TV – loved them, and would have them tailored further, especially at the arms and waist. They would have specific plate and base shirts, with the standard sleeve length on the plate shirt, and then taken up on the base shirt. Honig’s CP design was an outgrowth of this tailored philosophy, too. If you notice, Honig’s didn’t make a CP with an exposed carapace plate. Why’s that? Well, what happens to the shirt when it’s sandwiched between a hard plastic carapace plate and an impacting baseball? 🤔 A bruise or cut to the shirt… that you spent all that time getting tailored. 😩 You all can now see why many umpires, especially college guys, fiercely defend using one shirt color and style. And, why stand-alone patches, which could either be stuck on or magnet-ed on, became the preferred method of identification over the direct embroidery 🧵 (which HS associations latched onto so as to squeeze their members for additional money… I don’t care how much heat you blast me with, they do it, you know they do it). So if you’re looking to get your shirts tailored, depending on what model of CP you have, consider having separate plate and base shirts. I don’t necessarily do this; I have my Schutt MaXV so trimmed down that I use any/all my shirts in both roles. The condition of the shirt (bruising) usually dictates whether I use it plate or base. With that said, I try and keep my Majestics and Honigs for bases, and let my Smittys get beaten on plate! Wear your shirts in to have your tailor / seamstress see and measure it on you. Take in a taper it at the waist, adjust the sleeves, and consider tacking down the collar points. For the pants, the alteration you’re looking for is a “parade break” – law enforcement and military uniforms do this. Some umpires will request a permanent crease to be laid down (vertically). My hems are broad and stitched in with a “ghost” thread; my plate pants have a double stitch at the front where the pant leg could get snagged on the shin guards.
  11. I haven’t had it done but I think a lot of the tailoring is cleaning up the armpit and sleeves. Sometimes the sleeves are too long, or too wide (biceps don’t quite fill it up), and the armpit is droopy (like the seat area on pants) in the body of the shirt the panels throw a wrinkle in I’d think. You would want to maintain the width integrity as best you can so they may need to trim in a different area than they might normally take from.
  12. Hello, my name is Samuel Barrett, and I am a 20 year old up and coming umpire. I graduated from the Wendelstedt Umpire School about a week or so ago for my first crash course in umpiring (Because I've never umpired before), and I am looking forward to getting in my first games and learning even more. Now that that's out of the way, a simple question: why are umpire pants grey instead of black? If you look at pictures from the 60s, those umpires were in black suits. Home team in white, road team in grey, umpires in black, as black is a neutral color. This gave a good visual variety and separation of all 3 groups on the field. Why the switch to grey pants? I know it's usually a dark grey, but if it isn't-or if one if the teams is using charcoal grey like the DBacks did a few years ago-that could cause a color issue, especially if that team is also wearing a black jersey (Which the DBacks did at least once). I know that doesn't happen often, but wouldn't all black make more sense, despite it being a warmer color?
  13. Got this notification today: New shirts, new pants, new coats. I was just thinking I had too much money. I have some Smitty shirts and I think they're fine. I've never owned a pair of Smitty pants and the ones I've seen softball umpires wear are atrocious. Their Heather Gray looks more like a silver and the only guys I know that wear them are park ball umpires trying to do 12 games in a day. I have a closet full of Fechheimers that are now relegated to Summer ball. The announcement says "Dark Gray" pants and I assume this means Charcoal, but I've also heard that Smitty is making a special color of pants just for softball. What's the low down with Smitty's charcoal pants? Are they any good? According to Ump Attire, they have Poly Spandex and a Regular non Poly kind. I assume the Poly's are the better pant. Please - someone tell me they don't suck. I've had some Davis pants about 10 years ago and loved them. Looking forward to going into some pleats!! I just hope they have enough merch in the pipeline to support the launch because everyone's gonna be looking to buy the new uniform in January.
  14. I wore the V2 Smitty's this summer for the league I worked, and while they were fine, I MUCH prefer the Majestics. While a vast improvement over the V1s (of which I only own one), the V2sstill aren't as light, they don't breath quite as well, and they wrinkle a little easier in my experience. If I didn't have Majestics I would think they're a great shirt... But I do have Majestics, so I only see them as a good shirt. As to the pants, I do like the Smitty Poly Spandex pants, but I really don't have experience with other pants. My only real complaint is that they often feel a little too baggy, which is very noticable on windy days. Definitely go with the standard waist band though. Far prefer to the expanders.
  15. Excellent. One more step closer to killing off the wretched, arcane umpire navy-red-white and “softball powder” shirts. Ya hear that, NFHS? It’s the sound… of inevitability. Smitty’s lineage of umpires pants has been arduous. I actually started my umpire career with Cliff Keens and Boombah pants (because they made charcoal pants in flat-front instead of pleated), but tried a set of Smitty Expander Waistband pants… for 30 seconds. Then sent them back. The pleating, fit, and material was that bad. I then got Fechheimers, gave away all the other ones… and only upon moving to Arizona did I try and then invest in several sets of Smitty PolySpandex pants (albeit in the standard waistband). As I bemuse with @JimKirk often, there really isn’t, nor shouldn’t be, a need for heather gray any longer. Certainly, the associations could help and stop speccing it, but the manufacturers just need to stop making it. Maybe they’re afraid of losing the few dozen sales to old (not a specific age, it’s a state of mind) farts who “call them out” on Facebook group postings. I’ve got four sets (P & B) without complaints. The only other polyspandex pants I use are a set of Honig’s, because the material is significantly thinner and lighter weight than Smitty’s and is “kinder” to wear on 100°+ days. They’d have enough for sure if they cease making any more heather grey pants and any of the “traditional” shirts!!!
  16. And in my opinion, nearly everything made in Japan is higher quality than stuff made in the US. Pads, way better. Pants, way better, chest protectors? Don’t even get me started
  17. Anybody have a favorite brand or model of pants they really love? I have the smittys in wool and in poly/spandex, and even when I wear the "base" pants, they still fit me like parachute pants through the leg. Looking for a more athletic cut of pants. Especially on the bases. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions.
  18. Pardon the shameless shill... Pants were $57, now $35 https://purchaseofficials.com/collections/sale-clearance/products/copy-of-smitty-advanced-technology-4-way-stretch-umpire-pants-1?variant=17489789714497 Shirts were $27, now $16 https://purchaseofficials.com/collections/sale-clearance/products/smitty-pro-knit-umpire-shirts ~Dog
  19. Greetings brothers, The fall weather has turned ideal in my area for baseball and I hope where you are, too. I'm firing my "tailor" (dry cleaner on the corner) because they can't/won't tailor my pants as I have asked. I like the look of a slightly longer hem in the back (heel area) and a slightly shorter (instep area). I dunno'..."The Drape" look? My current tailor hems them at 90 degrees no matter what I tell them to do. (If only there was some sort of handheld, pocket device that could display a picture of how I want my pants to look...) My questions are...When you order pants from Gerry Davis with tailoring service (+$15), do they come with "The Drape" or do they come with 90 degree hems? And finally, what are the guidelines for measuring one's inseam to ensure I transmit the correct measurement to them? I'll hang up and listen to your answers... ~Dog
  20. Absolutely a great ball bag and especially for that price. I replaced my navy ones a few years ago with a set of these and it is the only ones I have bought since (needed a black pair). As others have mentioned, lots of space and the expanding aspect means they are well built for not just holding balls, but holding them in place when you move (as opposed to those bags that taper). I've been very impressed with the durability and quality -- no sun fading, no loose stitching, and they clean up in the wash with my shirts and pants.
  21. They fit my going’s PBS pants. But I bought the poly spandex. S392 are the plate pants. I was contemplating on getting the GD pants, but wanted try the Smitty first because it’s half the price.
  22. Admitted, I havent worn the Gold shins since back when I was still wearing Honigs PBS1 Polywool pants. But the Smitty plate pants seem to be just as roomy. Are you sure you weren't sent combos on accident? (Side tangent... I was both pleased and surprised to find that the Smitty Poly-Spandex base pants were roomy enough to accommodate my Force3 shins. I accidentally had the base pants on for two full back to back plate games before I realized I had on the wrong pair of pants. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.)
  23. My issue with grey ball bags is they match nothing ... pants don't come in consistent shades either. And, as I pointed out in another thread, pants in many codes are just described as "grey" nowadays. Many places have stopped with trying to dictate heather/charcoal/light/dark. I have worked for several softball sanctions and have NEVER seen grey ballbags as part of any proper uniform. Perhaps some oddball obscure organization such as the Professional Association In Northwest Anchorage Slow-pitch Softball (PAINASS)? NCAA was not the first softball org to use that scheme. USA Softball introduced it more than a few years back (4?). I resisted them (because I'm cheap) for a few years, but now that I have converted, I really like the look and feel. The shirts USA uses are actually very lightweight and cooling. The colors are too flimsy though. USA offers light blue/navy, navy/light blue (my favorite look), white/navy, and pink/black. (We fully expected they would have finally put an actual logo on them by now, rather than the generic block print. Mainly because it would cause us to have to buy more gear, again. Which you can only buy through a USA Softball regional vendor.) It's interesting you say softball is a house divided ... and I can understand that point of view. I would say the generalized difference in softball and baseball is that softball orgs are really trying to put their brand out there and umpires are one of their chief tools to do it. Just as we are lamenting advertising on MLB umpires, that is really all it is. By requiring a different shirt with a different look or a different logo (did we mention you have to buy all this from US or our designated vendor?), each association "stands apart." In the softball umpiring community, this has led to many umpires saying they won't work for Code XYZ because we are sick of buying new shirts, hats, and ballbags to use just a few times each year. USSSA tries to go extreme by using red shirts (black trim) as their default. It is a sharp shirt, but red should NEVER be the default for umpires. I don't know why. I just don't like red. They also offer a black/red (very sharp, IMO, should be the default), a white/red, and a pink. (USSSA gear can only be purchased through Boombah.) In baseball, the orgs don't see umpires as a revenue stream or branding opportunity. (Again, over generalized.) In fact, many of them base their identity in trying to copy what kids see on TV, so they don't want to be different. I would also say there is a difference because softball orgs (typically) are catering to adult and youth players, whereas most (not all) baseball orgs are focused on the youth game. I need to count my shirts ... I've become a madman. Like I said, the main issue in softball is the different associations. EDIT: Nevermind, I'm a madman, not a MadMax. So ... in my ballbag pocket in my bag I have eight ballbags. Smitty XLs in navy, Smitty XLs in black, my old navy bags (as backups), and the USA Softball branded ones (navy). Black goes with black shirts, cream shirts (not fan, but becoming one), and the powder/light/whatever blue with black collar and the USSSA shirts. Navy goes with navy shirts, powder/light/whatever blue with the white/navy collar. I haven't caved on the red baseball shirt yet, so I appreciate the heads up that the accent is navy -- I thought it was black! ALWAYS two ballbags. I tend not to keep balls in my left bag (though I am very much in agreement with @Velho's OCD) ... my gear goes in the left: lineup card book, pen, brush, indicator when I am not using it, and flipping coin in tournaments. (Tangent rant -- quit using currency guys!) I know, that's a lot of space for those few things, but you will rarely see me fumbling for any of them. I like the individual pockets for each, but I find the size of the size of the pocket for my brush does tend to catch the brush so I haven't been using it. (I tried bristles down and handle down and both snag one way or the other.)
  24. That's how I buy my pants. I mean, I cut 8" off the pants' leg, not my own leg ... but, yeah. That's how I buy them. I'm not growing up anymore, so I guess I need to loose some weight. I get what you are saying about plate coats, though. It is a highly customized item and would be very difficult to do "off the rack" in an age an era where we want things mass-produced cheap and we want them now.
  25. Plate Coat is done just two many variables to contend with including the size range It would be like buying pants that fit in the waist but you need to cut 8" off the leg Replacement Pad is done, with Covid and no Baseball for 15 months it was a tough call to order or wait. More on the Pad later Not going to comment as to why people get blocked because this is not the place
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