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  1. Nate


    Hey everyone, It's been about 3 years since I've logged in but I'm back on the site. Good to see Warren's hard work has really paid off. The site looks great. Have a great off season!
  2. A price of $450 for a mask was never a fair asking price and only seems to be due to all of the shameless gouging that's been going on with the sales of these Nike masks. I haven't worn one in a game, but I tried one, and played with it. It looks somewhat cool, has pads that I would immediately replace, and a cage that seems more neatly crafted than my titanium(s), but at more than twice the price (plus the cost of the extra pads), it's just an absolute joke. America is the land of many things, including suckers. I'm sure that if these Nikes actually exist, this gouger will get $450 each
  3. Sounds like your plate umpire missed his responsibility for fair/foul. He should have taken the ball up the first base line. As the base umpire I would have stayed in the working area but to the first base side edge. In that situation while the base umpire is going up the line with the ball he should have taken the tag and you should have taken the runner into second base. In a case where you think you're going to be blocked out try to get a step in a direction that will allow you to develop some type of angle. Bret is right that signaling "No Tag" is correct but when he is tagged we should
  4. I think $450 is a fair asking price for a nike mask..
  5. I just want to say I recently got my black 13" douglas modified with T-Hooks and Trim.. Not only does it look good.. the t-hooks allows the CP to be very snug to my body! Also I went with the royal blue trim which looks awesome. My partner yesterday has not only ever seen a douglas, but he said it was the coolest looking CP he's ever seen. I just want to thank Jeff on here for doing a great job. Also I purchased the 15" leg guards which I used yesterday and by far the best leg guards I've ever owned. I'm glad you guys are back in business... I'm a huge fan. Nate
  6. Davis pants turn a different color in extreme sun exposure.. Who would want to buy a used pair of pants....?
  7. What's wrong with a black one?
  8. Have you called Jeff and asked if he can convert your 15" into a 13"?
  9. I just sent my douglas to Jeff yesterday to get the T-hooks. Hopefully it doesn't take too long!
  10. And what's the deal with all the sunglasses in that video? I know it was a break to shoot a commerical, but they haven't relaxed the 'no sunglasses' policy otherwise, have they? /obligatory when-I-was-your-age-things-were-harder-blah-blah-blah story We could wear them anytime we weren't umpiring in the last two weeks. We were outside for a good 2 hour at least everyone pretty much wore sunglasses for the shoot. And we wore them when standing on the sidelines during camp games and playing in the field.
  11. I'm on at 2:57 with the sunglasses! That was a fun "break" at school. We were all skeptical at first but I saw it in front of my when Jim got hit and then we all asked him about it when we got back to class. After talking to Jason and Jim about it there was no set price yet but they said "very affordable".
  12. I found this CP to be big and more for a wider/taller person.
  13. I see some people posted here that you call the batter out? I don't know the LL rules but the official baseball rules state the runner is out unless it's 2 outs, the batter interferes with a running coming home then we're calling the batter out. Additionally we're calling the batter and the runner out if it's strike 3 on the batter and batter's interference where the runner is also out. In your circumstance I see this as a gray area, and 100% your judgement. I see it very hard to sell that it was "nothing." I'll give the batter the benefit of the doubt if the catcher threw it at his person but
  14. If you're a smaller guy like myself.. I wear medium shirts.. the WV protectors rubbed my necks too.. You probably have too big of a size. The WV Gold in Small fit perfectly for me.. but I now use the 11 inch douglas which fits me perfectly.
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