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  1. LOL...I thought I was the only one with one of these +Pos 2000. It was nice and heavy compared to today's model. I now use the same configuration 3/2/2...always thought Ball 4 / Strike 3 was dumb...I don't need the innings either...most places I work have scoreboards....I like the lime green - black numbers, especially for night game. I have tried them all but this style works best for me. It's all personal preference and what you get use to.
  2. This thread makes me glad I took my West Vest Gold of 12 years and got the Team Wendy Retro fit plus adding Ray's Umplife Harness. Seems like I got a good mix of the old and the new. I have never been injured in my WVG, even with the old foam and harness so I found a product that I liked and works for me. You don't always need a new girl. Sometimes you can just dress the old battle axe up.
  3. I 100% agree. I have this exact same setup and have used it through NCAA DI and never felt a thing....and yes I got it TW Retro fitted for the low profile...I was ok with the protectio in my original WVG
  4. Nothing EXCEPT the thread had posts in which I saw comments on 1. White pockets vs Black Pockets...2. Sacony shoes...3. Riddel shoes ...4. A $279 shirt that requiers $60 alterations...4. Throat Guards....5. Steel Toe Shoes....etc., etc...So I figured, "Why not just throw my .2 cent response in...." Did I break some glourious rule that these others didn't...Sorry...carry on with this random thread....
  5. I just bought a pair of the Gerry Davis Fetcheimer Poly Wool Plate Pants for $63 and they are of a high professional quality and as nice as the old Honig's Poly Wools. I am ordering the Poly Wool base pants. And they are a true fit to size.
  6. I sold my Wilson grey / black combos, kept the charcoal frame and put some Team Wendy's on it. Pads were nice didn't need them so sold them.
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