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  1. Mesh isn't a big deal. It's really not any harder to get clean than any other shoe. A large number of umpires wear Nike Airmaxes at the professional level and almost every Airmax model is mesh. I wear 2011 mesh Airmaxes on the bases and find them much easier to keep clean than the NB 950s and leather 2011 Airmaxes I have. That being said I can promise no one will ever see me wearing these new NB base shoes. Those things are just plain ugly.
  2. Just wanted to throw this out here since so many people this year have bashed Marquez and called him everything from lazy to terrible. He worked a hell of a plate job tonight in Texas with 98.1% correctly officiated balls and strikes. That's damn impressive.
  3. Nothing requires him to touch the bag nor stay on it is true. However that's only one part of the criteria in which we use to judge interference. The most important part of the rule is the part about "willful and deliberate act to break up a double play." Can you say that Utley's slide was anything but a willful and deliberate act to break up a double play?
  4. I agree he made no effort to stay on the bag. But neither do most big leaguers when they go into second to break up a double play. I realize now after reviewing my original post that I wasn't clear on what I felt about the play. It was late and I wasn't proof reading to make sure I got my point across. I 100% believe that Utley's "slide" was an act of interference. I do think though that given Guccione's angle on the play would have made it extremely difficult to see in real time because from the first base side camera angle at full speed he does appear to be reaching for the base. There also wasn't much he could have done about it differently as far as getting a better angle because the way the play developed he would have had know way of knowing the throw was going to be high and bring Tejada to the backside of the bag. So in summary I do think an act of interference was made, but I also can see why it was missed. It was a bit of a bastard play for lack of a better term.
  5. I think that Cal brought up a good point on the broadcast about how it looked a lot worse than the normal everyday hard slide that is virtually the same kind of slide you see on a day to day basis was because Tejada was turned around where in most cases you see the fielder getting hit from the front and they are able to jump over the fielder and avoid any serious collision. That being said I think there is a case for interference here but at the same time I think you could argue that it was just a normal big league slide into 2nd and that it was just a normal baseball play. In real time it looked like Utley was going for the bag especially from that 1B side camera angle.
  6. I think that's probably just where he felt comfortable. He can get any angle he needs to on a pick off and he obviously would have time to move into position on any normal batted ball to the infield. The only thing he would have to worry about would be getting in position quick enough to see a nut cutter fair foul bounding around the vicinity of the bag. He definitely felt that he could do that or he wouldn't have used that position. Definitely a very advanced mechanic that would require a lot of instinct to use.
  7. I beg to differ. Just last week a Nike went up on eBay that sold buy it now within a few hours of it going up for $450.
  8. The reason that B is what is recommended now isn't because the angle is better than from C. It's because so many guys get accustom to that view from 2 man and 3 man that when you work 4 and 6 man it's easier to see because you have had thousands of reps from that angle. The guys who have been around for longer have used C forever and it's the view they are accustom to. The angle you get from both is good and on certain plays both have their pros and cons but they ultimately both get the job done pretty equally.
  9. Not criticizing just curious. Why is it that you feel you couldn't use the verbiage of "all day long" in the games you're working?
  10. I think you handled it well once he started gesturing but the one thing I do think you could improve on is responding to him the first time he had a grip about the zone. When he makes a comment about a called strike address it. This usually is enough to at least let the player know he is on thin ice so when it does lead to an ejection it will strengthen your report that much more. It also acts as a way out for the player because now he's heard your say and he knows you have the pitch in the zone and it's going to be called there so if he doesn't want it to be called on him he better swing the bat.
  11. Don't know what everyone is looking at but he definitely rushed the batter with that pitch. Even if the batter had the bat back around his shoulder he still wasn't set. It's close but he definitely did. The mechanic Hamari is using is the standard quick pitch mechanic. Just point at it call it and add the ball to the count. It's pretty simple.
  12. As it was already stated that's Cubby wearing the navy bags. He always has worn navy bags since becoming a big leaguer. He wears the same bags that he did when thy wore navy and never switched to black. He simply likes his ball bags too much to change and considering hat ball bags are changing all the time when companies change manufactures it's not that hard to understand why someone wouldn't want to change if he already has a set he likes. It's really not a big deal. No one ever notices all that much except some of us on here.
  13. There may not be a Champro in the mix but there are 7 other masks that the Champro wishes it was. Haha I kid I kid. @JoHart10 Nice collection of masks you've got there. I really dig that chopped Wilson in the bottom left.
  14. I love my Diamond MMA cup so much that I put their logo on my platinum just for a little extra personality. Seriously though by far the best cup you can buy hands down. Throw the shock doctors and nutty buddies away this thing takes the cake.
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